Chapter 63 – The unique secret sword five spirits

Zi zi zi–

The Thunder Wielder called back the Nine-section Whip that had been thrown out. At this time, the small boat had already reached the shore and was still within his attack range. He grabbed one end of the Nine-section Whip with both hands and spun it around, whipping the sandy ground and leaving behind black marks. Then, he quickly took a step back.

Seeing this, Sonia’s face turned pale and she quickly hid behind Asho. “Be careful!”

However, it was already too late. The Thunder Wielder suddenly stepped forward and swung his arms, the two Nine-section Thunder Whips biting together like a pair of scissors, fiercely cutting towards Asho!

This was a ruthless move that almost traumatized Sonia. Although it couldn’t be considered a miracle, due to the rotational energy of the Nine-section Whip and the characteristics of thunder magic, it had great destructive power and was extremely difficult to dodge. Being hit by it was almost as painful as having her soul tremble, comparable to stubbing her toe and breaking her toenail.

“Quiet, you’re disturbing my contemplation of the ultimate mysteries of the world.”

Asho raised an eyebrow and fiercely stabbed the small boat with his sword. The sword body barrier that enveloped them immediately emitted a faint golden light, directly confronting the Thunder Wielder’s deadly Thunder Scissors!

Zi zi zi zi!

The Nine-section Whip coiled around the sword body barrier, but it couldn’t break through this transparent barrier. However, the sword held by Asho inexplicably had a few gaps, but due to the nature of the virtual realm, the sword quickly returned to its original state.

“The glory of decoration is the foundation of brilliance, and the dragon’s brilliance is the phoenix’s glory.”

The blood vessels in the Thunder Wielder’s eyes became even more prominent as he chanted a poem that no one could understand. Thunder surrounded his whole body, and his veins bulged as if he had entered a berserk mode. He continuously attacked the sword body barrier with the Nine-section Whip.

Sonia calmed down and carefully observed the sword body barrier. She immediately noticed many details that she hadn’t paid attention to before. This transparent barrier was actually composed of extremely sharp sword energy. Not only did it have a defensive effect, but it could also counterattack in close combat and break the opponent’s weapon!

However, in the virtual realm, it was difficult to fully demonstrate this. In the virtual realm, weapons were the creations of the sorcerers’ consciousness. As long as the sorcerers’ consciousness could keep up, the weapons were virtually indestructible.

Similarly, there was no distinction between superior and inferior weapons in the virtual realm. Battles in the virtual realm were contests of sorcery power. Even if Sonia manifested a wooden sword, she could still split mountains and rocks. On the other hand, gun sorcerers, who were more dominant in reality, would experience a linear decrease in the power of their manifested firearms if they didn’t have a deep understanding of firearms.

The sword body barrier, a technique that combined defense and counterattack, was definitely not something that a single sorcery spirit could cast. It was a miracle formed by a combination of multiple sorcery spirits!

Thinking of this, Sonia couldn’t help but feel a little frustrated. She had originally wanted to show off her combat power with the Water Moon Miracle and warn the spectators not to manipulate her like that in the future. But now, not only was she saved by the spectator, but the spectator also used a defensive and counterattacking miracle that was no less inferior to the Water Moon Miracle?

Is he intentionally waiting for me to be in a desperate situation before appearing to mess with my state of mind?

While Sonia was lost in her thoughts, Asho looked at the familiar sword body barrier in front of him and felt a sense of indescribable annoyance.

“Sorry, I’m in a bad mood right now.”

Asho raised a finger.

“So, what I’m going to do next is purely for venting.”


When the sound of a sword rang out, the Thunder Wielder immediately retreated and spun the Nine-section Whip into two thunder shields, blocking the flash of light flying in the air!

“Heart Sword Sorcery Spirit!”

Sonia immediately recognized this signature sorcery spirit of the sword art system, and her eyes almost popped out. “Where did you get the Heart Sword Sorcery Spirit? Do you know the Heart Sword Stance? Teach me, I beg you!”

It was as if a child had encountered their most beloved bubble shooter. Sonia could hardly conceal her desire for this sorcery spirit.

In the sword art system, there were rumors of the “Unparalleled Secret Sword Five Spirits,” which meant that as long as you possessed one of these five sorcery spirits, you could build a perfect sword art system with it as the main sorcery spirit.

The Heart Sword Sorcery Spirit was one of the Unparalleled Secret Sword Five Spirits.

In addition to that, there were also mentions of the “Secret Sword Twenty-One Spirits” and the “Marvelous Sword Fifty Spirits.”

The Fluctuating Sword Sorcery Spirit that Sonia possessed was one of the Marvelous Sword Fifty Spirits.

However, even the lowest-ranked Marvelous Sword Fifty Spirits should not be underestimated. It should be known that the first Duke Fusoya established his “Sword Nobility” status by relying on the Fluctuating Sword Art System. In Garlean, there were also many swordsmen who sold themselves to the Fusoya family in order to obtain the Fluctuating Sword Sorcery Spirit. As a sorcerer who possessed the Fluctuating Sword Sorcery Spirit, Sonia personally experienced the power and potential of the Fluctuating Sword. So how powerful were the “Secret Sword Twenty-One Spirits” and the “Unparalleled Secret Sword Five Spirits” that were even better than the Fluctuating Sword?

Seeing the usually arrogant Sword Girl being overwhelmed, Asho was quite pleased. “Don’t worry, after I finish off this juggler, we can chat slowly.”


Sonia looked forward to seeing the spectator’s display of power. She watched as the Heart Sword attacked, was deflected by the Thunder Wielder, stabbed again, and deflected again, and then circled around to stab from behind, only to be deflected again…

“Your swordsmanship has a lot of room for improvement.”

“I have exhausted his stamina and made him reveal many flaws. Go ahead, don’t waste this revenge opportunity that I specially prepared for you.”

Sonia became more and more convinced that the spectator was a resurrected old monster.

How could he have such a thick skin without enduring thousands of years of hardship?

She silently complained a few times in her heart and leaped towards the Thunder Wielder to kill him. Asho didn’t idle either. He summoned another sword-wielding clone and, together with his Heart Sword, launched a three-sided attack on the Thunder Wielder.

The Thunder Wielder only had two Nine-section Whips after all. He could defend against attacks from the front but not from the back, and he could defend against attacks from the back but not from the side. Two whips were no match for three swords. Finally, after lamenting with a strange poem, he was defeated on the spot, turning into light smoke and exploding into two sorcery spirits and a sorcerer’s manual.

“Thunder Walk”

“One-winged Sorcery Spirit”

“Restriction: The medium used must have a certain conductivity.”

“Basic effect: Output a bolt of lightning.”

“Passive effect: The body’s conductivity gradually increases.”

“‘Fire is the enlightener of wisdom, and thunder is the defender of reason. So when you encounter an unreasonable idiot, you know what to do, right?’”


“One-winged Sorcery Spirit”

“Restriction: The sorcery spirit’s excrement must be used to draw the glyphs on an object in advance.””Basic effect: The effects of most Sorcery Spirits will flow along the pattern.”

“Passive effect: The pattern gradually solidifies until it cannot be erased.”

“‘The path is under your feet, on your body, in your heart.’”

‘Lightning Walk’ looks like a mantis, while ‘Pattern’ looks like a silkworm. Without a doubt, these two Sorcery Spirits form a very simple and miraculous combination: first draw the pattern, then let the lightning flow in the pattern, turning the one-time consumption of lightning into a continuous enhancement state. It’s a simple and practical miracle strategy.

No wonder the Lightning Holder earlier was covered in messy graphic tattoos, he had carved the circuit on his body.

However, compared to this miracle, Asho was more concerned about a piece of information revealed in the introduction of the Sorcery Spirits.

“Do Sorcery Spirits poop?”

“Why wouldn’t they? You’ve seen Sorcery Spirits eat gold and silver coins, right? If the coins are consumed and the Sorcery Spirits don’t poop, then the cycle system is missing a link, and the world’s gold and silver coins will only decrease.”

Sonia said matter-of-factly, “It’s precisely because Sorcery Spirits poop that gold and silver coins can continue to circulate. The silver coin you’re feeding to the Sorcery Spirit now might be the poop of a Sorcery Spirit from thousands of years ago.”

“Good thing I’m not a Sorcery Spirit.” Asho muttered, “When do Sorcery Spirits poop? I want to let them out in advance.”

“How would I know, I don’t have such a voyeuristic hobby.”


“You don’t need to prepare in advance, Sorcery Spirits will sneak out to excrete on their own. Anyway, their excrement can be blown away by a gust of wind, basically no one can find out. If you need to collect the feces of Sorcery Spirits, just summon them out to feed, then cover them with something and wait.”

“Sneak… out? Without the permission of the Artificer, how can they sneak out?”

“Sorcery Spirits have their own thoughts and lives.”

Sonia shrugged, “When you need them, of course they will obey the Artificer’s command, but when your consciousness is not very concentrated, such as sleeping, daydreaming, reading, they have a certain amount of freedom and will take the opportunity to run out for a breath of air when you’re not paying attention. Some Artificers, after a long period of indulgence, will find that the response is slow when summoning Sorcery Spirits, that’s basically because the Sorcery Spirits have run too far to come back in time.”

Asho understood, this is just like slacking off.

Although he has tried to regard Sorcery Spirits as intelligent beings, he didn’t expect them to be so intelligent, even learning human habits like slacking off. But considering that they use the time of slacking off to poop, rather than using the excuse of pooping to slack off, Asho didn’t mind.

After a brief discussion, the matching Sorcery Spirits ‘Lightning Walk’ and ‘Pattern’ seemed to sell for a high price at Sonia’s school, so these two Sorcery Spirits were given to her.

As for keeping them for personal use, neither of them had this idea – the Lightning Artificer faction is arguably the most bitter, tiring, painful, and violent system, starting from scratch to practice Lightning Artificer, just hearing about it makes people feel intimidated.

As long as you sail far enough in the Sea of Knowledge, there will be many more opportunities to pick up a set of Sorcery Spirits. If every time you pick up a set of Sorcery Spirits you think about using them yourself, then no matter how much energy an Artificer has, it won’t be enough.

Learning to choose is a compulsory course for Artificers.

As for the Sorcerer’s Manual, naturally Asho used it again, Sonia only looked at the first page and then directly retreated, even running to the side to retch.

In Asho’s view, it’s not too bad, it’s just a ‘Heresy Sacrifice Record’, it’s just that the methods inside are a bit cruel.

It’s almost as bad as the sins Heath once committed.

It seems that among the heresies, the Four Pillar God Heresy is particularly fierce.

After reading the Lightning Holder’s sacrifice record, Asho naturally learned a new skill: ‘Skinning Mastery’.

Fortunately, there are no restrictions on the target, it should come in handy when eating a rabbit in the wild after escaping from prison.

After dealing with the spoils of war, Asho sat at the bow of the boat, looking relaxed.

Sonia sat at the stern, silent.

When the inheritance island had completely sunk, the boat still maintained its silence.

After a long time, Sonia couldn’t help but blurt out a few words from the corner of her mouth, “Where did you get those sword Artificer Sorcery Spirits?”

“Well, since you asked sincerely, I don’t mind being merciful and telling you–“

I knew it, Sonia cursed in her heart, he got another chance to show off!

Actually, Asho had been wanting to show off for a long time, he coughed lightly, stretched out his hand and summoned three Sorcery Spirits. From left to right, they were the golden single-winged sword, the clay-like double-winged swordsman, and the light green single-winged bird.

“Heart Sword, Earth Sword, Wind Wall, these are the Sorcery Spirits I just got. Heart Sword and Wind Wall are one-winged, Earth Sword is two-winged.”

“Just got? So you were late because you were getting these three Sorcery Spirits?”

“You could say that.”

Asho looked into the depths of the white fog, as if gazing at a wandering phantom.

“After all, their original master just killed me once.”

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