Chapter 58 – Elf Sinner

In the light curtain, Nagu, wearing a pair of golden lion socks, continued to host professionally: “… Currently, the highest number of votes is for Wakas Ur. It seems that the audience wants this elf sinner to be redeemed.”

“Let me briefly introduce Mr. Ur’s life experience. He was born in the Emerald Dragon Nursery in 1542. You may not be very familiar with the Emerald Dragon Nursery, but it is currently the only top-notch nursery in Camon City, the predecessor of the ‘Emerald Garden’ Nursery.”

“In the past three hundred years, the Emerald Dragon Nursery has been exclusively for elves and does not accept infants of other races. However, under the promotion of the ‘Equal Rearing Act’ in 1600, several nurseries, including the Emerald Dragon, merged into a multi-racial nursery called the ‘Emerald Garden’. It has cultivated many outstanding individuals, with a sorcerer training rate of up to 21%. If it weren’t for his criminal activities, Mr. Ur would undoubtedly be a famous descendant that the Emerald Garden is proud of.”

Although Asho didn’t know what a ‘top-notch nursery’ was, he felt that it was probably more important than education.

In a society where all children are raised collectively and private nurturing is illegal in the Blood Moon Kingdom, nurseries are equivalent to a child’s family.

The more powerful the nursery, the better the background.

If Asho guessed correctly, nurseries probably have the ‘right to choose’ infants.

Although there are many factors that affect a child’s growth, in this miraculous world of sorcerers, it is not impossible to use some means to select infants with better basic qualities, greater potential, and better temperament.

Excellent environment plus excellent infants, children born in top-notch nurseries are like snowballs, leading others from birth.

If Asho were an ordinary person living in this place, he would probably feel despair at the insurmountable gap.

After Nagu finished introducing Wakas’s illustrious resume, Asho saw that Wakas’s vote count had increased by more than ten thousand.

At this moment, Asho had a faint feeling of why Wakas had gained more favor from the audience.

“After completing basic education in the nursery, Mr. Ur successively attended the Atson Middle School and the Comprehensive University of Camon City. In thirty years, he obtained silver degrees in eleven factions, including swordsmanship, painting, music, and earth techniques. He was appointed by the Comprehensive University of Camon as a research professor in the biology department and also served as an academic consultant for the Forest Biotechnology Company.”

“In 1645, Mr. Ur was nominated as a councilor of Camon City and narrowly lost by three votes to another candidate. It is lamentable to think that if Mr. Ur had been elected as a councilor, would he have been self-disciplined and upright? Or would he have committed even more serious crimes?”

“Overall, Mr. Ur was once a well-born citizen who received a good education and made many contributions to society. Unfortunately, he made mistakes and was blinded by desires, committing unforgivable crimes…”

“With only one minute left until the end of the voting phase, please hurry up if you haven’t voted yet.”

“Every vote can earn redemption points, and any participating brand in the ‘Redemption Plan’ supports point redemption. The latest participating brand in the ‘Redemption Plan’ is Aizhe Jewelry, where you can redeem a discount coupon for every 30 points!”

“At the New Year’s handover, you can also use redemption points for the Blood Moon Lottery!”

“Do not be stingy with your redemption tickets. Keeping them will not give birth to babies. It is meaningless to not use things when they are needed!”

“Every vote you cast represents your contribution to redeeming sinners and your contribution to the Blood Moon!”

“Thirty seconds left… Wow!”

With Nagu’s exclamation, a ferocious executioner suddenly rose from the ground. It was seven meters tall, had three heads and eight arms, and each hand held a different weapon. The three faces showed expressions of compassion, anger, and calmness. It was clad in a blue armor made of purifying flames, like a god descending to the world, the embodiment of divine punishment!

“It ended early!” Nagu exclaimed excitedly. “Wakas Ur has received 384,321 votes, exceeding 50% of the votes in Camon City. The voting phase has ended early, and we will proceed directly to the execution stage!”

“This is the 23rd time in the history of Camon City that the voting phase has ended early! Ladies and gentlemen, standing before you is the legendary executioner that has only appeared 23 times in the past!”

“Only when a single prisoner receives 50% of the votes will it be born from the crimson moonlight, representing the redemption of the Blood Moon’s supreme lord! The nemesis of evil, the purifier of sins, the butcher of nightmares that has traversed history, the justice envoy that countless people have been waiting for, the Titan Executioner, has arrived!”


When the Titan Executioner opened its six eyes at the same time, it made a sound like steel!

The three mouths opened simultaneously, emitting a long breath, causing the air to swirl!

The purifying flames on its body spread like a storm, and the eight blue flames on the steel wires ignited at the same time. As the flames flickered, they formed a blue flame path leading to the grand platform!

The overwhelming aura of despair, destruction, and oppression swept over, causing all the death row inmates to tremble and cower at the edge, as if afraid of attracting the attention of the Titan Executioner.

Asho glanced at Wakas and instinctively took a step back.

“Get out of my way,” Wakas said coldly.

Every cell in Asho’s body urged him to run away. After all, both Wakas and the Titan Executioner were so powerful that it made no difference whether he was there or not.

But when he looked down, he saw that Wakas’s hand holding the sword hilt was trembling.

After a few seconds, Wakas looked at Asho, who was trembling beside him, and sneered, “Can’t even run away when your legs are weak?”

Even Asho, who was about to run away, was holding a sword. The long sword created afterimages as it trembled in his hands. His teeth were clashing as he spoke, “When I was in school, I found that some classmates had no one to play with them. They went to the toilet alone during breaks and stood aside during physical education classes. No one invited them to join their group during outings… At that time, I would specifically play with them, chat with them, play ball with them, and be in the same group as them with the teachers…”

“Hypocrite,” Wakas sneered. “You were just satisfying your condescending sympathy, gaining the applause of the audience by pitying them, satisfying yourself psychologically by giving them alms, and even satisfying your pathetic desire for power by controlling them. You’re no different from a slave owner. The chains that the slave owner puts on slaves are called violence, and the chains you put on them are called friendship.”

“Yes, I know that I am just a pretentious actor. Clearly, I also dislike certain traits in them, but I interacted with them to satisfy those dark thoughts. So, after growing up, I rarely contacted them…” Asho said, “But at a gathering, a classmate thanked me for being willing to play with him back then. If it weren’t for me, he might have remained lonely… He has now found a girlfriend, is preparing to get married, and even plans to invite me as his groomsman…”

Wakas raised an eyebrow and looked slightly puzzled. “Marriage, groomsman?”

“In short…” Asho’s body was no longer trembling, and he looked at the Titan Executioner in the distance. “Let’s just say it’s for my hypocrisy. Let me stay here for a while. When it comes, I’ll leave.”

“Boring, irrational, meaningless. I can’t understand why you would do this. We were fighting to the death just yesterday… Or is it that you want to create your own image of goodness in front of the audience, laying the groundwork for the next Blood Moon trial?”

“So there’s this kind of operation. Thanks for reminding me. Then I’ll definitely wait until the last second to run. Don’t stop me later, and don’t worry about me. A hypocritical person like me will definitely run faster than anyone when faced with danger.”

Wakas fell silent for a moment and calmly gazed at the imposing Titan Executioner.

“Suit yourself.”

Asho tried to force a smile, but a heavy footstep made his scalp tingle.



The Titan Executioner took a step forward, and the strong vibration spread through the steel wires to the platform, making it difficult for the death row inmates to even stand steadily.

As it walked, it raised its weapons, and four-winged sorcery spirits appeared on each weapon. The space it passed through collapsed, and time twisted as it walked. The whole world seemed to revolve around it!

“The Titan Executioner is different from other executioners,” Nagu’s voice came from the light curtain, especially clear under this terrifying pressure.

“It doesn’t awaken the conscience of the criminals like the Torture Executioner with whips, nor does it wash away the sins of the criminals with blood like the Blade Executioner. It doesn’t make the criminals experience endless nightmares like the Soul-sucking Executioner…”

“It only uses the most powerful miracles to grant instant redemption to the criminals. Regardless of whether the opponent is strong or weak, male or female, it will do its utmost, giving its all. This is its greatest respect for every life.”

“It forges the immortality of the Blood Moon with solemn death.”

“In the face of the Titan Executioner, most criminals choose to repent and accept the redemption of the Blood Moon. However, Mr. Ur seems to be planning to cooperate with the Titan Executioner and present us with a magnificent performance.”

Asho turned his head and saw that Wakas had already assumed a sword stance. The wings on his back spread open, and a shining dual-winged sorcery spirit danced on the tip of his sword!

“Although no one has ever escaped the Blood Moon trial, no criminal has ever given up hope in miracles.” Nagu said loudly. “Let us see if Wakas Ur can create a miracle!”

“Or will he kneel in repentance before the justice of Camon City?”


Another thunderous footstep, and Asho was almost getting used to it, but this time, dozens of crimson chains suddenly flew out from the ground, pulling him down and forcing him to kneel!

“What is this?” Asho struggled desperately, but he couldn’t break free from these chains. They seemed to be connected to his joints, and whenever Asho tried to stand up, the chains would violently pull on his nerves, causing him pain and forcing him to stay kneeling.

“The first miracle, Earth’s Judgment!” Nagu introduced. “The footsteps of the Titan are the footsteps of justice, and the earth responds to this hope!”

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Wakas swung his sword and cut off the crimson chains. He saw that Asho had been affected by them and seemed to want to help Asho, but at this moment, a howling suddenly resounded through the night sky!

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Wakas suddenly performed a swift and graceful elven sword dance in place, as if he was fighting an invisible enemy. Asho focused and realized that invisible wind blades were sweeping in from all directions. Once Wakas stopped, he would be torn apart!

Wait, why is only Wakas being attacked, and I’m fine?

“The second miracle, Sky’s Judgment!” Nagu said. “Any stubborn fool who refuses to kneel in repentance will receive the admonition of the sky!”

“When the sky and earth are sealed, the next is the third miracle: Judgment of the Masses!”

“The Titan Executioner bestows death equally upon every redeemed person!”

Asho looked up and saw that the Titan Executioner had already covered most of the distance and was only a few steps away from the grand platform!

As he knelt and looked up, he felt even more how immense and terrifying the Titan Executioner was!

The overwhelming pressure of that colossal creature was almost paralyzing his thoughts!

The remaining trace of rationality in his mind roared frantically: Run!

Yes, run…?

Asho looked at the crimson chains on his body and blinked.

Oh no.

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