Chapter 57 – Dual-Winged Golden Sorcerer

Red Mist Tavern.

“Don’t be afraid, kill Asho! How can you tolerate his arrogance?”

“Aren’t you a serial killer? How can you be persuaded so easily?”

“This group of death row inmates is the most cowardly I’ve ever seen!”

Seeing Scarface put down his hand, many customers groaned—they were all smart people and had already anticipated that there would be infighting among the death row inmates in the trial, so they bet a lot of money on the “death row inmates killing each other” gambling game.

Now that Scarface was persuaded by Asho, their bets were probably going to be in vain.

“But this kid Asho is quite interesting. Can we watch him go through the Blood Moon Trial a few more times?”

“I want to see his expression when he becomes the Redeemed. It must be interesting.”

“Can we still reserve his full blood with the elves? I’m craving it.”

“There are Blood Saints in the prison, they are not enough to go around, how could they be reserved for you? Reserving the full blood… maybe you can reserve some hemorrhoid blood.”

Lawrence, who was drinking alone, looked at Asho Heath on the screen and suddenly recalled a past event.

It was several years ago, when he was still a student at Camon University and had not undergone the blood exchange ceremony yet. He was handed a flyer in the second cafeteria.

He vaguely remembered that it was a student mutual aid society with the aim of “courage,” “wisdom,” “life,” and “joy.” But at that time, he was about to graduate and naturally not interested in it.

Lawrence didn’t know why he recalled this incident.

But when he looked at Asho Heath again, he felt a faint sense of… familiarity.

His hand, which was ready to vote, couldn’t help but tremble.

Shouldn’t it be us who leave!?

Although it sounds somewhat reasonable, looking at Asho’s arrogant face, every death row inmate felt extremely aggrieved. It was like queuing for an hour and then being tapped on the shoulder and told, “You’re in the wrong line, you should go over there, let me cut in front of you.”

And if you think about it carefully, this path is not feasible either, after all, there are executioners on their small platform. The Flame of Purification is just a scratch for Asho and Wakas, but for them, it’s like scratching their brains!

“Or maybe there’s a better way.”

Another thin man with a dagger said sinisterly, “After the voting is over and before the executioners come, we can just kill the two of you. That way, the executioners won’t come.”


“Let’s subdue them first!”

“Cut off their limbs and push them into the sea after the voting is over!”

Asho realized that he was in trouble. His combat power at this moment was only slightly higher than that of an ordinary person. He could handle a fight, but without any restrictions, how could he possibly defeat this group of ruthless and powerful Artificers?

Nagu, who was far away, shouted loudly, “Although the prison cannot interfere during the trial phase, I advise you not to commit suicide and kill each other. Creating killings under the Blood Moon will only worsen your sins. You still have time to repent and not harm Asho Heath. Let him wait quietly for the arrival of the trial while wearing my boots…”

Boots, my boots… Nagu stomped his feet anxiously. You can fight, but be careful not to get blood on the boots!

Just as Asho was trembling on the edge of the platform and the death row inmates were getting closer, a sudden whistle came from the side!


A sword mark appeared between Asho and the others, penetrating three feet deep, and the clash of swords resounded!

“Do you… want to capture me?”

While everyone was focused on Asho, Wakas had silently logged into the platform and picked up a long sword from the ground. With a light swing, sword energy filled the air!

However, Wakas’ intimidation did not make the death row inmates retreat. The man with the dagger licked the blade and sneered, “So what if you’re a Swordsman? We have six people here, and you only have two… Besides, it seems like not everyone is an Artificer!”

With a flash of silver light, the elegant Silver Wings unfolded on the back of the man with the dagger, and a strong surge of Artificing power spread out like ripples!

Silver Wings!

The manifestation of an Artificer’s power, the mysterious medium that touches the laws!

Only those who have traveled thousands of miles in the Sea of Knowledge can condense the Silver Wings!

Like Asho now, who couldn’t even condense a single feather, let alone the Silver Wings. Although the man with the dagger’s Silver Wings were not long, they had probably traveled two or three thousand miles in the Sea of Knowledge, indicating that he had been an Artificer for quite some time!

Although the size of the Silver Wings is not directly related to combat power, the more complete the Silver Wings, the farther the Artificer has traveled in the Sea of Knowledge, the more Artificer legacies they have encountered, the more adventures on strange islands, and the more knowledge creatures they have killed!

At least Asho can be sure that he can’t beat this man with the dagger alone!

The other death row inmates sneered and revealed their own Silver Wings, even the ogre had a small piece of Silver Wings the size of a chicken wing.

And the most complete Silver Wings belonged to the Necromancer Harvey, almost fully unfolded, probably only a little short of a journey of ten thousand miles. Noticing Asho’s surprised gaze, Harvey showed a friendly smile, his eyes filled with enthusiasm as he looked at Asho.

Asho blinked his eyes.

Could it be that Harvey has decided to recognize me as his good brother after spending the afternoon together?

But when he took a closer look, he suddenly remembered that Harvey had shown the same familiarity and enthusiasm when talking about dealing with corpses before. His face immediately darkened—damn, Harvey probably hasn’t dealt with fresh corpses in the prison for many days and wants to take this opportunity to satisfy his cravings, right?

But this time it’s really over. He, a Sorcerer who has only been in the Virtual Realm for a few days, only has one basic Sorcery Spirit. What can he do against six Silver Artificers? Even with Wakas, they can’t win—


The sound of wings unfolding, a dazzling golden and silver radiance, suppressed the Silver Wings of the six death row inmates!

Wakas’ Silver Wings, fully unfolded!

Each feather was like a flickering firefly, and every flap seemed to distort the laws of reality!

Compared to Wakas’ perfect Silver Wings, the man with the dagger’s Silver Wings were like expired goods taken out of a dusty warehouse, and in fact, they were indeed like that—under the shining silver light, the man with the dagger’s Silver Wings withered directly, as if feeling inferior to their own dullness.

Not only did Wakas have a perfect Silver Wings, but he even had a small, brilliant Golden Wing!

A dual-winged Golden and Silver Artificer!

Wakas had completed the journey in the Sea of Knowledge, surpassed the limits of knowledge, summoned a dual-winged Sorcery Spirit, and successfully ascended to the Virtual Realm traveler of the Time Continent!

“So, do you still think that two people can’t beat six people?”

Upon hearing Wakas’ mocking voice, the man with the dagger squeezed out a smile uglier than crying, wanting to hide behind someone else, but found that everyone was keeping their distance from him. He could only lower his head and say, “Mr. Ur, I was just joking earlier, please…”

“Not funny.”

“…Please forgive me…”

“Kowtow, and I’ll forgive you.”

Without saying a word, the man with the dagger directly banged his head on the ground, causing even Asho to feel pain. After knocking three times, his forehead split open, and blood flowed down his nose, looking pitiful.

“Mr. Ur, is this enough?”

“Although it’s ugly, your sincerity is acceptable. Consider yourself passing.”

The man with the dagger breathed a sigh of relief and quickly moved to the side, not even daring to say anything harsh, feeling a bit humble.

But everyone could understand. After all, the other party was a dual-winged Artificer. Although they could possibly defeat the dual-winged Artificer by swarming him, was it necessary?

Is it not profitable to sell out the man with the dagger?

The man with the dagger also knew that if Wakas wanted to kill him, the others would definitely stand by and even applaud. So, surrendering was the only way out.

Asho quickly walked to Wakas’ side, looking down at this group of cowardly death row inmates.

Hmph, we are so powerful.

“This should settle it.”

Wakas’ words surprised Asho.


Wakas didn’t even turn his head. “If it weren’t for you just now, I might still be standing on the wire.”

Asho blinked his eyes. “Oh, I was just doing it for myself, not specifically helping you.”

“I’ve repaid this favor, don’t blame me later.”

Asho was taken aback. “What are you going to do later?”

“What else can I do?”

Wakas sneered and flicked his sword.

“Survive like maggots, fly like flies, fight like dung beetles.”

Asho realized something and exhaled, ending the live broadcast channel.

“The current highest vote winner: Wakas Ur, 244,623 votes.”

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