Chapter 59 – Opportunity to trample on elves

It’s over!

Asho looked at the red chains all over his body, feeling confused and lost.

Putting aside how he could break free from these chains, even if he did, the wind blades above his head were not there for him to enjoy the breeze.

The wind blades were currently targeting Wakas, because Wakas was the one who had provoked them. Once Asho didn’t want to continue being a scapegoat, it was hard to say whether the wind blades would turn their attention to him, the soft target.

Not to mention that Asho had no way to break free from the red chains!

It’s over, he’s done for. Should he call Sword Girl for help? But besides watching the show, there wasn’t much she could do…

As Asho tried to clear his mind and prepare for his impending death, he suddenly felt a movement.

No, it wasn’t him moving, it was the ground.

Asho looked down and realized that the ground beneath him seemed to be “alive,” carrying him backwards while the red chains showed no reaction. After all, the chains were connected to the ground, so when the ground moved, the chains naturally moved with it.

Could it be that the earth recognized him as a kind-hearted environmentalist and decided to save his life?

But when Asho was transported to the edge of the platform and saw Harvey summoning sorcery spirits to manipulate the land, he was deeply moved by this sincere friendship.

“If you want to die next time, can you come find me? I’m really good at it and I even provide after-sales service. You just need to give me your sorcery spirit as a reward before you die,” Harvey whispered, “Executioners can go into a frenzy and attack indiscriminately if they accidentally kill someone who is not their target. There have been one or two incidents like this before, where all the death row inmates were wiped out!”

“…I was about to forgive your fetish…”


“Why do you have a earth sorcery spirit? Aren’t you a necromancer?”

“Nowadays, burial methods are generally earth burial, cremation, and sea burial. As a necromancer, I must master earth, fire, and water sorcery. Otherwise, how can I be a necromancer?”

Wow, Asho thought that being a corpse cleaner was just a part-time job for necromancers. He didn’t expect that being a necromancer’s main career path was to work in a funeral home.


Wakas suddenly stabbed the ground with his sword, and a deep yellow sword aura rose from the ground, enveloping Wakas like a barrier, blocking the chaotic wind blades outside.

“Miracle · Sword Body Barrier,” Nagu praised, “A very good sword technique defense miracle. But it can only give Mr. Ur a momentary respite. Struggling in vain, how laborious, how humble. But rest assured, the Titan Executioner will quickly relieve him of his pain… Oh?”

Facing the approaching Titan Executioner like a landslide and tsunami, Wakas didn’t retreat or fear. Instead, he struck a graceful sword pose, summoning several sorcery spirits, radiating with brilliance, and his sword resounded with a clang. Amidst the howling wind, a sinister music suddenly played, as if the god of death had descended!

“If I’m not mistaken, what Mr. Ur is preparing now is the new sword technique miracle he invented as a scholar, the Heartless Finale!”

Nagu also seemed excited, “His last research report was nine years ago. At that time, the Heartless Finale was still too complicated to be tested in actual combat. But after nine years, Mr. Ur has already completed the Heartless Finale and even wants to use it to counter the judgment!”

Dancing with the sword, accompanied by the eerie music, overcoming the superior with the inferior, resisting judgment!

Looking at the lonely figure in front of the Titan Executioner, Asho couldn’t help but ask Harvey, “Why is it him?”


“Why did he get 50% of the votes? Clearly, in terms of crimes and exposure, I should have received the most redemption votes. No matter how you think about it, it shouldn’t be Wakas who gets the most votes, let alone him getting an absolute majority of 50%… What mistake did he make to provoke such anger?”

Harvey glanced at Asho and said, “Isn’t it obvious?”

“What’s obvious? I’ve read his criminal record, and it’s quite ordinary. It’s far worse than yours.”

“It’s not the mistake recorded in his criminal record.”

“What mistake is it then?”

“His appearance, his bloodline, his birth.”

Asho blinked.

“What do you mean by appearance? His criminal record doesn’t mention anything about that.”

“That’s his mistake. He is an elf, and that’s his biggest mistake.”

Harvey said, “In terms of appearance, strength, intelligence, and lifespan, elves have advantages over other races in every aspect. Moreover, elves are scarce in number. To protect the interests of their race, elves, especially those with fewer numbers, are more likely to help each other. The intelligent elves would never hesitate to lend a hand to their fellow elves.”

“Almost all elves are raised in the best foster care and are regarded as ‘society’s stewards,’ engaging in various managerial positions. With their long lifespan, excellent appearance, and outstanding knowledge, it is almost impossible for other races to compete with elves in managerial positions. Although the status of managers and employees is equal, everyone knows that it’s just in name.”

“Anyone who has worked before has witnessed the arrogance of ogre colleagues, the laziness of goblin colleagues, the sloppiness of orc colleagues, and the harshness of elf bosses.”

“In the history of the Blood Moon Judgment in Camon City, there has never been an elf criminal. Not only because elves are mostly in the upper echelons of society and have no need to commit crimes, but also because elves protect each other and form a united front through blood ties, which other races cannot achieve.”

“Goblins are short-sighted, orcs are ignorant, ogres are cunning, and humans are selfish… In front of elves, we can only feel… inferior.”

“Even I, just now, voted for Wakas.”

Harvey said softly, “Perhaps this is the only opportunity for most people to trample on elves.”

Asho looked at the Titan Executioner again, but this time, he didn’t see a ferocious monster, but a murky anger, a massive pressure created by the hysteria of countless ordinary people.

Although Asho had only seen Sword Girl besides ordinary people – the prison was filled with either prison guards or death row inmates – he could understand the thoughts of ordinary people outside.

It was the despair born under an oppressive social order, the anger generated by the unbridgeable gap.

In the socialized Blood Moon Kingdom, most people have been divided into different classes since infancy. Those with high potential are sent to good foster care, while those with low potential are sent to poor foster care. They are stratified from the beginning, and their lives become even more disparate as they grow up.

Those born into privilege, like elves, engage in respectable professions, and becoming a sorcerer is not a big deal. Those born into disadvantage, as Asho saw from the criminal experiences of goblins, orcs, and ogres, either do manual labor or become thugs, with no hope for a better life.

And the lower class doesn’t even have the right to complain.

Because those above you in status are superior to you, and everyone is from foster care, with no capital other than their abilities.

It’s just that their talents are better than yours, so they can go to better foster care, accumulate assets step by step like a snowball, and eventually step on you.

In a society where class is determined by ability, it’s almost impossible for people to have the courage to cross class boundaries.

Asho fully understood the meaning of the Blood Moon Judgment.

Under this suffocating class barrier, the desire for a better life is completely suppressed, and twisted desires only breed resentment and hatred.

When there is no hope of crossing the insurmountable gap in an orderly society, breaking free from the shackles is only a matter of time. Moreover, in the Blood Moon Kingdom where the family system has completely disappeared, everyone is an island, and they have no worries about what they do.

So, the people must be told three things: first, committing a crime will result in a gruesome death; second, even those in high positions will die a gruesome death; third, those who are content with the status quo are the happiest.

Asho was a sacrifice, Harvey was a sacrifice, and even the death row inmates were sacrifices. And Wakas was the most satisfying sacrifice.

Just as the Titan Executioner was about to strike, Wakas suddenly turned his head and looked at Asho.

Asho was taken aback.

Why are you looking at me?

But the next second, all the death row inmates around Asho scrambled away from him, and Harvey even moved the land and ran far away. Asho suddenly understood.

Damn, is Wakas trying to use me as a shield!?

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