Chapter 56 – You are the ones who should leave

Nagu finally took off his boots, revealing his cute socks embroidered with golden lion patterns.

He couldn’t refuse this request.

Hundreds of thousands of citizens were watching the live broadcast, each holding a ballot in their hands. If Nagu wanted to leave the prison in the future and become a member of the city council, he couldn’t do anything that would damage his image.

The position of the overseer was specially applied for by Nagu from the prison to increase his exposure and make the citizens familiar with him, laying the groundwork for his future competition as a council member.

If he couldn’t even fulfill this “small wish,” not only would he not become a council member, but the overseer would also not let him continue in his position.

Before Nagu was promoted to the Second Wing Gold rank, he would be stuck in this prison as a guard, even though the benefits were clear.

Although Nagu understood the trade-offs, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of sadness when he held the boots that he had been looking forward to for a whole year and had only worn for less than a month.

“Hurry up, I’m in a hurry,” Asho urged.

“Can you catch me?”

“I can!”

“When you put them on, make sure your feet go in vertically, or else the texture on the outside will wrinkle.”

“I will, I will.”

“I actually have another pair of good boots. Why don’t I go back and get them for you—”

“Just throw them over!”

One of the camera eyes emitted a chuckle. This was because if most of the viewers watching the live broadcast reacted in the same way, it would be reflected in the camera eyes, letting the host know the effect of their performance.

Clearly, the interaction between Asho and Nagu made the audience laugh. They had watched the Blood Moon Judgment hundreds of times, but they had never seen such a funny interaction between a death row inmate and an overseer.

Nagu made up his mind. He didn’t want to be seen as a clown by the citizens. So he threw the boots.

Asho caught the boots and took a closer look. He found that the quality of the boots was indeed good, with a high-grade texture and a classy appearance. No wonder Nagu’s expression was filled with grief, as if he had lost a loved one.

“Ah, don’t stuff them in like that, are they too big for you? Take it easy, take your time. If you use too much force, it will leave marks on them! Can you be more gentle?”

Nagu felt a pang in his heart. He had hoped to get the boots back later, but Asho wouldn’t live much longer anyway.

Asho ignored him and put on the boots before activating his Sorcery Spirit again. A duplicate of himself appeared next to him, wearing the same steel-toed boots that Asho was currently wearing.

“Stand on the steel wire for a few seconds.”

The duplicate walked onto the steel wire and stood steadily. This time, the wire couldn’t cut through his boots.

Without being harmed, the duplicate wouldn’t disappear.

“Great!” Asho exclaimed excitedly. “Come back.”

The duplicate returned.

“Squat down!”

The duplicate squatted down.

Asho climbed onto the duplicate’s neck. “Carry me across the steel wire to the large platform on the other side!”

However, this time the duplicate didn’t respond. Asho lowered his head and saw the duplicate calmly looking at him.

“Carry me across the steel wire to the large platform on the other side!” he repeated, thinking that the duplicate hadn’t heard him.

After three seconds of silence, the duplicate seemed to finally understand the meaning of his words, or perhaps it understood its own fate.



With each step the duplicate took, the steel wire made creaking sounds, causing Asho to feel a sense of fear. When he saw other death row inmates walking on the wire, they seemed relaxed. But when it was his turn to walk, just looking down at the sea below made him feel the urge to urinate.

But he succeeded—the duplicate was able to carry him across.

Asho faintly discovered another amazing aspect of the Sorcerer system.

If an ordinary person is “you can’t do what you haven’t said you can do,” then a Sorcerer is “you can do what hasn’t been said you can’t do.”

The former is all about limitations, while the latter is all about possibilities.

The effect of the duplicate Sorcery Spirit was to create an exact copy of himself that would disappear if it was harmed, but would obey his every command.

Therefore, as long as it didn’t exceed the limitations, Asho could command the duplicate to perform incredible actions, even if he couldn’t do them himself.

Just like now, Asho himself had no ability to walk on the steel wire, let alone carry someone on it.

But the duplicate could.

Because it was Asho’s command,

Because it was a task that the duplicate could theoretically accomplish,

So it could.

The Sorcery Spirit was not a miracle; it couldn’t distort the rules of reality.

It was simply the infinite extension of knowledge, the standard answer of theory, and the best result allowed by reality.

It was the limit.

If only he could bring the duplicate Sorcery Spirit back to his original world… then he could have the duplicate take care of his parents at home…

Asho quickly changed his mind. This use was too trivial. Since he had the duplicate, why was his vision so narrow?

That’s right, it was capital.

So he should let the duplicate go to work while he stayed at home to take care of his parents. But it was also very likely that it would develop into his parents taking care of him…

Lost in his thoughts, the duplicate had already walked most of the way. At this point, most of the other death row inmates had climbed onto the large platform on the other side, leaving only Asho and Wakas on the steel wire.

“Both of you, don’t move! Don’t come any closer!”

A death row inmate with a scar on his face picked up a long gun and aimed it at Asho. “If you dare to take another step forward, don’t blame me for sending you down to feed the fish!”

The other death row inmates were slightly startled, then realized something and stood silently to the side.

Asho blinked and asked, “Why?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Wakas, who was far away, laughed. “Cowards always take advantage of others’ misfortune, and scum will always judge others based on themselves. The weak can only survive by compromising.”

Although Wakas was a riddle person, Asho noticed that the death row inmates weren’t looking at him, but at the executioner behind him. He immediately understood their thoughts—they were afraid that he would rush forward and use them as shields against the executioner!


So there’s this kind of tactic too!

No wonder they’re death row inmates. Their minds work faster than mine when it comes to harming others and not benefiting themselves!

Tonight’s redeemed savior was undoubtedly either Asho or Wakas. If they both reached the large platform, it would mean that the executioner would also chase after them.

The terrifying and ferocious appearance of the executioner indicated that its attack method wasn’t a pollution-free and residue-free mental attack. It was most likely a wide-range AOE physical attack that could sweep through thousands of soldiers.

In other words, if it executed its attack, the other onlookers would most likely be affected!

So the death row inmates who reached the large platform first became lively.

They couldn’t let Asho and Wakas reach the large platform!

Otherwise, the outcome would definitely be the annihilation of the eight-person group!

That’s why the scar-faced inmate threatened Asho and Wakas not to move forward. In his eyes, the best outcome would be for Asho and Wakas to be executed on the steel wire.

“If you don’t want to fall and feed the fish, behave yourselves!” the scar-faced inmate roared.

“I refuse!”

Asho said firmly, “The thing I like to do the most is to refuse when someone threatens me! Take a step forward!”


The duplicate took a heavy step forward, swaying and making noise on the steel wire!


The scar-faced inmate fired a shot, and the scars on his face twisted into a centipede-like shape due to fear and anger. “I can shoot, stop… stop!”

“I… don’t… believe… you… will… shoot… me!”

With each word Asho spoke, the duplicate took a step forward, making the arrogant and punchable face act like a sandbag, making people’s fists tighten.


“Don’t force me, I really can shoot. Before I came in, I killed nineteen people. If you don’t believe me, you can check my records!”

However, Asho had already seen through his bluff. Calmly and unhurriedly, he said, “If you could think of threatening me so quickly, it means you’re a smart person. But precisely because you’re a smart person, I’m sure you won’t shoot.”


“Because I died here. So when the time comes, the one who will be executed is you!”

Asho smiled and said, “If we two don’t die, you can be sure that the one who will be executed is one of us two. But if we die, then the audience will have to choose one of you six to vote for!”

The scar-faced inmate’s mouth twitched. “So, do you think it won’t be me?”

“No, it will definitely be you,” Asho said with a smile. “Think about it. Right now, the audience expects us two to be executed. But you’ve ruined their excitement. Do you think they won’t use their votes to vent their anger?”

“Secondly, haven’t you noticed that everyone else is avoiding you?”

The scar-faced inmate looked around and realized that he was standing in the center of the frame, while the others had moved to the left and right edges, trying to avoid being in the same frame as him!

“Why are they avoiding you? Because if you really manage to corner us on the steel wire, they will be able to reap the benefits. If you shoot us, then you will definitely become the target of the audience’s votes. In any case, they won’t lose.”

Asho revealed a refreshing smile. “Or, are you a model prisoner who has abandoned low-level interests, has noble morals, and has transformed himself? Willing to sacrifice yourself to protect your fellow inmates?”

The scar-faced inmate’s hand trembled slightly, but the gun barrel quietly lowered.

“Moreover, let’s say even if you’re not the one to be executed, so what? In the end, it will still be one of the six of you. The executioner will still attack this large platform. Or do you believe that your companions are polite and morally upright citizens who, upon realizing that they are being executed, will voluntarily jump into the sea without causing trouble for everyone else?”

As he spoke, the duplicate had already carried Asho across the steel wire.

Asho secretly let out a sigh of relief, his back soaked with sweat.

He wasn’t as confident as he appeared. After all, who knew if the scar-faced inmate would suddenly become agitated and insist on hitting him? Despite Asho’s logical speech, his heart was pounding.

To avoid provoking the scar-faced inmate, he signaled the duplicate to walk as slowly as possible, creating the illusion that “he hadn’t come over yet” and giving the scar-faced inmate more time to think.

Thinking was the best ice-cold drink for anger.

The more he thought, the more cautious he became;

The more he thought, the more timid he became;

The more he listened, the more he felt that Asho’s words made sense.

In the past, when his colleagues in the team wanted to leave, Asho would use this “listen, feel, think” rhetoric to change their minds—at least wait until the project was over before leaving.

Asho jumped off the duplicate’s body and patted the scar-faced inmate’s shoulder. “So, do you know where your way out is?”

The scar-faced inmate grabbed onto the lifeline and asked eagerly, “Where is the way out?”

“Go back, or hang on the steel wire.” Asho smiled and said, “Since I’m standing here, if you don’t want to die, the only way is to stay away from me.”

“This is my place, and it’s you who should leave!”

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