Chapter 4 – Observer

This is a small island.

However, this is only because Sonia’s poor vocabulary could not find a more suitable noun. After all, this can only be considered a small place that suddenly protrudes from the sea surface, like a palm-sized place, as if the waves could engulf it if they were a little bigger.

But the sea level is very quiet, very quiet, without a trace of wind. Sonia’s legs were immersed in the sea water, stepping on the wet sand, looking around.

All around was milky white mist, filling every inch of space, and the sky was like a bunch of dark ink, dull and heavy.

“I’m dreaming,” Sonia thought.

She clearly remembered that she was sleeping in the female dormitory of the Sword and Rose Artificer University. It was impossible to suddenly appear on a small island.

Thinking that it was a dream, Sonia felt much more relaxed. She crouched down curiously and tasted the sea water, which was the same as the water she usually drank, and even had a little sweetness, which was not salty and bitter as described in online education courses.

Sonia became more certain that she was dreaming because she had never been to the seaside and had never tasted seawater, so she didn’t know what it tasted like.

“But if I’m dreaming…” Sonia looked towards the center of the small island. “Why did I dream of a corpse I’ve never seen before?”

In the center of the small island, a strange corpse was half-kneeling on the sand.

He was wearing a black windbreaker and a hood, with a blurry face and heavy clothing. It was impossible to tell whether it was a man or a woman from the appearance.

A long sword pierced his chest, but he did not fall down, but knelt on one knee. He supported the scabbard on his waist with his left hand and held the hilt of the unsheathed sword with his right hand, as if his heart had been pierced before he drew his sword.

Apart from this corpse and sand, there was nothing else on the small island. Sonia couldn’t swim, and she thought it was a dream, so she had no fear of the corpse and walked boldly to observe it.

She found that the long sword that pierced the corpse was still dripping with blood. The blood flowed along the beautiful carvings on the sword body and flowed back to the dark red gem embedded in the sword guard, making the whole sword seem to come to life, which was too beautiful…

When Sonia came back to her senses, she had already grasped the long sword.

The scabbard that perfectly fit her palm, the gorgeous sword pattern that completely hit her aesthetic, and the feeling that seemed to extend her limbs, this sword seemed to be…

…as if it was a weapon tailored for her.

Without thinking, Sonia pulled the long sword out of the corpse.

She thought the corpse would fall down, so she took a step back after pulling it out to avoid being hit by the corpse.

However, the corpse did not fall down.

On the contrary, he stood up.

With the sound of steel-soled boots stepping on the sand, under Sonia’s frightened gaze, the corpse slowly straightened his back and drew out his sharp and cold long sword.

With a swish, the sword broke through the air, and the tip of his sword pointed directly at Sonia. Although his eyes could not be seen clearly, Sonia felt a pair of emotionless and cold eyes!

“Don’t worry, Sword Girl, this time, I am not your enemy.”

The voice of the corpse was neither male nor female, as if it was a mechanical grinding sound: “I will just kill you.”

Your definition of an enemy seems to be very different from that of normal people… Sonia tightly grasped the gorgeous long sword in her hand, as if she could gain a little sense of security from it.

“Who are you?” Her voice trembled.

“I am the End Watcher, you can call me the Watcher.” The Watcher said: “In the next 72 hours, you can only leave here by defeating me, otherwise, you can only wait for 72 hours to leave.”

“Isn’t this a dream?” Sonia widened her eyes.”The difference between dreams and reality is that reality is a dream woven by everyone, while dreams…”

“Are the prison you build for yourself.”

As soon as the words fell, the onlooker stepped on the sand and swung his sword forward. Even though Sonia had tried to retreat as much as possible, she could not avoid the shining blade of the sword–

“You have ten seconds of rest time.”

Sonia knelt on the ground, tightly holding her throat with both hands, her face full of horror.

The tearing pain was incredibly real, as if she had just been decapitated by this inexplicable monster.

If this was a dream, she should have woken up from her comfortable and warm bed at the moment of such pain.


“Ten seconds have passed, I advise you to hold your sword tight. Only then can you…”

Sonia looked up and saw the onlooker holding the sword handle at his waist, posing with a sword, and rushing towards her with a strong kick on the sand!

Sonia hastily raised her long sword to retreat, but the onlooker’s step was like a sudden shift, crossing a dozen steps. When she saw the sword light left by the onlooker, the onlooker’s voice sounded from behind her–

“…Die with a little dignity.”

“You have ten seconds of rest time.”

When Sonia came back to her senses from the sensation of being beheaded, she did not hesitate at all and jumped into the sea, even though she could not swim!

It seemed that the fear of death had stimulated her potential, and Sonia almost taught herself how to swim. Although it was an extremely unsightly dog-paddle swimming style full of splashes, as long as she could stay away from the terrifying island with the strange person, it was fine!

If it were not for the emptiness in her stomach in the dream, Sonia would even want to try the fart propulsion method that appeared in jokes.

Amidst the splashing sound of water, Sonia could clearly hear the voice of the onlooker: “Running away is shameful.”

“And useless.”

Suddenly, her neck felt cold, and Sonia lowered her head to see a cold sword tip piercing her neck.

Before the wave-like pain engulfed her, Sonia found herself back on the small island again.

“You have ten seconds of rest time.”

This time, she did not run away, but looked at the onlooker’s hand.

“You seem to expect me to have no weapon after throwing away my sword?” The onlooker leisurely put away the sword into its sheath. “After experiencing several deaths, why are you still so naive?”

“You are too unreasonable.” Sonia smiled bitterly.

“Reason only exists on the tip of the sword. If you want to talk about reason, using your mouth is useless, use your sword to convince me.”

Before the onlooker finished speaking, Sonia suddenly jumped into the sea with a splash. But this time, she did not swim, but chose to dive into the sea, trying to avoid the onlooker’s attack.

‘You can’t cut the sea, can you!’ she thought to herself.

And indeed, five seconds, ten seconds, thirty seconds… one minute passed, and Sonia did not suffer any attacks.

However, because she could not breathe, she felt that she was about to faint.

Why would she suffer from cerebral hypoxia and insufficient blood supply due to lack of oxygen in her brain if she was dreaming!?

The pain of suffocation was no less than that of being beheaded. Sonia couldn’t help it and floated up to a random spot to try to breathe for a moment before diving again, thinking to herself: I’ll just breathe for one or two seconds, he can’t find me that quickly, right!?

After a few seconds, Sonia sat on the small island, covering her pierced mouth, constantly licking her teeth with her tongue to confirm that her tongue was not cut off by the flying sword.

“You have ten seconds of rest time.”


Sonia shouted loudly, her face full of anger, gritting her teeth, holding her long sword tightly with both hands, summoning up the courage to walk towards the onlooker. The onlooker nodded, lightly stroked the sword handle with his right hand, and said, “If you want to end your rest time early, I have no objection.”

Snap!Sonia knelt down before the observer with a thud.

“Great, kind, and benevolent unknown master, Sonia is willing to pray to you day and night, listen to your holy words, follow your miracles, and chant your will… Please don’t torture me like this, just tell me what you want me to do, I’m very obedient and well-behaved, I’ll do whatever you command, sob sob sob…”

“Really anything?” the observer asked.

Sonia raised her head, her tear-stained face was especially attractive. She seemed to hesitate for a moment, her face flushed, and she gritted her teeth and nodded, “Anything.”

“Alright, I command you—” The observer gripped the hilt of his sword and assumed a sword-drawing stance, “Defeat me.”


“You have ten seconds to rest.”

Sonia lay on the sandy ground, staring blankly at the ink-black sky, then flipped over and stood up, asking puzzledly:

“I didn’t offend you before, so why are you wasting your time on someone like me? There are so many evil people in this world, and if you want to punish them, I can recommend a few candidates; if you’re a big villain, I can also recommend some high-ranking, hypocritical big shots.”

“I’m just an ordinary female student, not worth all the effort you’re putting into dealing with me. Your actions now are like using a spiral light cannon to kill a mosquito, having a swordsman chop wood, a great waste of resources, don’t you think?”

“You just tell me what you want me to do, I look like a weak rose that can be trampled on at will, born to go with the flow…”

Just as Sonia tried to persuade the observer with reason and emotion, he shook his head, “You’re wrong.”

Sonia immediately said, “Where did I go wrong? Tell me, and I’ll change.”

“You were wrong from the very first sentence.”

“The first sentence?”

“How can you be sure,” the observer gripped the hilt of his sword and assumed a sword-drawing stance, “that you didn’t offend me before?”


“You have ten seconds to rest.”

Perhaps it was because she had died too frequently, Sonia even felt that beheading was just like this, and once accustomed to the pain, it was nothing.

She looked up at the observer, “As long as I stay for seventy-two hours, I can leave this damned dream?”

“Yes,” the observer nodded, “But there’s no clock here. Compared to a person’s life, seventy-two hours is not long, but for death, seventy-two hours is not short either.”

“Can you really endure seventy-two hours of constant death?”

“And why would you believe the words of someone who keeps killing you in your dreams? What if I’m lying?”

“Even if you can escape the dream tonight, what about tomorrow night? The night after?”

The observer assumed a sword-drawing stance, “Having experienced death, you shouldn’t have expectations for miracles.”


The observer stepped forward, and as he drew his sword and swept it horizontally, his entire body spun around, instantly covering a distance of more than ten steps. The long sword, accompanied by a huge rotational force, once again beheaded Sonia like a hot knife through butter—


For the first time, Sonia’s sword blocked the observer’s attack!

At this moment, there was no expression on Sonia’s face, no fear, no anger, no killing intent, no pleading, only the coldest silence. In her ruby-like pupils, the observer’s blurred figure was reflected, as if to imprint him deeply in her heart!

“You leave me no choice.”

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