Chapter 3 – The Sorcerer’s Manual

The game company Asho worked for in his previous life was called Orola. Orola has released many popular mobile games, such as “Orola’s Dungeon” and “Orola’s Mutation Land”. “The Sorcerer’s Manual of Orola” is a new mobile game that the company is currently testing.

Although Asho works in the operations department and not in the new game development department, he heard that the new game is very fun and expected to be a hit. The head of the planning department wants him to lead a team responsible for the operation and planning of the new game. So Asho downloaded the demo of “The Sorcerer’s Manual” to study it, hoping to contribute more value in the future.

However, before Asho could open the game, he suddenly crossed over in the midst of working overtime overnight.

How did this mobile game cross over with him? And why did it automatically install into his consciousness screen?

Asho was puzzled, but he didn’t have time to investigate the reason why this game came with him. He could only hope that it could bring him miracles since he will become a dead man walking in a few days.

“‘The Sorcerer’s Manual of Orola’ is starting up…”

“Checking/updating game resources for you…Unable to connect to the network, automatically changing to LAN mode.”

“Warning: Image system lost…Repairing…”

“Warning: Instance system lost…Repairing…”

“Warning: Data system lost…Repairing…”


A series of red warnings flashed across the screen like a flood, until a green prompt appeared and stopped it.

“The search system is starting up normally.”

“The recharge system is starting up normally.”

“Welcome to read the Sorcerer’s Manual.”

Damn it!

The whole game could only start up successfully with the gacha and pay-to-win systems. No wonder it’s my company!

Asho entered the game with a black face.

80% of the screen was blank, and only two rainbow-shining options in the upper right corner could be interacted with: “Material Purchase” and “Agent Search.”

Clicking “Material Purchase” showed options to buy Sourcestones, one for 6 points, a set of 30 points, a pile of 98 points, a bag of 198 points, a box of 328 points, and each option had a first-time recharge bonus…

Even with just his toenail, Asho could guess that these points were money. But Alipay didn’t cross over with him, so where would he get the money to recharge?

What was the company thinking? Why would they add pay-to-win systems to the internal demo for testing? Do they want to take back the salary they gave us…? Damn, the company can really do such things.

Clicking “Agent Search”, it seemed that due to various resource losses, the Agent Search interface was also blank, with only two dry options: “Search once” and “Search ten times.”Asho wanted to try his luck with gacha, but he couldn’t afford the 3 sourcestones needed for a single draw.

Wait, do you have to pay even for the first draw in the demo? What shameless mobile game is this… Oh, it’s our company’s game. Well, that’s okay then.

Just as Asho was feeling down, a notification popped up on the screen: “Sign-in system repaired successfully, connecting to the main server… Unable to connect to server, switching to local area network mode.”

A third option appeared on the screen: “Sign in.”

When he clicked on it, a calendar appeared and he saw that the box for April 11th was already checked.

“Regular allocation: 1 sourcestone.”

“Newcomer’s first sign-in allocation: a voucher for a ten-draw agent search.”

“Ten-draw agent search voucher: a permit issued by Orola’s search department for batch searching high-value targets, can search ten times at once, and will definitely find one agent.”

Although Asho didn’t understand the exclusive terms in the description, it didn’t matter. He knew that his only hope of escaping the blood moon trial next week was this unknown game that he was traveling through with.

He clicked on the “search for agents” interface and chose “search ten times”!

There was no fancy card-drawing animation, just a plain list of cards!

“Elixir”, “Elixir”, “Experience potion”, “Experience potion”… “Dead Crazy Sword Girl”, “Beginner Combat Experience Card”, “Training Wooden Sword”…

He got a hit!

Then a message popped up: “Agent system repaired successfully, you can now manage your owned agents.”

Asho immediately checked the card face, which was that of a red-haired girl in a black suspender skirt. She had a pure smile like a girl next door, with her hands behind her back and long legs in black stockings stepping on small leather shoes, tilting her head and looking around with curious eyes.

“Dead Crazy Sword Girl”

“Human·Female·20 years old”

“Bond level: 0 (30% experience sharing)”

“Occupation: Artificer student”

“Occupation characteristics: Learning efficiency +5%”

“Inherent talent·Sword Girl (lower): Gain an additional 100% swordsmanship experience, with a low probability of gaining 10,000% swordsmanship experience. (Talent level can be unlocked after strength is improved).”

“Personal skill·Pitch-Black Mind: Kill danger in the bud. When an enemy intends to attack oneself, there is a certain probability of automatic counterattack according to the strength difference between the two sides.”

“Holding items: None”

“Controlling Sorcery Spirit: None”

“Water Art faction: Not yet entered”

“Cultivation strategy: Not set”

After looking for a while, Asho couldn’t find anything crazy or dead about her. He couldn’t help but get angry – except for the cool name and the stunning character drawing, wasn’t this just a zero-based beauty girl’s character drawing?

Don’t think that a well-drawn character can fool people into spending money, you bastard!The initial characters given cannot be used immediately, and players have to cultivate them slowly themselves? In modern life with such a fast pace, if you don’t let players have fun right away and make them spend time, what kind of garbage game is this that harms people so much!

This planner should let me take over, I can do it too!

And it’s fine if the first draw character is garbage, but if I can’t summon agents to fight with me in reality, then what’s the point of drawing cards!

In a few days, I will have to go to the gallows as a executioner’s Key Performance Indicators. This mobile game can’t even help me out, do they want me to sign in every day to send traffic for this garbage game before I die? It really lives up to my company’s name.

Even the last hope is shattered, and Asho couldn’t help but feel even more discouraged. He exited the Agent’s personal interface and saw a new red dot appear in the upper right corner of the main interface under “Agent Management”. With a slight compulsion, Asho naturally clicked on it.

The next second, he sat up abruptly from the bed.

Because there were two agents in “Agent Management”.

In addition to the just-drawn “Dead Crazy Sword Girl,” there was also a handsome, thin young man in a black windbreaker–

“The Last Observer”

“Human Male, 25 years old”

“Trust: ∞”

“Profession: Heresy Leader/Ancient Historian”

“Professional Characteristics: Blessed by the Four Pillar Gods, Luck Check +10; Easier to identify ancient artifacts, Ancient Artifact Identification Ability +5”

“Innate Talent: Sorcerer’s Manual (Lower Rank): When other agents are logged into the manual, the experience gained by other agents will be shared with this character according to the bond level sharing ratio. The current number of manual pages is 0/1 (the talent limit can be unlocked after strength improvement).”

“Personal Skill: Exotic Soul: Effect unknown.”

“Holding items: None”

“Controlling Sorcery Spirits: None”

“Summoning Faction: Not yet enrolled”

Asho turned to look at the only mirror embedded in the wall of the cell and compared it with the character drawing on the screen for a long time, only to confirm that this “Last Observer” was him, Asho Heath!

Whether it was the innate talent “Sorcerer’s Manual” or the personal skill “Exotic Soul,” they were all alluding to his current situation!

And Asho also remembered the title “Last Observer” – this was the title that the Four Pillar God heretics gave him.

It sounded very domineering, but in the end, he was just caught by a group of hunters, a typical example of being wiped out by the police station just as he was about to rebel.

He didn’t expect that this would become his code name in the game, not very harmful, but very insulting.

But what’s with this black windbreaker? Asho doesn’t remember wearing it. He thought it might be Heath’s favorite clothing? Then his taste is really not good.

Asho looked at the interface of the Dead Crazy Sword Girl again, staring at the “30% experience sharing” in the bond level for a long time, knowing that this might be his only chance to escape from prison!If he guessed correctly, when he cultivated the “Dead Crazy Sword Girl” in the game, he could gain 30% of the Sword Girl’s experience points! The stronger the Sword Girl, the stronger he would become!

Hope reignited in Asho’s heart as he checked the other junk he had just drawn from the gacha: 2 energy potions, 2 experience potions, 1 wooden training sword, 1 basic combat card, and 2 trial cards.

“Energy Potion”: Increases an agent’s action point during cultivation activities, lasting for seven days.

“Experience Potion”: Increases an agent’s skill experience by 10% during cultivation activities, lasting for seven days.

“Training Sword”: When equipped by an agent, it increases the amount of experience gained from sword training by 15%.

“Basic Combat Card”: When used by an agent, it arranges combat training to gain a large amount of experience, lasting for seven days (danger level: low).

“Basic Trial Card”: Allows an agent to undergo a trial and gain varying amounts of experience. Each agent can only use it once a week.

All of them were for cultivation, which happened to fit Asho’s intentions. If he drew something that could increase his combat power, it would be useless for him.

But why did the combat experience card have a low danger level note behind it?

He opened the cultivation strategy for Dead Crazy Sword Girl and found that there were many details:

“Dead Crazy Sword Girl”

“Current Mood: 5 (no experience bonus)”

“Available Actions: Rest, Entertainment, Training, Combat, Trial”

“Rest: Consumes one action point and restores a certain amount of mood.”

“Entertainment: Consumes two action points and restores a large amount of mood.”

“Training: Consumes one action point and undergoes specific faction training.”

“Combat: Consumes one action point and requires specific items.”

“Trial: Does not consume action points and requires specific items.”

“This week’s daily action points: 2 points (one energy potion can be used to increase one action point).”

“So the agent’s mood also needs to be considered. The better the mood, the better the training effect. Relaxation and work-rest balance are the foundations of education…”

Asho greatly appreciated this cultivation system that was full of humanity. He then chose to equip Dead Crazy Sword Girl with the “Training Sword,” consume one bottle of energy potion, and max out the three action points!

“Cultivation Strategy: Training, Training, Combat!”

“This week’s trial project: Swordsmanship!”

“I’m about to be executed, who has time to care about the mood of a paper person like you!”

When Asho pressed the confirm button in the “Cultivation Strategy” interface, a prompt suddenly popped up on the screen: “Do you want to activate the inherent talent of the End Watcher and register Dead Crazy Sword Girl in the Sorcerer’s Manual?””Ah, right, I almost forgot to bind Sword Girl. Luckily the game reminded me, otherwise, wouldn’t all that training be wasted?” Asho exclaimed, feeling relieved. Right now, his life was like a candle in the wind, unable to withstand the waste of time. He had to squeeze every bit of benefit as much as possible.

“Are you sure you want to register Dead Crazy Sword Girl in the Sorcerer’s Manual? Note: This operation is irreversible.”


“Agent bond registration successful. Training in progress, scheduling…”

“Constructing trial scene… Scene material missing, auto-completing… Searchable scene found, occupying…”

“Trial object missing, auto-completing… Searchable object found, extracting…”

Watching the messages in the game, Asho had nothing to do for a while. Perhaps today’s ups and downs were too stimulating. As soon as he relaxed, Asho felt waves of drowsiness, as if all his strength had been drained away, and his eyelids kept fighting.

His head hadn’t even touched the pillow, and Asho had fallen into a deep sleep.

Meanwhile, in another distant place with a three-hour time difference from where Asho was.

A girl who had gone to bed early for skincare and beauty suddenly found herself waking up in a dream.

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