Chapter 5 – Trial

“You have ten seconds of rest time.”

Sonia took a deep breath and quickly recalled all the details of the battle just now. Although she believed that she had not lost any memories due to constant death, if she really forgot something, she would not be able to realize it and could only try to avoid the worst situation.

She couldn’t even count how many times she had died, and now there was nothing else in her mind. Her mother, classmates, exams, and ambitions were all swept to the most remote corners. She focused all her attention on the enemy in front of her named “The End Observer,” trying to break down every detail of his movements and use her body to remember every cruel attack!

She found that the End Observer did not possess any transcendent abilities, and did not even have any physical advantages over her.

Compared to her, the Observer was just an enemy who knew how to use a sword – at most, a very skilled swordsman.

Sonia had seen swordsmen who had reached the peak of swordsmanship. Even if they just swung their swords casually, they could bring a sense of pressure like needles to those around them. Just by holding the hilt of the sword, they could make the weak tremble in fear.

Compared to those truly towering peaks, the Observer was just an ordinary stepping stone.

Yes, just a stepping stone.

Although she had experienced another death, Sonia had also successfully counterattacked the Observer with a desperate blow just now.

But just like a sword thrown out would return to its owner’s hand, the Observer, who had just been stabbed in the chest, had already fully recovered, seemingly healed in an instant.

If there was a recovery time, Sonia would definitely use her life to exchange for more injuries and eventually kill him. Unfortunately, this fair fight did not leave her with such a loophole.

A fair fight, Sonia felt a bit ironic in her heart.

But she also admitted that everything was fair.

All kinds of unreasonable restrictions made her understand that she only had one choice: to use absolute strength to defeat the End Observer in the battle.

Ten seconds had passed, and this moment seemed to become a tangible entity. As soon as the time was up, Sonia instantly tensed up her whole body and rushed towards the Observer with her sword!

At the beginning of the fight, the Observer would always maintain a defensive sword stance, and then rush forward and swing his sword in a circle. The farther Sonia was from the Observer, the more fierce the attack she would receive, and she might even be cut off her weapon by the Observer!

This move was very similar to the rumored Iaijutsu, and the method to deal with it was simple: don’t dodge, but actively move forward to interrupt his rotation!


Sonia’s arm was almost numb, but she still managed to stop the Observer’s rotation and successfully dragged him into the most dangerous close-range combat!

Having died so many times, Sonia no longer cared about having a few more holes in her body. As long as she could kill the Observer before she died, it would be her victory!

Clang! Clang! Clang!

After several consecutive close-combat exchanges, Sonia counted silently. When she counted to five, she finally struck an empty space.The onlooker suddenly retreated in the opposite direction, then stepped forward and cut towards Sonia’s head with a sword, without warning and extremely dangerous.

Sonia had once thought this was some kind of transcendent ability, but after experiencing death several times, she realized it was a type of combat footwork called “jianqie” (literally “see and cut”).

However, even though she saw through the trick, Sonia had no way to defend against it because she couldn’t predict which direction the onlooker would dodge in. The onlooker usually dodged only after seeing Sonia’s attack, then immediately counterattacked, so Sonia named this move “jianqie” (literally “see and cut”).

The weakness of “jianqie” was its lack of power, which was not enough to cut off Sonia’s arm. However, in the moment when the onlooker’s sword hit her arm, his legs suddenly slid on the sand and he dodged towards another direction, narrowly avoiding Sonia’s sword, then stepped forward again and cut towards her neck.

It was a two-hit “jianqie.”

“You have ten seconds to rest,” Sonia said, patting her face and gripping her sword handle, looking at the onlooker.

The onlooker entered a sword-drawing stance and launched an “Iaido” (literally “drawing the sword and cutting”) attack, but didn’t hit anything.

Just as the onlooker was about to strike Sonia, she suddenly slid in a very strange way towards another direction on the sand, while the onlooker was still in the middle of the “Iaido” attack, leaving him open to attack.

However, Sonia made a “Nukitsuke” (literally “drawing the sword and sheathing it”) motion with her sword instead of attacking.

“After dying so many times, even if I were a pig, I should have learned your moves!” Sonia exclaimed, then stepped forward, whirled around, drew her sword, and swung it.

“Jianqie, Iaido, and Nukitsuke!” she shouted.

She had actually learned “Nukitsuke” long ago, but had been holding back until she was confident in “jianqie.” She hoped to kill the onlooker with this combination.

With a fierce rotational force, Sonia felt almost no resistance as her sword blade cut through the onlooker’s chest like a hot knife through butter.

It wasn’t that she didn’t want to cut the onlooker’s neck, but her height was not enough, and every time she raised her arm a little higher in the rotation, it was a huge burden for her, so she had to settle for cutting the onlooker’s chest.

Sonia couldn’t believe it had gone so smoothly and quickly adjusted her balance from the rotation, looking warily at the onlooker.

“Does this mean I’ve defeated you?” she asked.

“Yes,” the onlooker replied. “Congratulations. You have defeated me with only one sword.”

With a kick of his toe into the sand, the onlooker gently hooked a long sword out of the sand.”The first half is over, and the second half begins.” The spectator placed the two swords in a cross position: “By the way, there’s no ten-second break in the next part.”

“Sonia, there’s an early class today, aren’t you going?”

Sonia sat up, holding her head, and found that only Yingu Lite was left in the dormitory. Yingu Lite was already dressed neatly and was about to leave.

“What time is it now?”

“Seven thirty.” Yingu Lite said, “There’s a public repair class this morning. I remember that you usually get up an hour early in the morning for skincare and makeup on public repair class days… They’ve all left… Your complexion doesn’t seem very good.”

“Really?” Sonia subconsciously touched her neck, then came to her senses, shook her head: “Maybe I had a nightmare…”

“A nightmare? You’ll forget it soon.” Yingu Lite said indifferently, “Remember to come to class, don’t be absent, otherwise, the dormitory points will be deducted.”

After saying that, Yingu Lite closed the door and left, leaving Sonia alone in the dormitory.

On any other late-sleeping morning, Sonia would have hurriedly gotten out of bed to wash and put on makeup, but today she was not in the mood, sitting on the bed in a daze.

It was strange, it was obviously a dream, but it was so real; even stranger, she had no signs of forgetting, she remembered everything clearly, from her first death to her ninety-ninth death, all vivid in her mind.

Even every pain was fresh in her memory.

When the Final Observer entered the dual-wielding mode, the intensity of their battle increased several times in an instant – Sonia had almost no chance to catch her breath, opening her eyes to see the observer pouncing on her, her arms almost numb from exhaustion, and in the end, she almost relied on her body’s instincts to withstand the observer’s stormy onslaught.

Seeing the cut, Iai, seeing the cut and Iai, Iai and seeing the cut, three consecutive cuts, three consecutive Iai… Sonia only used these two moves to fight the observer, almost exhausting all the derivative changes.

When she defeated the observer, she didn’t have any special feelings, just kept seeing the cuts and Iai, avoiding all the observer’s attacks, attacking all the observer’s flaws, and then the observer fell.

But after defeating the observer, Sonia had no joy.

Because the observer said one thing.

“The trial is over, but your life is just beginning.”

Although she couldn’t see his face or hear his tone, Sonia was absolutely sure – this was definitely not a blessing.

“Final Observer…” Sonia carefully chewed on this name, as if grinding it with her teeth and swallowing it into her stomach to digest.

At the same time, in the luxurious suite on the bottom floor of Camon City’s Broken Lake Prison.

Asho yawned and sat up, not knowing why, but he felt particularly tired after this sleep, as if he had been beaten up.

He opened the light curtain and the “Sorcerer’s Manual of Orola”, and Asho saw a brand new piece of information:

“After the trial, the bond between you and Dead Crazy Sword Girl has deepened.”

Asho scratched his head: “… Arranging trials can increase the bond? There’s such a good thing?”

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