Chapter 27 – The Sorcerer

Asho had almost forgotten that he could recharge in the game “Sorcerer’s Manual.” He thought that the only way to get source stones, which he used to draw cards, was through daily check-ins. However, he was thrilled to discover that there was another currency recognized in this world, regardless of its value. This discovery gave him the motivation to strive for more, like when a boss tells you to work hard and you might get promoted, even if the chances are slim.

However, he didn’t dare to recharge his medals right away because he knew that the medal was the foundation of Transcendents in this world, the source of power that Artificers sought after- Artisans.

“Do you want this Artisan?” he asked Sonia.

“Do you want it?” To Asho’s surprise, Sonia wasn’t interested in the Artisan. “You can have it.”

This made Asho curious. “But this is an Artisan. Don’t you want it?”

“It’s not a sword Artisan or a universal Artisan. It’s useless to me and a waste of my money.”

“What does money have to do with it?” Asho asked, confused.

Sonia felt like Asho was mocking her for being poor. After all, if he could control a ship in the Virtual Realm, he should know this common knowledge about Artificers, right? Or maybe he was just a wealthy person who didn’t have to worry about feeding Artisans? In novels, there were always these comedic scenes where wealthy nobles didn’t understand common knowledge. She didn’t expect to encounter this kind of endangered species in real life.

With Sonia’s explanation, Asho realized that the Artisan ecosystem in this world was far more complex than he had imagined.

Firstly, Artisans needed to be fed, and the main food source for Artisans was silver coins and gold coins. One-winged Artisans needed to be fed with silver coins, while two-winged Artisans needed to be fed with gold coins. Artisans that didn’t receive enough food would dissipate on their own. Some poor Artificers might even starve their Artisans to death!

Besides currency, Artisans could also be fed with other materials, but each Artisan required different materials, which were difficult to find. Silver and gold coins were the universal food for all Artisans, and Artificers didn’t know how to feed their Artisans properly. In the end, they just used money to shut their Artisans’ mouths.

Secondly, Artisans had usage restrictions. According to these restrictions, Artisans were divided into various factions, such as sword Artisans that required the use of swords, gun Artisans that required the use of guns, weak and strong Artisans that required a strong body, and fist Artisans that relied on punches. Artisans that had high requirements for Artificers were called specialized Artisans, such as the “Wave Sword,” which required Artificers to use a sword to activate. Artisans that didn’t have many requirements or were easy for most Artificers to fulfill were called universal Artisans, such as “Hawk Eye,” which could be activated as long as the Artificer had eyes.Generally speaking, an artificer’s artisan is composed of specialized and universal artisans. It is best if the specialized artisans do not exceed two factions, and the universal artisans also depend on the combination, trying not to keep useless artisans.

Even if Sonia obtained this “Rapid Fire” artisan, she would definitely sell it and not waste her money.

The reason why Sonia had no interest in this artisan was that the “Rapid Fire” artisan was worthless.

“Rapid Fire” was a product of the Flintlock era hundreds of years ago. Now it is the era of automatic rifles and automatic pistols. Pistols can discharge seven bullets in one second, so there is no need for “Rapid Fire.” Although “Rapid Fire” can also be used on weapons such as mortars and ship cannons, there are better artisan choices for the latter, and they will not use “Rapid Fire.”

“Artisans like this that have been eliminated by the times have a maximum purchase price of one silver coin when bought by the school- this is also the lowest purchase price for a one-wing artisan.”

Asho knew about Sword Girl’s schooling, but he didn’t care, thinking it was just a game setting.

“Then I’ll take it!”

“Go ahead.” Sonia didn’t care either.

Asho silently said “exchange,” and the medal in his hand turned into white mist and disappeared. A message popped up in the game: “Recharge successful! You have obtained 10 points.”

The lowest-priced purchase option in the game is to buy one sourcestone for six points. In other words, this “Rapid Fire” artisan is only enough to buy 1.5 sourcestones, and one gacha requires three sourcestones. In other words, two one-wing artisans are equivalent to one gacha.

Artisans are also transcendent powers, so how can their prices be as cheap as those of fresh college graduates… Asho clicked his tongue and looked down at the hunting notebook in his hand. “What about this notebook?”

“Artificer’s manual!” Sonia looked at Asho strangely.

“Artificer’s manual?” Asho was taken aback.

Sonia nodded.

“The artificer’s manual summarizes an artificer’s life in some way. For example, this manual registers the information of this gun artificer’s hunting target during his lifetime, indicating that hunting was the most important part of his life. Well, it’s actually an artificer’s diary.”

“But this is not a diary that the artificer voluntarily writes, but after the artificer dies, their soul automatically returns to the virtual realm and becomes an artificer projection. Then their life memories are precipitated and turned into a book- like the natural law of birth, aging, sickness, and death, this is an unavoidable natural law.”

“We collectively call this book the artificer’s manual.”

“If the virtual realm is the artificer’s graveyard, then the artificer’s manual is the artificer’s tombstone.”

It was only at this moment that Asho realized that the hunter just now was a projection of a dead person. He thought it was a living person, wondering why it was so easy to encounter other artificers.

But even if it was a living person, he wouldn’t hold back, after all, dying in the virtual realm was not real death.

Sonia said, “Like the medal, the artificer’s manual can also be used. You can directly absorb the manual with your consciousness, so you can obtain a random skill that cannot be classified into an art faction- completely random.”

Asho asked, “Do you want it?”

“I don’t want it. I looked at it for a few glances and felt tired.” Sonia shook her head. “But you have read the whole manual, so you won’t be polluted when you absorb it.”

“Polluted?””The Sorcerer’s Manual is contaminated and generally, Sorcerers can only read manuals that are similar to their own worldviews, values, and life views. If they forcibly absorb unsuitable manuals, it will cause damage to their souls and even lead to split personality disorder.”

“So serious?”

“It’s serious, but it’s easy to prevent. As long as you don’t feel uncomfortable when reading the Sorcerer’s Manual, it means that there won’t be any problems when you absorb it.”

Speaking of this, Sonia was also curious: “According to what I’ve heard, ordinary Sorcerers can only absorb two or three out of ten Sorcerer’s Manuals they encounter, even if they’re lucky, and many Sorcerers never encounter a suitable Sorcerer’s Manual in their entire lives… How can you just pick up any Sorcerer’s Manual without contamination?”

Asho couldn’t naturally answer this question. He followed Sonia’s guidance and guided his consciousness to touch the Hunting Notebook in his hand.

The Hunting Notebook turned into a light smoke and entered his body. Soon, Asho felt a piece of ice melting in his consciousness, and suddenly gained a lot of indescribable knowledge.

He opened the “Agent Management” in the game and found that he had gained a new skill.

“Anti-Reconnaissance Mastery”

As a jungle hunter and military man, Caben Stoli must have honed this survival skill in war even if he had never learned anti-reconnaissance. For Asho, who was planning to escape, anti-reconnaissance was also a useful little skill.

After Asho absorbed the Hunting Notebook, they found that the small island was sinking. They quickly returned to the ship, and soon the small island disappeared completely, and the sea surface was quiet, as if nothing had happened.

“This is the uniqueness of the Virtual Realm. Meetings are unpredictable, only for inheritance,” Sonia exclaimed. “Countless inheritance islands float on the Knowledge Sea, waiting for new Sorcerers to discover. Once a Sorcerer takes away the inheritance, the island will naturally return to the sea… Some people say that the island is the evolution of Sorcerers’ obsession, and the old Sorcerers hope that future generations will remember their traces, so they put their inheritance on the sea surface.”

“All the traces of Sorcerers’ lives are deeply engraved in the Virtual Realm. We will encounter countless predecessors’ inheritances here, fight against gunners from hundreds of years ago, and communicate with sages from thousands of years ago. Everything is possible… And our traces will also be engraved in the Virtual Realm. When a Sorcerer tears through the white mist hundreds of years later, he will also encounter the challenges we left behind.”

“Sounds romantic.”

“Really? Do you think your life can be passed down to future generations without any cover-up, so that future generations can admire your great achievements?”

Asho suddenly felt unromantic: “Can Sorcerers delete some life records before they die, such as ‘Study Materials’ and ‘Art and Life’…”

“How to die with dignity and how to live in misery have always been the two important research projects of Sorcerers.”

Although Asho didn’t get anything, Sonia was relaxed. She stretched her waist on the ship: “Where do we go next? You decide, it’s up to you.”

The battle on the small island was definitely not thrilling. If Asho could find this kind of inheritance island every time, Sonia would be willing to take risks.

As long as she encountered an Artisan of swordsmanship or a suitable Sorcerer’s Manual once, she would make a big profit.

Many Sorcerers’ expectations are just to explore the Virtual Realm smoothly. Not to mention encountering Virtual Realm inheritance, it’s enough for them to be happy if they don’t encounter danger.”Let me see…”

Asho opened “Virtual Realm Exploration” and checked the information of the surrounding grids:

“Wasted effort”, “Wasted effort”, “Wasted effort”, “Wasted effort”, “Better not go”, “Wasted effort”, “Wasted effort”, “Wasted effort”.


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