Chapter 26 – Hunting record

With a gunshot, the two of them simultaneously dodged in opposite directions to avoid the bullet!

However, there was suddenly a loud explosion in the air, and the hunter’s bullet exploded into pellets. Asho and Sonia were both inevitably grazed by the pellets!

Asho thought it would be very painful, but when the bullet passed through his body, he only felt like he had lost something. He felt as tired as if he had just finished running 400 meters.

He suddenly remembered that he was currently in a state of consciousness, not a real body. Being hit by a bullet only meant losing soul energy.

Compared to Asho’s sudden realization, Sonia, who had taken the virtual realm advanced class, had already anticipated this.

She saw that after dodging, she immediately rushed towards the hunter, while holding up her wooden sword and slashing it towards the hunter from a distance. The sword body gathered a hazy white light, which turned into a crescent wave and rushed towards the hunter!

“Wave Sword!”

This is the secret artisan of the Fusoya family, the Wave Sword! It is a rare long-range attack artisan in the swordsmanship faction, which can derive powerful attack miracles such as “Wave Splitting Slash” and “Silver Wheel Explosion”!

“Three thousand skills, one gun in hand, only speed can break, nothing can stop me!”

The hunter chanted while dodging. The barrel of his long gun emitted a faint light, and he shot out another bullet! It looked like an ancient flintlock!

But Asho and Sonia, who were well-prepared, were not in a panic. Not to mention Asho’s way of dodging by rolling around like a lazy donkey, Sonia directly sheathed her sword and rushed forward, striking out with a rotating wave slash!


Not only was the bullet directly knocked away, but even the hunter, who was several steps away, was severely cut by the rotating wave slash. Even the barrel of his long gun was cut off!

Without saying a word, Asho rushed up and hugged the hunter, while Sonia, who had recovered from her sheathing stance, took three steps in two and raised her wooden sword for a heavy blow!

There was no sound. Under the wooden sword’s critical hit, the hunter directly turned into a thick mist and dissipated. A notebook made of cowhide fell onto the rocky ground.

“Hey, hey, you almost blew my head off!”

Asho looked at the wooden sword that had been cut into the rock and touched his head with lingering fear.

“You were just a little off.” Sonia’s tone was full of regret. She bent down to pick up the cowhide notebook, flipped through two pages and shook her head, then handed it to Asho.

Asho took it and found that it was a… hunting record?

The first page was about a mouse, with information about its weight, size, fur color, cause of death, and even a photo of a mouse pinned to a wall with an arrow.

The second page was about a spider, the third page was about a rabbit, and the fourth page was about a deer… It wasn’t until the tenth page that there was some difference. Not only was the prey this time a fierce carnivorous wolf, but the notebook’s owner also learned a new skill: he killed the wolf with a trap.

On the twenty-third page, the one recorded in the notebook was an orc soldier wearing full-body armor and wielding a long gun.The next twenty pages were filled with dead orc soldiers, but what caught Asho’s attention was the fact that the owner of the notebook seemed to have abandoned their past archery skills and instead used the long gun brought by the orc soldiers, combined with the traps in the jungle, to single-handedly fight against an entire orc army.

The notebook did not contain any details about the owner, but Asho could vaguely see a story: a boy born into a hunter family, living in a jungle village, inheriting his father’s hunting skills. However, a sudden orc army destroyed everything they had. Their proud archery skills couldn’t penetrate the orc’s armor, while the orc’s firearms could easily crush their bodies.

The boy abandoned his bow and arrow and quickly learned gunnery. Then, like a death god, he hunted orc soldiers in the jungle, seeking revenge for the villagers.

From the expressions of the orcs before they died, the boy was terrifying. The first few orcs to die were calm, probably suddenly shot in the head while urinating or defecating. The orcs that died later were increasingly panicked, indicating they were trying to escape. The last orc to die threw away his weapon and hid in a bush, with a devout expression, as if praying that the death god wouldn’t notice him.

After all the orc soldiers were killed, the notebook owner seemed to have gone through a period of confusion. The hunting targets in the notebook included animals, humans, orcs, goblins, wealthy people, bandits, prostitutes, and ordinary people.

After one hundred pages, the notebook owner’s hunting target suddenly became fixed: orcs.

There were three hundred pages of information on different orcs that the notebook owner hunted.

Although it wasn’t mentioned, Asho could guess from the cause of death of the orcs that the notebook owner used the ‘Admirer Type 5 Standard Rifle’ to kill them, and each orc had more than one bullet hole.

Therefore, Asho inferred that the notebook owner should have joined the army and killed orcs in the war. He didn’t just kill soldiers, but also children, women, the elderly, and even his own comrades… no matter who the opponent was, he never changed his weapon and always used a bullet to end their life.

Later, the notebook owner seemed to have settled down and hunted herbivores such as rabbits and deer. The people who died in his hands were no longer soldiers or bandits, but maids, servants, and slaves.

It is worth mentioning that the servants did not die slowly.

He probably had an estate with many servants to serve him, but due to the aftermath of the war, he always carried a gun and shot them without hesitation if he suspected them…

Suddenly, an old woman appeared in the hunting notebook.

Asho guessed that she was probably the notebook owner’s wife, because she did not show fear, terror, or confusion in her eyes, but rather pity for the notebook owner.

When Asho flipped to the last page, he was certain that the deceased mentioned in the information was the notebook owner:

“Carbin Stoli”

“Human, male, 56 years old”

“Weight: 72 kg”

“Height: 1.76 meters””Features: brown skin, abundant hair, body odor.”

“Cause of death: killed by a bow and arrow.”

In the photo is a dignified and vicissitudinous old man, who has already raised his hand cannon towards the enemy. However, he will never have the chance to pull the trigger, because an arrow has pierced through his eyes and penetrated his head.

Asho didn’t know who killed him with a bow and arrow. It could be a former enemy, the old woman’s son, or a burglar; Asho didn’t know why the battle-hardened man was slower than the bow and arrow this time. Was it because his body was sluggish, or because he underestimated the bow and arrow?

Anyway, Cabin Stoli’s hunting record ended here, and perhaps his name would appear in someone else’s hunting record.

Turning to the last page, Asho found an iron medal sandwiched inside. Asho didn’t recognize the words on the medal, but since it was made of iron, its value must not be high. It was probably the first medal Cabin had received in his life.

Perhaps this medal represented the golden moment in Cabin’s life.

Asho picked up the medal and felt a warm current flowing into his hand. Then, a piece of information popped up on the light screen:

“Rapid Fire”

“One-Winged Artisan”

“Restriction: Must possess a ranged shooting tool”

“Basic effect: After performing one shot, you can immediately perform a second shot.”

“Passive effect: Increase the accuracy of ranged shooting.”

“‘Sometimes, being slow for a few seconds can never be caught up in a lifetime.’”

At the same time, a message automatically popped up in the game:

“Detected currency that can be recharged, do you want to exchange points?”

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