Chapter 28 – Legend of the Golden Fish

“Didn’t catch up?”

“No, did he not know how to swim?”

“What kind of path did you bring us on? It’s causing harm to us.”

“I told you before that it was a bit dangerous. Who was the one who confidently said it was no problem, like a student cheating on a test?”

“You call this just a bit dangerous!?”

In the mist of the Knowledge Sea, Asho and Sonia lay on a small boat, panting heavily. Their bodies were as faint as the surrounding white mist, as if they could disappear at any moment. Even their argument lacked energy.

Just now, after an hour of sailing with no results, Asho couldn’t resist suggesting that they explore the area on the map marked “better not go,” and Sonia, who was new to the Virtual Realm, was also confident. So the two broke through the white mist and entered the dangerous area.

However, instead of an inheritance island, there was a winged giant fish that overturned Asho’s boat and spewed water cannons that could shoot sponges tens of meters high.

Asho and Sonia were only grazed by the water cannon, but their bodies felt like they had been rubbed with sandpaper hundreds of times, losing their paint.

Fortunately, the boat was very sturdy and remained afloat even when overturned. The two crawled back onto the boat and used their hands to scoop out the seawater, quickly leaving the dangerous area.

The giant fish even chased them, even flying towards the boat. Fortunately, Asho used “Virtual Realm Exploration” to control the boat and speed it up, barely avoiding the fish’s head-on charge and not shedding their first drop of blood in the Virtual Realm.

After catching their breath, Sonia looked at Asho, who was soaked, with a hint of doubt in her beautiful eyes and casually asked, “Can’t you kill that mudfish dragon?”

Asho, without suspecting anything, gasped, “If even you can’t, how can I?”

Are observers really that weak?

Many thoughts flashed through Sonia’s mind, but they all fell silent in the end. Even if the End Observer was weak, she was helpless. She couldn’t kill the Observer, and she couldn’t find a way to resist the Observer’s control. Even Professor Teluozan didn’t notice the Observer’s existence.

And after the End Observer showed its ability to explore the Virtual Realm, Sonia’s mentality also changed slightly.

Even though she had just become a Virtual Wing Sorcerer, Sonia knew the importance of exploring the Virtual Realm for Virtual Wing Sorcerers, and even more so understood the shocking ability of the End Observer, who could see through the mist of the Virtual Realm.

It is widely known that no one can see through the mist of the Virtual Realm, which is the reason why all Sorcerers are equal – in the face of unknown risks and returns, everyone is equal, and even the strong can fall, while the weak can have a chance to rise to the top!

This is called equal opportunity!

And now, an existence that can see through unknown risks and surpass all Sorcerers has appeared!

The elite among Sorcerers, the End Observer!

If previously Sonia followed the Observer’s orders somewhat reluctantly, now her mentality has changed slightly. She was impressed by the Observer’s ability and even began to look forward to the beautiful life that the Observer would lead her to, similar to falling into evil.

Originally, Sonia wanted to ask why the Observer chose her and what made her different, but she had second thoughts. What if the Observer suddenly realized, “Oh, what do I need you for?” and then turned around and gave up on Sonia? Then wouldn’t she miss an opportunity to become an elite among elites?And, if she didn’t have strong power, how did the observer control her actions, see through the mist of the virtual realm, and pull her into a dream trial?

Beware of the observer playing the weak card!

Once Sonia falls for it, the observer may take advantage of the situation and arrange harsher punishments to torment her!

“By the way, what kind of creature was that fish just now?”

Here it comes, even asking me such common sense questions, pretending, you just pretend!

Sonia cooperated with him and acted out, “Mud Dragonfish, one of the most common knowledge creatures in the Virtual Realm. Killing it can obtain various kinds of Artisan, such as water art and earth art. If this mud dragonfish has killed other Artificers before, there may also be other Artisans of other Artificers in its body.”

There are only two intelligent creatures in the Virtual Realm, one is the Sorcerer, and the other is the knowledge creature.

As the name suggests, as long as the Sorcerer kills the knowledge creature, they can obtain the knowledge condensed by them – Sorcery Spirit.

Unlike the inheritance left by the Sorcerer, the Sorcery Spirit exploded by the knowledge creature is not fixed. Although it will basically come from the same faction, like the mud dragonfish, it will not explode the Sorcery Spirit of the fire art faction.

But even in the same faction, there are many different Sorcery Spirits, and the spoils of knowledge creatures will also change with version updates.

For example, if the Sorcerer in reality invents a new knowledge system and summons a new species of Artisan, then other Sorcerers may directly explode the newly invented Artisan when killing knowledge creatures in the Virtual Realm.

If the new knowledge system is too novel and crazy, it may even directly give birth to new species of knowledge creatures, expanding the diversity of creatures in the Virtual Realm.

Like “equal opportunity”, this is also an important premise of Sorcerers’ equality: “knowledge equality”.

No one can monopolize knowledge forever. No matter how you guard your newly invented knowledge, other Sorcerers can also obtain your achievements in the Virtual Realm. If you want to maintain your advantage, you need to keep innovating.

Those who cling to the past and expect to have a permanent leading advantage with one invention are no different from fools who stay in the same place in the Virtual Realm for a long time.

If you don’t take risks, the Virtual Realm will swallow you; if you don’t innovate, reality will beat you.

After introducing the knowledge creatures, Sonia couldn’t help but probe, “Since you know there are dangers in the mist, can’t you detect what kind of creature the other party is?”

“I can’t detect it. I only know the level of danger in the mist for us, and I can’t know what the danger is specifically.”

Sonia was a little disappointed, “Then you definitely can’t find that golden fish.”

“Golden fish?” Asho was a little confused, “What is that?”

Just like hearing someone asking oneself ‘what is 1 plus 1’, Sonia pulled her mouth and suddenly had a thought: Is he trying to cultivate my obedience by asking me stupid questions? If I resist him, will he think that my loyalty is not high enough and then use harsh punishments to treat me?

With this thought in mind, Sonia raised her vigilance and seriously answered this stupid question, “The golden fish is a fish floating on the surface of the sea of knowledge. The back of the fish is the Time Continent, which is the destination of the Dual-Wing Sorcerers…”

“Wait, a continent?” Asho interrupted, “How big is this fish?”

“Very big. No one has ever seen the full picture of the golden fish. It is said that even the smallest scale on the golden fish’s body is equivalent to a large city that can accommodate millions of people.”

“Such a big fish shouldn’t be easy to find, right?””On the contrary, only a few lucky ones can find the Golden Fish in the Knowledge Sea, and without exception, those lucky ones became famous legendary Sorcerers.”

Asho nodded, “What’s the benefit of finding the Golden Fish?”

“You’ll become a two-winged Sorcerer and directly enter the Time Continent.”


“You’ll become a two-winged Sorcerer.” Sonia suppressed her impatience, thinking that even the children she tutored at home were not so foolish. “The biggest difference between a one-winged Sorcerer and a two-winged Sorcerer is that one-winged Sorcerers are in the Knowledge Sea, while two-winged Sorcerers are in the Time Continent.”

“When a one-winged Sorcerer condenses their Artificing to the extreme in the Knowledge Sea and transforms it into the Silver Wing, they can no longer gain more Artificing while navigating. If they want to climb higher, they must advance to become a two-winged Sorcerer.”

“The normal way to advance is for Sorcerers to study and summon a two-winged Sorcery Spirit, then find the Truth Gate in the Sorcery Spirit and cross the Virtual Realm. Then they will reach the second layer of the Virtual Realm, the Time Continent. Only in the Time Continent can Sorcerers absorb more Artificing and condense the second virtual wing, the Golden Wing.”

“One-winged Sorcerers navigate in the Knowledge Sea and condense the Silver Wing, while two-winged Sorcerers walk in the Time Continent and condense the Golden Wing…” Asho understood the power system of Sorcerers, but had a question. “Can a one-winged Sorcerer obtain a two-winged Sorcery Spirit from someone else and directly enter the Time Continent?”

“Absolutely impossible.” Sonia shook her head. “If the Sorcery Spirit is not summoned by oneself, the Sorcerer cannot find the Truth Gate in it, and it is even difficult to search inside the Sorcery Spirit. The Sorcery Spirit is composed of knowledge, and if you don’t understand the structure of the Sorcery Spirit, how can you explore its secrets?”

Asho now understood the way Sorcerers advance: summoning higher-level Sorcery Spirits, crossing the Virtual Realm with the help of Sorcery Spirits, reaching higher levels, and continuing to summon higher-level Sorcery Spirits in a cycle.

Because of the premises of “equal opportunities” and “equal knowledge,” adventure and research are the lifelong pursuits of Sorcerers. No one can retire comfortably, and as long as you don’t give up your existing interests, you must continue to take risks and create benefits.

This process not only ensures the healthy development of the Sorcerer system but also constantly optimizes the old white rabbits who refuse to work hard… It sounds a bit like the KPI system! It would be perfect if there was also an elimination system at the end!

Asho suddenly became confident. He realized that Sorcerers were just another type of worker. When it comes to working and competition, he has never lost to anyone!

“Wait, if we can find the Golden Fish in the Knowledge Sea and enter the Time Continent, wouldn’t that be a shortcut to advance?”

“We prefer to call people who sneak from the bottom to the top ‘illegal immigrants’… That’s why Sorcerers all want to find the Golden Fish.” Sonia shrugged. “Who can resist the temptation of getting something for nothing?… So can you find the Golden Fish?”

“I want to try.”

“Then why did you ask me so many questions? Keep navigating.” Sonia looked at her somewhat ethereal palm. “Don’t go to places where battles may occur. I’m a bit tired, and we may have to leave the Virtual Realm after navigating one or two more areas.”

Asho nodded. He also felt tired.

Navigating the Virtual Realm was not without cost. While they condensed their Artificing by passing through the white mist, it also tempered their spirits and consumed their soul energy. When their soul energy dropped to a certain level, they had to leave the Virtual Realm to rest.Every ordinary voyage contains countless precious miracles.

Asho opened “Virtual Realm Exploration” and, as usual, saw many “wasted efforts” and “better not go” messages.

However, this time, he unexpectedly saw a golden light emanating from the lower right corner of the map!

The prompt below the area read:


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