Chapter 11 – If I make a mistake, let the law punish me

“If I make a mistake, let the law punish me.”

Even in this situation, Sonia did not lose her temper and instead calmly complained to herself, “Forcing me to practice swordsmanship, making me fight with Felix, what do you want me to do? Infiltrate into the noble society of the Starry Sky and become your spy?”

“It’s not as complicated as you think,” the observer said. “I just want to arrange a fight for you, and he happens to be the strongest here. Whether he is a noble or not is irrelevant. Of course, it would be even better if he is a noble. I especially like to see nobles being beaten up. If possible, can you step on his face after you win…forget it, I heard that some Starry Sky nobles are perverted. Just slap his butt…forget it, pretend I never said anything.”

“Can’t we change the opponent? I don’t want to have any relationship with Felix!”


“I’ve researched him a bit,” Sonia said. “He’s very strange and dangerous.”

As the most approachable noble at Sword Flower University, Sonia naturally saw Felix as a hunting target. But after collecting some intelligence, Sonia gave up this seemingly tempting option.

It had nothing to do with his playboy nature. Sonia did not think that “being a player” was her obstacle. What really made Sonia hesitate was Felix’s family situation and his ex-girlfriend group.

Although there were rumors outside that Felix was a walking breeding machine for the Ten Noble Women, after a simple observation, Sonia discovered a secret – Felix had never brought a girlfriend to spend the night outside.

Felix lived in a villa outside the school. After training every night, he would drive away from the school. His car, the “Mercedes-Benz Silver Tiger,” was unique on campus, and Sonia would occasionally run into him at night. He had never taken a girlfriend out at night, and he always went home alone.

Of course, it was also possible that he liked daytime activities, but Felix changed girlfriends every three days, including many noble ladies. Sonia didn’t believe he could finish them all in just three days.

It was more accurate to say that he was collecting them like stamps.

Secondly, as the son of the Duke of Fusoya, it was hard not to associate him with some political disputes after falling to Sword Flower University.

Sonia was not interested in growing up with him. She hoped to catch the young masters of the newly-risen nouveau riche, so that she could enjoy the benefits and have a lot of room for manipulation. If her methods were good enough, dividing the family property was not impossible.

All these factors added up, and Sonia was not interested in Felix at all.

She had a whole forest to herself, and didn’t need to hang on this tree. Part of the reason why she avoided him was that Sonia had never been in contact with nobles, and her understanding of nobles came from novels.

In novels, traditional nobles, except for the male lead, were all big villains who oppressed the kind and good and bullied the weak. Even nobles who were not evil enough would be kicked out of the noble team and become commoners.

Sonia, who was always cautious or pessimistic, naturally did not think she could meet a good noble. Felix’s traditional noble image, which was obviously more biased towards the villain, naturally made Sonia stay away from him.

“So, if you fight with him, you may get into trouble?”

“That’s right!” Sonia quickly said, “I don’t know what you want me to do, but I’m still weak and need to develop properly. I should keep a low profile and not…””This is simply too good.” The observer said, “I just hope you can stir up trouble, hope you can be high-profile all the way, and kill all the enemies in front of you…and, isn’t this your wish too?”

“Where do I have such childish and arrogant wishes!” Sonia shouted.

“Then,” the observer bowed, “I wish you victory in your first battle, to beat the swordsman genius, and kick the star nobility.”

“No, I absolutely won’t–“

“Felix Fusoya, the genius of the swordsman department.”

Sonia raised her wooden sword, pointed at Felix with a tone of arrogance she had never used before, “A big sword flower, only you are qualified to be my stepping stone to summon the artisan.”

“Dare to fight me?”

The training ground was in an uproar, the sword apprentices showed expectant expressions, and Celia had bitten her lips so hard they were bleeding–as expected, her target was also Felix, and she used such a cliché but effective way to directly establish a relationship with him!

Yingu Lite said in surprise, “Sonia, you just trained for two hours, even if you want to have a sword fight, you should wait until tomorrow…”

“No, it should be now.” Felix walked out of the crowd, staring at Sonia, “Two hours, three thousand six hundred swords, from beginner to master, you are the most talented person I have ever seen, and the second person who made me feel scared. If I don’t accept your challenge now, when I wake up tomorrow, I won’t even have the courage to draw my sword in front of you.”

“Now, it may be the only chance I have to defeat you. Even if others think I’m taking advantage of your fatigue, I can’t care–at least after defeating you tonight, I still have the qualification and courage to chase after your back!”

“And you’re right, a big sword flower, only I am worthy of your challenge. Those older virtual realm swordsmen, they can only rely on dripping water to wear away stone to trigger virtual realm knowledge, and they can’t compare with you and me at all. So…come on!”

As they spoke, a large area of the training ground had already been cleared, and the two stood facing each other with training swords.

Sonia used the most common middle posture, while Felix held the sword with one hand, raised the sword high and stood sideways, seeming to be full of flaws.

“Wave posture…” Even though Yingu Lite was a little worried about Sonia, she couldn’t help but look forward to their competition.

The Fusoya family is known for their swordsmanship, with four secret postures that can summon artisans, and the wave posture is one of them.

In the swordsmanship department, posture is not only a method of practice, but also a method of summoning and fighting.

Or, the reason why a swordsman can summon an artisan is because he has enough understanding of the fighting practice of this swordsmanship posture, thereby triggering the resonance of the virtual realm and turning the knowledge of the virtual realm into an artisan.

Every basic artisan that a swordsman summons independently means that he has mastered the corresponding swordsmanship posture perfectly.

Felix had competed with others before, but because Yingu Lite was focused on studying (and had poor social skills), she didn’t get the news, so this was her first time seeing the legendary wave posture. She couldn’t help but feel excited and thought about finding a chance to compete with Felix someday.

At this moment, she noticed that Sonia’s cheeks were red, and she kept making eye contact with her. Yingu Lite was a little puzzled, but after a little thought, she understood: Sonia was showing off that she had seen the wave posture before her!

Although you are geniuses, I will definitely catch up with you!

Yingu Lite clenched her fists and made a gesture of encouragement to Sonia.Sonia was completely helpless—wasn’t the distress signal in her eyes obvious enough? Why hadn’t Yingu Lite taken her away yet!

“What’s the point of fighting with you controlling my body? Even if we win, it’s your victory, and I’m just a bystander.” Sonia thought, “If you just want to control my body, then do as you please, since I can’t resist anyway.”

“But last night, you let me undergo trials in the dream and trained me in swordsmanship, so you must want me to grow, right? How about this, let me control my body again, and I promise to fight someone. If one isn’t enough, I’ll fight two, okay?”

“Do you think this is arithmetic, like one plus one equals two?” The observer standing next to Yingu Lite said, “And who told you that I’m the one controlling your body in the fight?”

“If it’s not you, then is it me?”

“It’s you.” The observer walked over to her, raised her sword tip slightly with her hand, and said, “Do you think I would just randomly pick someone to fight you? Do you think I can really disregard your will and forcibly control your body?”

“Why did you train in swordsmanship? Because you defeated me in the dream last night, you realized your talent in swordsmanship, you knew you had the opportunity to gain power, and you knew that you had wasted too much time.”

“That’s why you came here, pushing yourself to the limit, just to let others see, to let your roommate Yingu Lite see, that besides your appearance, you have a talent worth being proud of!”

“Why did you challenge Felix? From the moment you saw him driving the silver tiger through the campus, saw him being pursued by everyone, and saw him becoming the center of attention, you were already jealous, envious, and resentful of him. You couldn’t blame your mother who raised you with hardship, so you could only resent people like him whose family background and status were far superior to yours.”

“Why were they born with everything? Why can they always surpass themselves?”

“Don’t lie to your heart, Sword Girl.” The observer said, “It’s you who wants to defeat him, it’s you who wants to prove that you, Sonia Seway, are not inferior to anyone!”

“It’s you who came to the training ground, it’s you who clenched the wooden sword, it’s you who wants to be dazzling! Everything comes from your true heart!”

“Actually, I’m more curious about why you think I’m controlling you. After all, no one can see me except you. Don’t you find this strange? Don’t you doubt… whether I am a real observer, or just an illusion created by your mind?”

“I’ve said my piece. Now, you can put all the blame on me, and then…” The observer stood beside Sonia, pointing at Felix, “… enjoy the pleasure of trampling on a genius with a clear conscience!”


With a loud explosion, the two raised their swords and charged forward, fighting as one!

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