Chapter 12 – Guess?

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The clash of swords produced a symphony of steel, and Felix was somewhat surprised – the training sword he used was made of black steel and ebony, and even as a weapon it was a superior choice.

The opponent was only using an ordinary wooden sword, but it could withstand so many clashes with the ebony sword without damage. Either the wooden sword was too hard, or the opponent’s swordsmanship was superb.

He believed both were true.

In the moment when the opponent was on the defensive, Felix’s eyes narrowed, and he raised his sword high before fiercely chopping down, turning his body to bring his strength to bear. To outsiders, he looked like he was “sliding at high speed”, and the ebony sword came crashing down like a shockwave!

However, he missed!

Just like the previous few times, just before he was about to hit the opponent’s weakness, Sonia would make an extremely strange movement, interrupting all current actions and suddenly sliding on the ground, narrowly avoiding his killing blow each time, and then –

He turned his head and saw Sonia’s calm and indifferent eyes, as well as the residual image of her counterattack with the wooden sword!


He blocked the attack with his sword, and Felix’s heart grew more and more anxious. Although Sonia had not been able to harm him so far, he could feel that she was gradually becoming familiar with the wave stance, and the pressure on him was increasing.

Although Felix admitted that Sonia had better talent than him, he did not think he would lose – not to mention the physical exhaustion Sonia was experiencing, the advantage of the wave stance alone had already put him in an invincible position.

Sonia obviously learned the Starry Sky stance from the Swordsmanship Compendium, which sounded very impressive but was actually a basic stance. Its advantage was a solid foundation, which made it easy to switch to other stances, and it could summon three Sorcery Spirits: the Slashing Sword, the Cutting Sword, and the Stabbing Sword. Its disadvantage was mediocrity.

The Wave stance was a secret of Fusoya, known for its explosive power, and the Sorcery Spirit summoned from it was also of the instant explosive type. Felix thought that he only needed to launch a continuous attack to defeat this sudden sword genius.

Unexpectedly, besides the Starry Sky stance, she also mastered a mysterious movement, which allowed her to dodge several surefire attacks. Although Felix now had a good grasp of her rhythm, Sonia had also seen through the details of the Wave stance, which meant that the gap between them had narrowed!

In addition, she also mastered a sword-drawing technique.But compared to the momentum of the fluctuation, the eruption of the sword-drawing technique was still slightly insufficient. Felix hoped that Sonia would use the sword-drawing technique to compete with her. Just the backlash of the sword weapon would be enough to shatter her wrist. However, after suffering a loss, Sonia gave up the sword-drawing technique and focused on fighting Felix.

Felix didn’t want to and couldn’t drag it out. Even if Sonia’s stamina was exhausted, it would only be a self-deceiving victory.

Moreover, Sonia’s graceful and proud body seemed to hide endless stamina, and he felt that the one who would be dragged down in the end would not be the opponent, but himself!

It’s time to end it!

He didn’t specifically look for any flaws, but suddenly took a step back, once again assuming a fluctuating stance, deeply exhaling a breath, and staring at Sonia with eyes like swords.

“The next move, if I don’t win, I lose!” he said firmly.


The next second, the onlookers showed a stunned expression, while Felix’s face was full of anger!

Because Sonia was holding a wooden sword in her right hand, raising it high, and facing sideways, just like Felix – she actually assumed a fluctuating stance!

No one believed that Sonia had learned the fluctuating stance. Not to mention that she had just witnessed it, even if she had observed Felix’s training, she could not have learned it – Felix usually practiced swordsmanship on the training ground, and everyone could see his details. But who had learned the secret of the Fusoya family?

A stance includes not only moves but also breathing techniques, footwork, and specific details of strength. It is impossible to learn just by watching, and even if someone teaches it, not everyone has enough talent to comprehend it – every spell system that can enter the virtual realm has a high threshold.

Therefore, everyone believed that the reason Sonia assumed a fluctuating stance was only one – to provoke Felix!

Nothing is more humiliating than defeating you with your own moves.

It can be seen that the provocation was very successful, and Felix’s face was almost black, without saying a word.

Only Celia couldn’t help but secretly applaud: humiliating and provoking Felix in this way, even if he wants to forget you, he can’t. I didn’t expect that there would be such a highly skilled female hunter in the first grade, who gave me a lesson…Next, you should lose to Felix and give him a step up, and it’s natural to agree to future competitions and increase contact opportunities, right?

“It’s your own fault!” Felix shouted, stepping forward, turning sideways, and the sword in his hand fell like a whip, like a ball, like flowing water pouring down!There are no fancy moves in this move, the core idea is simply to use all your strength to break through the enemy’s defense!

Felix aimed at Sonia’s knee, he had already noticed that every time Sonia used a strange footwork, the only sign was the movement of her knee. He could predict Sonia’s evasion direction through her knee and then change the direction of his sword accordingly, trying to crush Sonia’s resistance with one sword!

However, to his surprise, Sonia did not evade, but used the exact same move as him: stepping sideways and swinging the sword down!

The strongest against the strongest!


With a teeth-souring roar, the two figures crossed each other. Everyone held their breath, waiting for the result.


Sonia’s wooden sword broke in half and fell to the ground.

Everyone was not surprised by this, because they saw the winged swordsman on Felix’s shoulder, and the most eye-catching thing was that his sword was made of black light – the Wave Sword Spirit!

“A breakthrough in the midst of battle! He actually summoned his own Artisan Spirit in battle!”

“No wonder he’s from Fusoya!”

Yingu Lite went over to help Sonia and comforted her, “Don’t be discouraged, you’ll be able to summon your Artisan Spirit soon and then…”

“I didn’t lose.” Sonia said calmly.

Everyone was stunned, thinking that Sonia couldn’t face losing. However, the next second, Felix’s wooden sword also broke, and fell to the ground with a snap.

A winged swordsman also appeared on Sonia’s shoulder, but unlike Felix’s, hers was female and her sword was made of white light.

“The Wave Sword Spirit!?”

“How did she also summon Fusoya’s Wave Sword Spirit? Could it be…”

“She learned Felix’s Wave Stance in battle and then summoned it directly?”

“How is that possible…”

“Wait, does this mean that she went from a Sword Apprentice to a Swordsman in just a few hours?”

As soon as this was said, almost everyone was stunned – some of them had spent years trying to become a Swordsman, but Sonia achieved what they couldn’t in just one night?

Everyone’s envy, Yingu Lite’s surprise, Celia’s jealousy, and Felix’s complex eyes…

But Sonia didn’t care about any of these things.

She stared straight at the onlookers standing on the side, with an expression of “I already know the truth”.She asked in her heart, “Do you mean that you are just a phantom manifested from my inner self, and you don’t really exist? You just represent my inner thoughts? You are just my illusion?”

The observer did not speak, but simply squatted down to pick up the broken sword that had fallen on the ground. He then attached it to the broken end of Sonia’s wooden sword, and with a gentle swipe of his hand, the wooden sword was restored to its original state, without even a trace of a crack at the break.

Even though he had performed such a miraculous operation, no one could notice him, and no one even noticed that the wooden sword had been restored.

He clapped his hands, turned and walked towards the outside, leaving a sentence that made Sonia’s anger rise:

“What do you think?”

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