Chapter 9 – Fatal Temptation

The sound was very faint, and if you didn't pay attention, you couldn't even hear it.


But when He Gu heard it clearly, his whole person instantly became unsettled.


Little Yin, she was actually…


Listening to that strange sound, a complex emotion surged in He Gu's heart.


He Gu, who hadn't opened the door to the new world for more than twenty years, couldn't bear this kind of stimulation!?


Coupled with the effect of amplifying desires in the dormitory…


Soon, He Gu's breathing became rapid, and his whole body felt like it was being roasted by a fire, hot and unbearable.


This feeling intensified, and He Gu's consciousness began to blur.


In his mind, he involuntarily saw Little Yin singing in front of the mirror, felt the touch of Little Yin holding his arm while watching a movie, and saw Little Yin's long legs swaying by the bed while wearing black stockings…


Gradually, He Gu even imagined what Little Yin looked like at this moment…


He Gu felt like his whole body was about to ignite, an indescribable palpitation rushed to his forehead, and he had the urge to rush down.


"Calm down… calm down… this is the world of strange tales… going down there means death…"


He Gu kept repeating in his mind, forcing himself to restrain his impulses.


However, as time passed, that impulse in his heart continued to intensify, and He Gu was almost unable to suppress it!


Just as He Gu was biting his tongue to desperately restrain himself, a shrill scream suddenly came from outside the door.


"WOW—escape! Escape!"


"WOW—escape! Escape!"




This distinctive duck-like voice was the sound of a parrot!


The sudden sound startled He Gu, and most of the impulse in his mind retreated, and He Gu became clear-headed again.


At the same time, all the sounds in the bunk bed opposite also stopped.


After the parrot shouted twice, it fell silent, and the whole world quieted down again, with only the sound of a pin dropping in the dormitory.


He Gu didn't dare to breathe, maintaining his previous posture of lying on the bed and pretending to sleep.


The deathly silence lasted for about a minute, and then Little Yin's voice suddenly came from the bunk bed opposite, "He Gu, are you awake?"


Of course, He Gu wouldn't answer and continued to pretend to sleep.


After a few seconds, Little Yin asked again, but still didn't get any response.


Then Little Yin fell silent.


He Gu lay on the bed, tightly closed his eyes, and didn't dare to look.


In this way, the dormitory returned to silence.


He Gu didn't know how long had passed, and he fell asleep again in a daze.




At the same time.


Blue Star.


It was already late at night.


In the live broadcast rooms of the four countries where the contestants were still alive, it was still lively.


After three years of the arrival of the world of strange tales, there were many people who had developed the habit of staying up late to watch the live broadcasts.


At this time, in the live broadcast of the Iron Tower Country.


The dormitory had quieted down, but the contestant Adrian from the Iron Tower Country was not asleep.


In the live broadcast, Adrian's breathing became more and more rapid, and he secretly turned his head several times to look at the bunk bed opposite.


Obviously, although there was no movement from Little Yin's side, Adrian's restless heart did not calm down, but instead moved towards losing control.


Finally, after agonizing for a few minutes, Adrian, like a wild beast out of control, jumped down from the upper bunk and pounced directly on the bunk bed below.


A few seconds later, blood splattered onto the camera, and the live broadcast screen of the Iron Tower Country turned into static.




"No! What is that idiot Adrian doing!"


"This foolish guy, the most dangerous part is already over, why can't he control himself!"


"It's over, the strangeness will also descend upon our country!"




The command center of the China Country's strange tales event.


Several duty members looked at He Gu, who had already fallen asleep, and breathed a sigh of relief.


"The difficulty of this instance is too high. Only four people are still alive on the first day, which has never happened before!"


"No, now there are only three left. The contestant from the Iron Tower Country just couldn't resist the temptation… and has died."


"Hiss… looking at it this way, this young man named He Gu from our country is still doing well. His performance so far has been very good."


"I always feel something is not right. It has been three years since the arrival of the strange tales world, and everyone knows that we need to stay calm… but why are so many people unable to restrain themselves this time?"


"Indeed, if one or two people had problems, it would be fine, but so many people having problems, things are probably not that simple…"


"Does the analysis team have any results? Which rules are wrong?"


"We have too little information, and we have no clue at all…"


"Sigh, before, we used to exclude the wrong rules by comparing and analyzing the experiences of players from other countries, but this time… there are too few survivors, and there is no room for reference."


"I hope He Gu can hold on, at least until we can provide him with effective information to help.""What kind of talent did He Gu draw? It's been a whole day and we haven't seen him show it yet?"


"Maybe it's one of those D-level or lower talents where the enhancement effect isn't obvious?"


"Sigh, it's tough for this young man, encountering such a dangerous instance right off the bat…"




World of the Weird.


This time, He Gu didn't sleep well. Even in sleep, his brain remained in a state of tension.


He didn't know how long he had been in this drowsy state when he was awakened by a bright light.


Struggling to open his eyes, He Gu saw the glaring incandescent lamp.


The light in the dormitory was on, and since He Gu was sleeping on the upper bunk, the light was uncomfortable.


However, seeing the light on, He Gu felt a sigh of relief.


The light was on, which meant that the most dangerous period from twelve to six had passed.


The dormitory lights were turned off at twelve o'clock every night and power was restored at six-thirty in the morning.


Because He Gu forgot to turn off the light when he went to bed last night, the light automatically turned on when the power was restored in the morning.


He Gu first took out his phone and glanced at it. The time was 6:42.


The sky outside was still dark.


After checking the time, He Gu turned to look at the lower bunk across from him.


At this time, Little Yin was sleeping soundly, hugging her quilt. Half of her back and thigh that were exposed outside the quilt were snow-white. She was sleeping naked!


He Gu only took a glance before hurriedly withdrawing his gaze.


It was not appropriate to see such a stimulating scene early in the morning.


After lying in bed for a few more minutes, He Gu carefully climbed down from the upper bunk, preparing to bring the parrot in first.


Both hidden messages mentioned the parrot, so He Gu didn't dare to be careless.


However, as soon as He Gu opened the door, he was startled.


There was a man standing at the door of the dormitory.


This was a thin man, wearing only a pair of shorts.


He Gu recognized this man. It was Wang Tao from the mechanical and electrical class, who lived in the dormitory next door. He was one of the few remaining students in this graduating class who had not yet been assigned an internship.


At this moment, Wang Tao was standing at the door of He Gu's dormitory. It seemed that he was shivering from the cold without wearing clothes. He stood there stiffly, looking up at the birdcage hanging above the door…

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