Chapter 8 – Midnight

After suffering for two hours, the horror movie finally ended.


At this point, He Gu could barely hold on any longer. He was already burning up, his heartbeat and breathing were all in chaos.


Seeing that the movie had finished playing on Little Yin's phone and the subtitles had started, He Gu immediately jumped up from the bed and escaped from that dangerous and seductive position.


However, as soon as He Gu stood up straight, he immediately felt uncomfortable in a certain area and quickly awkwardly bent his body.


He glanced at his phone and saw the time: 23:37.


There were still 23 minutes until midnight!


"It's getting late, let's rest."


After saying this, He Gu quickly filled the parrot's water and bird food, then carried the birdcage outside the dormitory and hung it on the door.


He then returned to the dormitory and climbed onto his own bed.


Little Yin glanced at He Gu, who was already lying on the top bunk, and pouted, "Then you go to sleep first, I'll go take a shower."


He Gu: ???




Little Yin walked into the bathroom with her bathing supplies, this time bringing He Gu's towel with her.


Soon, the sound of rushing water came from the bathroom.


He Gu saw that it was almost midnight and felt anxious.


One of the rules stated that he couldn't talk to Little Yin between midnight and six in the morning!


Judging from the situation, it seemed that Little Yin wouldn't be finished with her shower until after midnight.


But what should he do if she starts talking to him afterwards?


After thinking it over, He Gu decided to go to sleep first.


If he fell asleep and didn't answer Little Yin's words, it shouldn't be considered as rejecting her, right?


At the moment, it seemed to be the only way!


With this in mind, He Gu immediately closed his eyes and tried to fall asleep as soon as possible.


However, perhaps due to nervousness, He Gu lay on the bed with his eyes closed but couldn't fall asleep no matter what.


Time passed by second by second.


Soon, the lights in the dormitory went out.


He Gu knew that it was midnight and the power in the dormitory had been cut off.


The moonlight shone through the window, casting a pale light on the floor of the dormitory.


The sound of running water in the bathroom continued, and it seemed that Little Yin was not affected by the lights going out.


He Gu continued to lie on the top bunk, painfully closing his eyes, unable to fall asleep.


He didn't know how long had passed, but suddenly the sound of running water in the bathroom stopped.


In that instant, it seemed like the whole world became quiet.


He Gu's heart tightened, and he didn't dare to move, lying on the bed with his eyes tightly closed, pretending to be asleep.


Soon, the bathroom door opened.






The sound of Little Yin's footsteps in slippers echoed, slowly approaching.


"Are you asleep?"


In the darkness, Little Yin's voice sounded.


He Gu tightly closed his eyes, trying to maintain a steady breath, without any response.


After waiting for a few seconds without a response, Little Yin didn't continue calling He Gu's name and sat on her own bed, starting to dry her hair.


He Gu, lying on the top bunk, felt a slight relief in his heart, hoping that Little Yin would quickly dry her hair and go to sleep.


In the darkness, He Gu could hear the rustling sound of Little Yin drying her hair and smell the faint scent of shampoo in the air.


For He Gu, this process was extremely long.


It was the first time He Gu realized that pretending to sleep was also a painful thing.


He didn't know how long had passed, but the sound of Little Yin drying her hair finally stopped.


Shortly after, He Gu heard Little Yin's footsteps approaching, she was coming towards him!


Soon, He Gu felt the bed shaking, someone was climbing up to the top bunk!


After a few seconds, He Gu felt movement near his pillow.


Little Yin had climbed up!


He Gu didn't dare to move, nor did he dare to open his eyes. He could only continue pretending to sleep with a stiff neck.


"Are you really asleep?"


He Gu heard Little Yin's voice next to him, she seemed to be kneeling by the pillow.


"I'm asleep… I'm asleep…"


He Gu kept reminding himself in his mind, tightly closing his eyes without making a sound.


After waiting for a moment without a response, Little Yin gently climbed down from the top bunk.


Then, the sound of Little Yin's footsteps went towards the direction of the bathroom, followed by the sound of a hairdryer.


After midnight, the power in the dormitory was cut off, but the power supply to the sockets was not disconnected, so the hairdryer could still be used.


It was difficult to dry long hair with a towel alone for girls. They needed to towel dry it until it was half dry and then use a hairdryer. He Gu knew this.




The sound of the hairdryer continued, and He Gu continued to pretend to sleep on the bed, suffering.


After a while, the sound of the hairdryer stopped.


He Gu waited for a while but didn't hear Little Yin's footsteps. Was she still at the sink?


"Blood… Blood… Blood…"


Vaguely, He Gu seemed to hear Little Yin singing.


The voice was very soft, faint and indistinct, but it was indeed Little Yin's voice.


Listening to this faint singing, He Gu inexplicably felt a sense of panic.


After waiting for a while, Little Yin still didn't come back. The faint singing intermittently came from the direction of the sink.


He Gu cautiously turned over and opened his eyes slightly to take a peek.


With just one glance, He Gu froze.


Under the moonlight, Little Yin had her back to He Gu, her hair scattered as she softly sang in front of the mirror.


The most eerie thing was that she wasn't wearing a bath towel, her fair skin gleaming with a watery glow under the moonlight…


Seeing this eerie scene, He Gu's scalp went numb.


However, after taking a glance, He Gu couldn't help but want to take a few more looks…


Like this, He Gu maintained his sleeping position, squinting his eyes slightly, quietly listening to Little Yin's singing.


But just as he had watched for a while, Little Yin's singing suddenly stopped.In the next moment, He Gu saw Little Yin suddenly turn around, her face expressionless as she stared at him!


The strings of He Gu's heart, which had just relaxed a bit, instantly snapped again, and he quickly closed his eyes.


However, Little Yin didn't make any more noise, as if she was still staring at He Gu.


Just like that, the dormitory fell into a deathly silence.


The whole world seemed to have lost its sound, and He Gu could hear his own heartbeat.


He didn't know what Little Yin was doing, nor did he know if she was still staring at him.


He Gu didn't dare to open his eyes, he didn't even dare to move a finger.


In this stalemate, before he knew it, He Gu fell asleep.



He didn't know how long he had slept, but in a daze, He Gu was awakened by a certain sound.


He Gu opened his eyes, and the dormitory was pitch black.


The first thing He Gu did when he came to his senses was to carefully glance towards the direction of the washbasin, Little Yin was no longer there.


And from the lower bunk across from him, there seemed to be a sound.


This sound… it seemed like the sound of a toothbrush being used.


Thinking of the pink toothbrush he had seen in Little Yin's suitcase, was Little Yin brushing her teeth in the middle of the night?


He Gu carefully turned his head a little, allowing himself to see the lower bunk across from him.


Due to the dim light, He Gu couldn't see clearly, but he could see someone lying on the bed, it should be Little Yin.






In the faint, He Gu suddenly heard Little Yin's voice…

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