Chapter 10 – Sleepwalking Wang Tao! Morning fright

Early in the morning, wearing only a pair of shorts, He Gu stood shivering at the door of someone else's dormitory, staring blankly at the parrot…


This is definitely not the behavior of a normal person!


Especially when this guy is staring at the parrot, it makes He Gu feel wary.


No one knows the importance of the parrot in this instance better than He Gu!


At this moment, Wang Tao was facing sideways to He Gu, with his head tilted back, making it difficult for He Gu to see his expression.


However, He Gu noticed that there seemed to be some faint purplish-black patterns on his neck, which looked particularly strange.


While He Gu was suspiciously observing Wang Tao, the parrot in the cage also tilted its head and looked down at Wang Tao, its eyes flashing with a human-like expression.


Just as He Gu was about to ask Wang Tao what he was doing, the parrot suddenly flapped its wings and said, "Welcome!"






The sudden sound of a duck's voice startled He Gu.


So this guy not only knows how to say "run away"?


But what does it mean when he suddenly says "welcome"?


After the parrot called twice, it quieted down and stopped looking at Wang Tao, instead turning its head to look at He Gu.


That look… as if it wanted to tell He Gu something, but He Gu couldn't understand.


This parrot is definitely not ordinary!


He Gu confirmed in his heart once again.


After watching the parrot for a while, He Gu couldn't figure out anything, so he turned his head to look at Wang Tao.


Wang Tao was still trembling in the same posture.


After hesitating for a moment, He Gu reached out and patted Wang Tao's shoulder, "What are you doing?"


However, as soon as his palm touched Wang Tao, He Gu's heart tightened.


It's so cold!


This touch… it's like touching raw meat just taken out of the refrigerator!


And after He Gu patted him, Wang Tao didn't react at all.


He Gu's scalp tingled, could this guy be dead!?


Thinking of this, He Gu hurriedly pushed Wang Tao again, "Hey!"


This push made Wang Tao stumble, and he finally reacted, turning his head stiffly to look at He Gu, "Are you also waiting for the roast duck to be cooked?"


As he spoke, a drool dripped from the corner of Wang Tao's mouth.


"What roast duck…"


He Gu's words were interrupted when he suddenly noticed that Wang Tao's eyes were closed!


He's sleepwalking!?


He's actually sleepwalking!?


In that instant, He Gu's whole body was covered in goosebumps.


Rule 1, Article 10: If you see Wang Tao sleepwalking, do not disturb him and immediately return to your own dormitory!


And He Gu's actions just now had obviously disturbed the sleepwalking Wang Tao!


Just as He Gu panicked, the sleepwalking Wang Tao suddenly grabbed He Gu's wrist, "The roast duck isn't cooked yet, let me take you to eat barbecue first."


As he spoke, Wang Tao pulled He Gu and started walking.


He Gu's cold sweat came down, struggling desperately to pull his hand back.


However, Wang Tao's strength was terrifying, and He Gu felt as if his wrist was being clamped by a pair of pliers, unable to break free.


Without any resistance from He Gu, Wang Tao had already pulled He Gu several steps forward.


He Gu became anxious and struggled desperately, but it had no effect at all.


Wang Tao's strength was not human-like, no matter how He Gu struggled, he was unaffected, firmly pulling He Gu forward.


In a moment, Wang Tao had already dragged He Gu to the door of the neighboring dormitory.


Wang Tao pushed open the door and was about to drag He Gu inside.


At this time, it was still dark outside, and the room was not lit, so it was pitch black inside.


He Gu looked at the dark doorway and panicked completely. If he was dragged inside, he would probably be done for!


At this moment, He Gu used all his strength, using his feet to firmly hold onto the door frame, barely managing to resist being dragged inside by Wang Tao.


However, Wang Tao didn't give up either, mechanically pulling He Gu, trying to go inside.


The two of them were temporarily deadlocked like this.


At this moment, He Gu was extremely anxious, and his wrist was in intense pain, as if it was about to be pulled apart by Wang Tao.


Time passed slowly, and the two of them remained deadlocked for a while, but He Gu's physical strength was quickly running out.


"It's over, it seems like I'm really done for today…"


He Gu sighed bitterly in his heart.


He didn't expect that after surviving the dangers of the first day, he would die in a "door-opening attack" on the second morning.


It's also his own fault for being careless, not checking whether Wang Tao was sleepwalking at the first moment…


Regret filled He Gu's mind, and the strength in his legs was gradually fading away.


However, at this critical moment, a scolding voice suddenly came from the other end of the corridor, "What are you two doing!"


It was the voice of the dormitory administrator!


He Gu felt a glimmer of hope in his heart, turned his head to look, and saw a slightly chubby figure coming towards them at the end of the corridor.


Although the light in the corridor was dim at this time and he couldn't see the person's face clearly, He Gu was almost certain that it was the dormitory administrator!


Help is here!


He Gu felt relieved, but he found that Wang Tao seemed to be in a hurry and exerted more force to try to drag He Gu inside.


The dormitory administrator also started jogging towards them, "You two, no fighting in the corridor!"


As he spoke, the dormitory administrator got closer and closer to He Gu, only about 5 meters away.


At this moment, Wang Tao suddenly let go.


At the same time, He Gu heard a miserable cat's cry coming from Wang Tao's dormitory.


After Wang Tao let go, He Gu didn't have time to regain his strength and fell to the ground in a sorry state.


At the same time, the dormitory administrator also arrived at a distance of about 3 meters from He Gu.


At this moment, He Gu finally saw clearly.Indeed, it was the dormitory supervisor, but he was dressed in a security uniform, holding a half-meter-long machete in his hand, which seemed to be stained with blood…


Rule 5: The dormitory supervisor can be trusted, unless he is in uniform.


At this moment, the dormitory supervisor was in uniform, holding a knife in his hand. It didn't look safe at all!


"Student, are you alright?"


The dormitory supervisor approached He Gu.


He Gu immediately got up from the ground and ran towards his dorm room.


It wasn't a long distance, He Gu sprinted to the door in a few steps, not forgetting to take down the birdcage hanging on the door, then quickly rushed into the room and locked the dormitory door.


Just as He Gu closed the dormitory door, a mournful cat's cry came from the corridor outside.


A moment later, He Gu heard a knocking sound from next door, it seemed like the dormitory supervisor was knocking on Wang Tao's dormitory door?


The knocking sound lasted for a while, and soon there was the sound of a door opening.


Immediately after, He Gu heard a "ding-dong" noise, as if someone was smashing something.







The mournful cat cries rang out one after another, each one more urgent than the last.


At the same time, the "CLANG-CLANG" sound, the chaotic and hurried footsteps… all kinds of sounds were heard outside.


Coupled with the mournful and urgent cat cries, it sounded as if someone was fighting with a wild cat outside.


The chaotic noise lasted for about a minute before it abruptly stopped.


He Gu, still holding the birdcage, stood behind the door with his heart pounding, his ears pricked up to listen carefully.


A moment later, He Gu heard a set of footsteps slowly fading away.


When the footsteps had completely faded away, He Gu carefully opened the door a crack to take a peek.


At the end of the corridor, the dormitory supervisor was dragging a figure, disappearing at the staircase entrance…

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