Chapter 7 – Exciting movies to watch

"So the second set of rules is here…"


He Gu suddenly realized that when he left earlier, the dormitory's big iron gate was open outward, tightly against the walls, so he couldn't see it.


Fortunately, he came back just in time when the dormitory supervisor was about to close the door. Otherwise, He Gu wouldn't know when he would be able to see these rules.


Compared to the rules in the store, these rules were undoubtedly more important, after all, the dormitory was where He Gu spent the most time.


What surprised He Gu was the hidden information this time: in the dormitory, people's emotions and desires would be amplified!


No wonder He Gu always felt uncontrollable in front of Little Yin!


Fortunately, he went out to buy something. If he had stayed in the dormitory all the time, who knows when he would have lost control!


"Are you coming in or not? If you're not coming in, I'll lock the door."


The dormitory supervisor urged from the side, picking up the security uniform hanging on the back of the chair.


He Gu's heart tightened when he saw this, quickly took out his phone and took a picture of the rules on the door, then hurriedly went upstairs with his things.


Just as he walked up the stairs, He Gu heard the heavy iron gate behind him slam shut.




At the same time, a mournful cat cry came from the stairwell.


Thinking of the rules he had just seen, He Gu ignored the cat cry and hurriedly went upstairs.


Soon, He Gu returned to the dormitory on the third floor.


As soon as he entered the room, He Gu saw Little Yin standing in front of the birdcage, staring straight at the parrot inside.


That expression… was like a wild cat drooling over its prey.


"What… what are you doing!?"


He Gu hurriedly shouted, stepping forward to block Little Yin.


Little Yin glanced at He Gu and casually returned to sit by the bed, "Nothing, I was bored while you were gone."


As she spoke, Little Yin glanced at the plastic bag in He Gu's hand, "What did you bring back to eat? I'm starving!"


He Gu handed the plastic bag to her, "The cafeteria and the store are closed at this hour, so this is all there is."


Little Yin took the plastic bag and glanced at it, disappointedly saying, "Why is it not instant noodles or bread? I want to eat meat!"


Helplessly, He Gu said, "The dormitory gate is closed at this hour. Let's just make do for today. I'll go to the cafeteria and buy you some chicken tomorrow."


Suddenly, Little Yin said, "Does the cafeteria have roasted pigeon? Or roasted quail is fine too. I suddenly crave bird meat."


As she spoke, Little Yin intentionally or unintentionally glanced at the birdcage hanging on the side and licked her lips.


He Gu quickly stepped forward to block Little Yin's line of sight with his body, smiling bitterly, "The school cafeteria doesn't have those things. If it's not possible, I'll buy you some chicken tomorrow."


Little Yin pouted with little interest, suddenly showing a mischievous smile, "Can't you let me have something meaty?"


He Gu's head was spinning, quickly changing the subject, "Do you want to eat instant noodles? Shall I make it for you?"


Little Yin shook her head, "I don't want to eat instant noodles, I'll eat bread."


He Gu nodded and took out a pack of instant noodles to cook.


Little Yin took a piece of bread and sat on the bed, swinging her long legs while playing with her phone.


He Gu sat on the bed opposite her, absentmindedly scrolling through his phone while waiting for the instant noodles to cook.


The dormitory became quiet for a while, and neither of them spoke.


Until He Gu finished eating the instant noodles, Little Yin was still leisurely looking at her phone and nibbling on the bread.


Remembering the rule in the dormitory building that cleanliness must be maintained, He Gu packed up the instant noodle box and did a simple cleaning.


After doing all this, it was already half past nine.


However, just as He Gu was about to go to sleep and wait for the day to break, Little Yin suddenly spoke again, "I'm so bored."


"Can you watch a thrilling movie with me?"


He Gu: ???


This is too much!


You've been parading around in your nightgown in front of me, and now you want me to watch that kind of movie with you?!


This enchantress really wants to drive me to death!


He Gu shouted in his heart, feeling indignant, but he couldn't refuse her because of the rules, his expression became extremely conflicted.


Seeing He Gu's conflicted expression, Little Yin chuckled, "I meant a horror movie! What were you thinking?"


He Gu: "Ahem… I was thinking of a horror movie too."


Little Yin: "Tsk, if you have any other thrilling movies, I don't mind watching them with you."


He Gu: "No, absolutely not!"




In this way, He Gu reluctantly sat next to Little Yin and watched a horror movie with her on her phone.


In fact, He Gu couldn't focus at all, and after watching for a while, he couldn't even tell who the main character was.


Mainly because from the beginning of the movie, Little Yin held onto He Gu's arm the whole time, hiding half of her body behind him.


He Gu's breathing became erratic.


"Calm down… calm down… this is a world of strange tales…"


Throughout the process, He Gu kept silently reciting this sentence in his mind, so as not to lose his sanity.


Fortunately, He Gu saw the hidden rule in the dormitory building: desires would be amplified in the dormitory.


With this understanding, He Gu subconsciously became more cautious, weakening the effect of amplified desires to some extent.


However, players from other countries were not so lucky.At the same time, the players from the other five surviving countries in this instance were all in the dormitory, watching horror movies with Little Yin.


Some of them hadn't even left the dormitory up until now.


Even though their countries had seen the other two rules discovered by He Gu through China's live broadcast room and had already informed them through prompt messages, only He Gu could see the hidden information.


Therefore, except for He Gu, everyone else still didn't know that emotions and desires would be amplified in the dormitory.


Caught off guard, coupled with the ambiguous atmosphere in the dormitory, someone quickly fell victim.


The first to have a problem was Michael, the player from the USA.


Michael had not left the dormitory all day, and all his emotions and desires were being continuously amplified.


After watching the horror movie for a few minutes, Michael quickly lost his sanity, even forgetting that he was in a world of strange tales.


Halfway through the horror movie, Michael finally couldn't hold back.


With Michael's loss of control, the dormitory was instantly splattered with blood…


Inside the USA's live broadcast room, the audience only saw a screen full of crimson, and then the live broadcast screen went black.


In addition to Michael, a player from Brazil also couldn't withstand the feeling of desire swelling, and ultimately met his end.


As of now, including He Gu, only four players who entered this instance were still alive…

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