Chapter 70 – Get the black cat’s blood! He Gu’s progress has been overtaken?


The black cat lazily leaned against the wall, a pair of orange eyes exuding an indescribable aura.

He Gu was stunned for a moment when he locked eyes with the black cat.

After two seconds of being stunned, He Gu’s heart immediately filled with joy.

A black cat!

It’s really a lucky encounter!

To have such an unexpected gain after sneaking out like this!

After coming to his senses, He Gu immediately took out the half piece of “medicine skin” he had hidden in his pocket, tore off a small piece, and carefully placed it on the ground in front of him.

The moment He Gu took out the medicine skin, the black cat’s eyes lit up, and it approached impatiently, sniffing carefully.

Then, the black cat couldn’t wait to open its mouth and swallow the “medicine skin.”

After the “medicine skin” went down, the black cat immediately began to sway as if it were drunk, and in a few seconds, it fell to the ground and fell asleep!

According to Old Ma, it will be unconscious for 10 seconds!

He Gu only had 10 seconds!

At the moment the black cat fell, He Gu immediately grabbed one of the cat’s paws and injected it.

However, He Gu was inexperienced in this matter, and he was quite nervous, so the needle probably didn’t hit a blood vessel. Only a little blood came out and he couldn’t draw any more.

Feeling anxious, He Gu took a deep breath, quickly removed the needle, and then, imitating the way he had seen a veterinarian give a pet an injection, he found a spot on the black cat’s “arm” where there was probably a blood vessel and injected it.

This time, he probably hit a blood vessel, because as soon as the needle went in, a bright red blood oozed out.

However, it seemed that He Gu had pierced too deeply and punctured the blood vessel, so the syringe’s plunger was still stuck and couldn’t be drawn.

Seeing that 10 seconds were about to pass, He Gu didn’t have time to think too much. He simply pulled out the needle, placed it at the bleeding spot, and sucked the blood that naturally flowed out of the needle eye.

Soon, half of the syringe was filled with blood.

At the same time, the black cat also slowly opened its eyes, let out a sharp cry, broke free from He Gu’s hand, and instantly disappeared into the darkness nearby.

He Gu looked at the black cat blood in the syringe in his hand and let out a deep sigh. This should be enough.

After that, He Gu bent the needle on the ground to seal the empty tube inside the needle to prevent the blood from being accidentally squeezed out, and then carefully wrapped the syringe and put it in his pocket.

After doing all this, He Gu picked up his phone and checked the time. It was now 00:09.

Without further delay, He Gu ran towards the direction of the security department.

The location of the No. 3 administrative building is between the warehouse area and the security department. Starting from here, He Gu could reach the security department at full speed in just seven or eight minutes.

Soon, He Gu saw the two-story building of the security department from a distance.

However, to He Gu’s surprise, at this time, a group of security guards in uniform were gathering in front of the security department, and at least forty to fifty people could be seen at a glance.

He Gu didn’t dare to get too close and hid behind a flower bed, watching from a distance.

After the security guards finished gathering, they split into teams of four and walked in different directions, patrolling around the neighboring “core area”!

After everyone had left, only one person was left in the security department.

This person was not wearing a security uniform, but a blue work uniform. He walked into the only open office and sat at the desk, reading a small booklet.

And on that desk was the storage cabinet No. 315 that He Gu had been thinking about.

Seeing this scene, He Gu felt a sinking feeling in his heart and sighed helplessly.

He had thought that the security department would be more relaxed at night, but now it seemed even more dangerous at night!

In this situation, even if He Gu upgraded to the blue level, he couldn’t enter the office to open storage cabinet No. 315.

It seemed that he could only figure out a way during the day. At least there would be no one in that office during the day!

While thinking about this, He Gu looked at the time and observed for a while.

At the moment when the time reached 00:30, He Gu stood up and started running back.

If conditions allowed, He Gu wouldn’t mind staying here for a few more hours to see if he could find out the security department’s shift change routine.

But he had come out on “bathroom break” leave, and even though the No. 3 administrative building was a considerable distance from the warehouse area, being out for 40 minutes was already the limit.

Now, He Gu had been out for almost half an hour and still needed some time to return.

As He Gu ran back, Blue Star.

The strange talk live broadcast room of China had become the focus of attention worldwide for several days in a row. Even at this moment, countless people were staying up late to watch the live broadcast of He Gu running.However, at this time, the popularity of France’s supernatural live stream was frighteningly high, with the number of viewers even surpassing that of China’s live stream.

In the live stream from France, the chosen French challenger Ektor was holding a piece of “medicine skin” and walking towards the pile of wooden crates in the storeroom.

The story actually began a few hours earlier.

In the morning, He Gu received a hint from Old Ma, along with a note and a piece of mirror left by him, and learned about the method to “counter-kill” the supervisor.

This was a plot twist unique to He Gu, as no other challengers from any other country had encountered the character Old Ma.

However, how could the supernatural incident response organizations of various countries remain indifferent after seeing such crucial information on He Gu’s side?

Therefore, this afternoon, many countries chose to use the hint information to convey the core message to their own challengers within the limited number of words.

Ektor was not the only challenger who received the hint information, but he was the only one who had made all the preparations so far.

It must be said that Ektor was indeed lucky; after receiving the hint, he managed to complete the entire process of taking the “medicine skin” from the canteen, preparing tools, encountering a black cat by chance, and successfully drawing its blood, all within a few hours.

Although the tool he prepared was an empty small medicine bottle that had contained the white medicine skin, and he had used his teeth to bite the black cat’s arm to get half a bottle of blood…

Now, Ektor finally saw his opportunity, holding the “medicine skin” and walking to the side of the pile of goods, ready to choose a crate and negotiate with its contents.

This was the most important step in the plan to counter-kill the supervisor, to persuade the thing inside the crate to help restrain the supervisor!

At this moment, the live stream chat in France’s supernatural channel was boiling over.

“Oh my God! I can’t believe Ektor is going to be the first one to reach this stage!”

“By Zeus, it looks like we in France might become the first country to clear the challenge!”

“Hahaha… This is too dramatic, the Chinese contestant was the first to get the information, and now he’s still running around cluelessly, while Ektor is about to take down the supervisor!”

“I have to admire Ektor’s courage and wisdom!”

Amidst a barrage of comments in various languages, on the screen, Ektor had already walked up to a wooden crate and squatted down in front of it.

Ektor shook the medicine skin in his hand and then spoke, “My friend, I guess you’ll like this thing.”

“I had to take that damned medicine today, so I can’t hear you speak, but that doesn’t prevent us from reaching an agreement.”

Ektor continued, confidently swinging the medicine skin in his hand: “In a moment, I’ll let you out, and then you help me restrain my supervisor. After I take him down, this thing is yours!”

“If you agree to this plan, then please knock on the crate.”

After saying this, Ektor confidently looked at the wooden crate in front of him.

However, the entire storeroom was dead silent, with no movement, and no sound of the crate being knocked.

A few seconds after Ektor waited, he frowned and tentatively patted the crate: “My friend, are you there?”

As soon as these words were spoken, a burst of blood-red light shot out from the cracks in the wooden planks of the crate, enveloping Ektor.

The next second, the live stream from France’s supernatural channel plunged into darkness…

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