Chapter 71 – Last chance for a reminder! Is someone singing?

The dark live broadcast interface was filled with countless barrage comments.

“Oh, damn! What happened!?”

“What was that just now? How did things suddenly turn out like this…?”

“Damn! He was attacked by something eerie!”

“Oh my god! Wasn’t it said that as long as you promise to give the thing in the box a piece of your skin, you can exchange it for help? Why did this happen!?”

“This is too sudden! How could it turn out like this!?”

“Damn it! That guy from China tricked us!”

“We’re done for, are we going to be invaded by something eerie again…?”

“I think it’s not that the guy from China tricked us, but that he himself was also tricked. This information is problematic!”

“No, there’s a rule that says if someone in the box speaks, never answer! Ektor violated the rule and died!”

“But just now, there was clearly no one speaking in the box!”

“Because Ektor took the medicine, so he couldn’t hear the person in the box speaking, and his actions were considered as answering the thing in the box!”

“Damn it! How do we reach a consensus with the thing in the box without speaking to it!?”

“This is a trap! It must be a trap!”


Paranormal Event Command Center.

The screen on the big screen was split in half at this moment, one half showing He Gu running back, and the other half was a black screen.

The members of the elite team looked at each other.

“So… is the information left by Old Ma problematic? Is this a trap?”

“No, Ektor should have violated the rule and died, so it can be seen that answering the voice in the box leads to instant death… As for the method left by Old Ma, it may not be false, but it may require other methods to avoid this rule…”

“I agree with this speculation. There are always hidden traps and mysteries in the steps to clear the game. This is a common trick in the paranormal world.”

“But how can we reach a consensus with the thing in the box without violating the rule?”

“Maybe we need other clues… Anyway, we must inform He Gu of this situation, otherwise he will also be in danger!”

“Indeed, He Gu has already obtained the black cat’s blood. Maybe when he returns to the storage room, he will find a way to communicate with the thing in the box!”

“We only have one last chance to send a hint to He Gu…”

“It’s better than someone dying and the hint opportunity being wasted!”

“Agreed, it’s a matter of life and death. Let’s send him a hint first.”

The paranormal world.

He Gu, panting, ran back to the No. 3 administrative building. As a precaution, he chose to climb back in through the window on the first floor.

In the bathroom, He Gu leaned against the wall to catch his breath, and suddenly a piece of text appeared before his eyes:

【A challenger from another country suddenly died while communicating with “it” in the box, suspected of violating Rule 3, Article 3! This matter needs to be approached in a different way, do not act blindly!】

Seeing this hint, He Gu was slightly stunned, then suddenly realized.

Rule 3, Article 3: If you hear someone speaking in the box, never answer; this is another instant death rule marked by The Eye of Truth.

If it weren’t for the prompt from the command center, He Gu almost forgot about this step!

But how can he cooperate with the thing in the box without speaking to it?

Communicate with it by writing on paper?

Or is there a special condition that needs to be met?

Furrowing his brow in thought for a while, He Gu glanced at the time, then turned and walked out of the bathroom.

It was almost past one o’clock, and the supervisor’s weak period was about to end, so it was too late to take action tonight.

He could only go back and think of a way to solve this problem.

Thinking this, He Gu slightly quickened his pace as he walked out of the No. 3 administrative building and headed straight for the internal storage area.

On the way back, He Gu only slightly hastened his steps, not choosing to run, as no one would be in such a hurry after “solving an urgent matter.”

He had to play the part properly.

Soon, He Gu returned to the internal storage area feeling relaxed.

He Gu noticed that when he entered the gate, the security guard sitting at the entrance quickly wrote a few words in the registration book.

Seeing the guard’s actions, He Gu went over and greeted him, “What are you writing, buddy?”

As he spoke, He Gu’s gaze had already glanced at the registration book on the table.

There were a few lines of scribbled records in the registration book, indicating who went out at what time, and who came back at what time, and so on.

Among them was a record related to He Gu: [444 storage staff/Left at 00:06/Returned at 00:49]

Seeing this record, He Gu looked at the registration book, then glanced at the security guard sitting in the rocking chair.

The guard was wearing a coat, and his hat almost covered half of his face. Without looking up, he waved his hand at He Gu, “Hurry up and go in, don’t hang around in front of me.”

The guard’s voice was hoarse, as if there was phlegm stuck in his throat when he spoke.

He Gu gave the guard a strange look, but didn’t say anything more, and turned back to his own post.

Just as he arrived at the door of Warehouse 44, He Gu saw 414, who was sitting at his desk like a bandit, smoking a cigarette and playing with the old portable radio.

At this moment, the radio was playing a late-night emotional counseling program, with a magnetic male host comforting a weeping caller.

Seeing He Gu return, 414 casually flicked the cigarette butt, and with a smirk, said, “Buddy, you’ve been squatting in the toilet for quite a while. I’ve been covering for you here for almost an hour.”

He Gu took the radio from his hand with a cold face, removed the battery neatly, and replied, “Upset stomach, took a while.”

“You can go back to your post now.”414 snickered, standing up as he spoke, “Nice radio you’ve got there, mind if I play with it for a bit?”

He Gu frowned, “This is company property, I can’t lend it to you.”

414 was unconcerned, “Is that so? Why don’t I have one in my storeroom?”

As he spoke, 414 approached with a smirk, reaching out to grab the radio from He Gu’s hands.

Standing a head taller than He Gu and with a bulkier frame, 414’s presence was quite oppressive.

However, He Gu’s temper flared at this provocative gesture, and he recalled what his supervisor had said, “Whether it’s a person or something else, they all bully the weak and fear the strong. You have to be fiercer than them, and they’ll be scared of you.”

With that, He Gu pushed 414’s hand away from the radio and met his gaze without showing weakness, “You can go back to your post now.”

414 seemed taken aback by He Gu’s assertiveness, and after a two-second pause, he burst into laughter.

“Alright, I’m leaving.”

With those words, 414 walked past He Gu towards the door.

Yet, just as he reached the doorway, 414’s steps halted.

“Did you hear that… someone singing?”

414 suddenly turned around with a peculiar expression and asked.

Upon hearing this, He Gu almost reflexively recalled Rule Number 7: 【7. No one sings at night, no one sings, no one sings!】

“You’re crazy, who would be singing in the middle of the night!”

He Gu retorted without any courtesy.

However, as soon as he finished speaking, He Gu heard a faint woman’s voice from outside.

The voice was distant, lilting and indistinct.

And indeed, it sounded like singing…

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