Chapter 69 – Test

At the door of Warehouse 45, 414, with a fierce look on his face, chewed on a pill while staring at He Gu.

He Gu’s headache and nausea were gradually worsening, and seeing 414 blocking the door, he felt the urge to curse.

After all the commotion, was this guy just here to supervise him taking his medicine?!

He Gu suddenly remembered that Old Ma had instructed him that if the supervisor noticed anything unusual, they wouldn’t directly intervene, but would find other ways to force him to take the medicine.

It seemed that this was coming true!

Being stared at so closely, He Gu couldn’t make any sneaky moves.

After a moment of hesitation, he decisively took out the medicine bottle and swallowed a pill.

In this forced situation, he had to take the medicine, and taking one or two pills wasn’t a big problem.

As soon as the pill went down, He Gu’s symptoms of headache and nausea immediately subsided.

He Gu let out a sigh of relief and looked at 414 expressionlessly, “Can you smoke further away? It’s bothering me.”


414 smirked defiantly and took a few steps to the side, but showed no intention of leaving.

He Gu frowned and ignored him, sitting on the chair lost in thought.

Old Ma had said that the supervisor would find a way to force him to take the medicine, and it seemed that this new guy, 414, was the “way”.

But He Gu vaguely felt that things were not that simple.

The supervisor had gone to great lengths to bring in such a “tough” new colleague just to supervise him taking the medicine?

Would tonight… pass so peacefully?

If… something special happened again tonight, and he found a way to get rid of 414, how would the supervisor respond?

Would they turn against him and get rid of him?

He Gu was uncertain.

He still hadn’t obtained the black cat blood, and if the supervisor turned against him, he would have almost no chance of winning.

He Gu sat in the chair, organizing his thoughts, while 414 outside continued to smoke one after another, staring at He Gu unashamedly.

To be honest, being stared at by such a fierce-looking guy made He Gu feel a little uneasy.

The two sides remained deadlocked.

Time passed second by second.

It wasn’t until 414’s pack of cigarettes was finished that he finally left.

After 414 left, He Gu picked up his phone and checked the time. It was already 11:54.

The medicine had been taken for almost two hours, so it was impossible to vomit it out now.

Thinking about this, He Gu felt a sense of urgency.

He had to find a way to solve this problem, otherwise, if 414 came to watch him take the medicine every night, what then?

If there were similar disturbances next door tonight, could he take the opportunity to “deal with” 414?

But judging from the situation, 414 didn’t seem like he would give him the chance.

Even if he did, He Gu probably wouldn’t be his match, and it was uncertain who would ultimately be “dealt with”.

He Gu sighed helplessly, unable to think of a good solution, and could only adapt to the situation for now.

At this moment, He Gu looked at his phone again and saw that it was already past midnight.

He Gu looked outside the warehouse and saw a blurry figure sitting in the darkness at the opposite door, a cigarette flickering on and off. The night shift security guard was still there.

He Gu got up and started to move his body, walking towards the depths of the warehouse. Soon, he was in the blind spot of the security guard’s vision.

Then, He Gu moved a wooden box that was stacked in the warehouse to a position where it would fall with a gentle push.

After doing this, He Gu picked up the walkie-talkie and hurriedly shouted, “Supervisor, supervisor!”

“Ouch… my stomach hurts, please come and check the warehouse, I need to go to the bathroom!”

Two seconds later, there was a quick response on the walkie-talkie, “Zi… sha sha… received, you go, I’ll have 414 come over to watch for you.”

He Gu frowned slightly and pressed the walkie-talkie again, “Okay, supervisor, I seem to have a bit of diarrhea today, so it might take me a while…”

The supervisor responded again, “Sha sha… okay, you go quickly!”

In the meantime, the fierce 414 had already arrived at the door of Warehouse 44, “Brother, I heard you have a stomach ache, the supervisor asked me to come and watch for you.”

He Gu nodded, “Yes, yes, you watch for me, I’ll go to the bathroom.”

As he spoke, He Gu ran out while holding his stomach, “accidentally” bumping into the wooden box next to him.

The wooden box, which had just been moved by him, immediately fell from the pile of goods and landed heavily on the ground.

He Gu looked “unable to hold it in” and hurriedly said, “Oh… I can’t take it anymore, buddy, can you help me with this…”

414 glanced at the one-meter-square wooden box on the ground and nodded, “Okay, you go quickly.”

As he spoke, He Gu ran out of the door while holding his stomach.

However, after leaving the door, He Gu’s movements slowed down, and he casually looked back inside the warehouse.

Inside the warehouse, 414 picked up the wooden box that had fallen to the ground and forcefully put it back in place.

Seeing this, He Gu’s heart tightened, and he turned and ran quietly towards the outer gate of the warehouse area.

The warehouse area was where the raw materials were stored, so there couldn’t possibly be a bathroom.The staff handbook’s map indicated that the nearest public restroom was in the adjacent No. 6 administrative building, which was the same building He Gu had visited on his first day to complete his onboarding process.

Clutching his stomach, He Gu jogged out of the inner warehouse area’s main gate, casting a casual glance at the night shift security guard rocking in his chair.

The guard, wearing the large cap from his security uniform, didn’t even lift his head as he scribbled a few words in the logbook on the table.

He Gu played his part to the hilt, clutching his stomach as he dashed straight for the No. 3 administrative building in the neighboring district.

The administrative building was at least a fifteen-minute walk from the inner warehouse area, but under He Gu’s “can’t hold it in” sprint, he made it in just six or seven minutes.

At this time, only a few windows in the entire building were still lit, and while the first-floor lobby was brightly lit, no one was in sight except for the two security guards at the entrance.

He Gu charged into the building and quickly found the restroom on the first floor, diving into it.

Once inside the restroom, He Gu made sure all the stalls were empty before he stopped to catch his breath, leaning on his knees.

He Gu had two purposes for staging this act.

First, he wanted to lure the supervisor over to test whether he was indeed entering a period of weakness between midnight and one o’clock, as Old Ma had mentioned.

Unfortunately, the supervisor had 414 block him, but the supervisor’s reluctance to show up could also be because this time was his period of weakness.

And He Gu had another purpose for running out at this time.

He wanted to check out the security department to understand their night duty situation, laying the groundwork for his subsequent actions.

After resting in the restroom for a few minutes, He Gu opened the window to take a look outside, then climbed straight out from the window.

Just as he landed, He Gu heard a cat’s meow.

Turning his head, he saw a black cat squinting its amber eyes, looking at He Gu with cold indifference…

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