Chapter 65 – Lock found!

After reading the contents of the note, He Gu frowned and fell into contemplation.

The message conveyed by Old Ma to He Gu was simple: if nothing was done, the only outcomes would be “being eaten” or “being disposed of.”

To survive, there was only one way: to eat someone in a blue shirt and take their place.

The note mentioned that as long as he turned into someone in a blue shirt, there would be no danger of being eaten for at least half a month.

If all of this was true, then there was a chance to meet the condition of “surviving for 15 days.”

But in that case, did He Gu really have to eat someone?

To be honest, He Gu had thought before that he would do anything to survive.

But when faced with this problem… there was still a psychological barrier that was hard to overcome.

“We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. When it’s absolutely necessary, I’ll do whatever it takes. Nothing is more important than staying alive!”

He Gu muttered to himself, relieving the psychological pressure.

Regardless, if the supervisor really wanted to eat him, He Gu would have to find a way to get rid of the supervisor in order to survive.

As for what to do after getting rid of the supervisor… He Gu didn’t want to face that problem right now.

Taking a deep breath, He Gu shook his head to temporarily push this unpleasant problem to the back of his mind and focused on other issues.

“According to Old Ma, in order to get rid of the supervisor, I need to prepare the medicine skin and black cat blood first…”

“The rules say that when you see a black cat, you must leave immediately… but this rule might be false, and even if it’s true, it’s not an instant death rule, so there’s room for maneuver…”

“It’s just that I don’t know when I’ll encounter a black cat, so I’ll have to spend more time in the factory when I have nothing to do…”

“Right, in order to collect black cat blood, I need to prepare tools and containers first, otherwise, even if I encounter a black cat, I won’t be able to collect the blood…”

He Gu lay on the bed, calculating one thing after another. It was probably because he had been under a lot of mental stress during this time that he fell asleep without realizing it.

At the same time.

Blue Star, Paranormal Event Command Center in China.

Each member was busy with their own tasks, and the entire command center was shrouded in a tense atmosphere.

At this moment, a member suddenly exclaimed excitedly, “Found it! Found the lock that can be opened with a four-sided key!”

As soon as this was said, everyone in the room was invigorated, looking excitedly in that direction.

Several members around him also crowded over, asking, “Old Zhao found it? Where is it!?”

Old Zhao excitedly pointed at the screen in front of him, “In the locker! It’s on the locker!”

The screen was showing the footage of He Gu at the locker in front of Building 3 not long ago. At this moment, the video was paused, and a red square was marked by the recognition system on the locker numbered “315” behind He Gu.

Old Zhao quickly tapped on the keyboard, and the image was enlarged. After being processed for clarity, the lock inside the red square was clearly displayed.

This lock was not an ordinary lock; it was a “cross-shaped” lock core, which perfectly matched the four-sided key that Zhang Chao had sent to He Gu!

The team leader next to him also became excited when he saw this, “It’s actually here!? Is there a way to confirm if this is the lock corresponding to the key in He Gu’s hand?”

Old Zhao said in a deep voice, “We’ve already used the recognition system to establish a model based on optical effects for comparison. However, the video was not taken in full daylight, and the lighting was not sufficient. Even with the latest spectral technology, it may not be possible to fully analyze the structure of the lock core. We don’t know what the result will be…”

As soon as he said this, the people around him quieted down, staring at the screen patiently.

On the screen, the system extracted the image of the lock core, and then adjusted the brightness and contrast little by little. As the image was enlarged, the situation inside the lock core became clearer…

After more than ten minutes, a three-dimensional model of the internal structure of the lock core was established.

However, only the part close to the lock core was clear, and the rest was blurry.

There was also a three-dimensional model of a four-sided key next to it, and the comparison showed a match rate of 45%.

Seeing this result, Old Zhao pushed up his glasses and said in a deep voice, “Due to the lighting conditions, the system could only collect the spectral refraction of the front 1.7 centimeters of the lock core. Therefore, the model that was established is only clear in this section.”

“What’s worth noting is that the four-sided key in He Gu’s hand has an insertion length of 3.71 centimeters, and the depth of the lock core of this lock is also 3.71 centimeters.”

“The comparison of the models shows that the 1.7 centimeters from the lock core inward matches the 1.7 centimeters at the base of the key.”

“Because only this 1.7 centimeters of the lock core model was obtained, the system only gave a match rate of 45%.”

After saying this, Old Zhao took a deep breath, “Although we were unable to establish a complete model of the lock core for comparison, based on this situation, it can almost be determined that this lock is indeed the one corresponding to the four-sided key in He Gu’s hand!”

After Old Zhao finished speaking, the command center quieted down for a moment, and then there was a lively buzz as everyone’s faces showed excitement, discussing the content related to the instance.

The gray-haired leader of the command center pondered for a moment and then nodded, “It’s already very good to get results with this level of accuracy. We can’t send a message to He Gu asking him to go back and recollect the spectral model of the lock core. It’s better to let him try the key himself.”

“Send a prompt message to He Gu, tell him this news, and also organize some other clues or deductions to send to him. This is the second prompt message we’ve used in this instance. Don’t waste the opportunity, fill the message with as much information as possible.”Tales of the Strange.

He Gu was sleeping in a daze on his bed when he suddenly heard the sound of glass marbles bouncing on the floor with a “tinkling” noise.

Immediately after, He Gu jolted awake, only to find himself in an endless expanse of darkness.

Before He Gu, a little girl in a red dress was holding a handful of glass marbles, looking at him with a smile that wasn’t quite a smile.

A chill ran down He Gu’s scalp, and he immediately tried to follow the rule of pressing his back against the wall.

However, looking around, there was only boundless darkness; where could he find a wall?

Just as He Gu was becoming frantic, a large iron pot appeared before him out of nowhere.

The pot was filled with meat, and the thick white broth was bubbling with a “gurgle gurgle,” emitting an enticing aroma.

The little girl scooped up a piece of meat from the pot with a spoon, grinning at He Gu: “Big brother, eat some meat.”

He Gu looked closely and was horrified to find that the piece of meat the girl had scooped from the pot was a human hand, already cooked to the point of bursting skin and flesh…

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