Chapter 66 – The individually guarded storage locker number 315


He Gu took a deep breath and sat up abruptly from the bed.

Looking around, He Gu let out a long sigh of relief.

Thank goodness it was just a dream…

He Gu wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and noticed a piece of text in front of him:

【The lock corresponding to the four-sided key has been found, and it is in storage locker 315; Currently, your plot progress is ahead of everyone else and has many differences, with no reference objects available. Rule one, article 10 is the instant death rule; The challenger from Myanmar accidentally coexisted with a black cat for more than a minute and was not in danger. The challengers from multiple countries have taken medicine and are not in danger.】

The maximum length of each prompt message is 100 characters, and this message also happens to be exactly 100 characters. It is clear that the command center does not want to waste valuable opportunities and wants to provide as much information as possible to He Gu.

Seeing this message, He Gu’s eyes lit up.

The lock corresponding to the key given by Zhang Chao has been found!

This is definitely great news!

This means that He Gu is very likely to obtain some important clues or key items again!

As for rule one, article 10: “Unauthorized entry into restricted areas” is the instant death rule, He Gu already knew that.

It’s the fact that the challenger from Myanmar accidentally coexisted with a black cat for more than a minute and was unharmed that is very useful to He Gu!

Although this alone is not enough to completely determine that the rule about the black cat is false, it at least means that the risk of the plan to take the black cat’s blood has been reduced!

He Gu sat on the bed, organizing this information, and also quickly made himself alert.

A few minutes later, He Gu picked up his phone and checked the time. It was 5:27 in the afternoon, still relatively early.

It’s a good time to go and find storage locker 315 and take a stroll around the factory area.

After getting up, He Gu quickly freshened up and left the house.

Coming out of Building 4, He Gu followed the route he had taken in the morning and arrived in front of Building 3.

However, as soon as he arrived in front of Building 3, He Gu was dumbfounded.

The place where the storage lockers were previously located was now completely bare, with no sign of a single locker.

There were only some screw holes and imprints left on the ground from the long-term placement of the lockers.

He Gu was stunned for a moment, then immediately realized that all the storage lockers here had been removed!

Could it be that the people in white chemical protective suits who came in the morning didn’t find what they were looking for and simply removed all the lockers!?

Thinking of this, He Gu couldn’t help but frown.

It was at this moment that He Gu noticed a piece of A4 paper on the wall next to him.

He Gu leaned over to take a look and found that it was a notice:

【Due to special reasons, all storage lockers in front of Building 3 have been temporarily detained for inspection. Employees with items in the storage lockers are requested to go to the security department to claim them.】

Seeing this notice, He Gu couldn’t help but feel a sinking feeling in his heart.

All the storage lockers have been detained by the security department…

The people in white chemical protective suits in the morning probably came for the things left by Old Ma for He Gu.

And now, it seems that Zhang Chao has also left something for He Gu in the storage locker.

The lockers have already been pried open and inspected, and He Gu doesn’t know what’s inside or whether it might be some kind of contraband.

What if he goes to claim the item and gets “dealt with”?

But Zhang Chao’s note to He Gu mentioned that this key might open the door to the truth…

From this, it is clear that the item in storage locker 315 is very likely to be the key to clearing this instance!

After a moment of hesitation, He Gu decided to go to the security department first.

At the very least, he would go and check it out, find out where the security department is.

If the situation is not right when he gets there, he can always choose not to go in, pretend to pass by, and leave.

Thinking this, He Gu took out his employee handbook and looked at the map, quickly finding the location of the security department.

The security department is located on the southwest side of the factory area, right next to the “core area.”

After shuttling around the factory area for nearly forty minutes, He Gu finally arrived at the entrance of the security department.

It was an old red brick building with only two floors in total.

The first floor was all functional places such as offices, equipment rooms, and control rooms, while the second floor seemed to be the dormitory for the security guards.

A bunch of metal lockers were placed haphazardly in front of this two-story building, and all the lockers showed clear signs of being pried open, but then closed again.

At this moment, many people in green or blue work clothes were cursing and rummaging through their lockers at this place.

Standing next to them was a middle-aged man in a security uniform, holding a notebook and impatiently smoking a cigarette.

After finding their lockers, some employees would open the lockers with their keys, take out their belongings, and then go to the security guard to register before leaving.

Seeing this scene, He Gu was somewhat surprised.

He thought that the security department would strictly guard these lockers, and everyone would have to go through a rigorous inspection and questioning before they could retrieve their belongings. Now it seems… it’s not as troublesome as he thought?

Looking at the loose and chaotic scene, He Gu didn’t hesitate and mixed into the crowd, also rummaging through the pile of metal boxes.

There were over a hundred boxes in total, and they were all now in disarray, making it not easy to find.

He Gu searched through the crowd twice, but still couldn’t find the locker numbered “315.”

What’s going on?

Could it have been lost by them?

He Gu felt a little anxious and searched carefully again.

The result was the same, He Gu found the locker numbered 342 that he had opened in the morning, but he couldn’t find 315.”A33, time for a shift change. Go grab some food; I’ll keep an eye on things here.”

Just as He Gu was growing anxious, the security guard responsible for registration next to him was being relieved.

The middle-aged security guard with the badge A33 nodded, handed over his notebook to his replacement, and then turned to leave.

Before departing, A33 added, “Keep a close watch, everything outside is fine, but that one in the office, the captain gave a direct order, no one is to touch it!”

Hearing this, He Gu was slightly startled and subconsciously turned his head to glance aside.

At this moment, in the red-brick building of the security department, all other rooms had their doors closed, except for one with a “Office” sign hanging on the door, which was open.

He Gu’s position was directly opposite this door. Looking inside the office, there was no one there, but on the desk sat a solitary metal cabinet.

In the top left corner of the cabinet, there was a label with the number: 315.

Seeing this, He Gu’s heart sank immediately.

The locker number 315 had actually been moved into the office for individual safekeeping!

He glanced at the cabinet and noticed a few scratches on it, but there were no signs of it being forced open.

This gave He Gu a slight sense of relief.

Perhaps due to a special lock, those people hadn’t managed to pry open this cabinet?

However, what troubled He Gu was that not only had locker number 315 been placed alone in the office, but there was also a blue square sticker on the doorframe of this office.

This office could only be entered by personnel with a blue level clearance or higher…

PS: Group members mentioned that today is Labor Day, calling for intensified labor, which means an extra update! I thought about it and it seems right. While it’s still not too late today, I’ll write another chapter for everyone, but it might be after 11:30 PM when I finish. Wishing everyone a happy holiday!

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