Chapter 64 – How to eat your supervisor

After leaving Building 3, He Gu didn’t dare to stay for a moment and quickly returned to his dormitory.

By the time he got back to Building 4, the sun had completely risen.

At this time, not only were the night shift workers returning from outside, but the day shift workers were also starting to leave.

There were quite a few people going up and down the stairs in Building 4, giving He Gu a feeling of being in a different world.

He Gu brushed past many people in the narrow stairway and made his way up to the third floor.

Strangely, after passing the third floor, there was no one else in the stairway except for He Gu.

It felt as if the entire fourth floor was occupied by He Gu alone.

Standing at the entrance of the fourth-floor stairway, He Gu looked around the dim corridor with suspicion.

The entire corridor was quiet and still, shrouded in silence.

This made He Gu’s scalp tingle.

Just as He Gu was hesitating in the corridor, the door of Room 407 next to him creaked open.

A man in a blue work uniform walked out, pushed up his glasses, glanced at He Gu, and brushed past him, heading downstairs.

Seeing this, He Gu finally breathed a sigh of relief.

It seemed that he was not the only one living on the fourth floor, but there just happened to be no one coming in or out at the moment.

Feeling slightly relieved, He Gu stepped into the corridor and walked towards his dormitory.

Soon, He Gu arrived at the door of the dormitory with the number “444” posted on it.

He took out his key, opened the door, and as soon as he pushed it open, He Gu suddenly heard the sound of “drip, drip…” coming from inside the room.

This was… the sound of glass beads falling to the ground!

Hearing this sound, He Gu’s whole body stiffened, and he thought of the little girl in the red dress.

But by now, He Gu had already pushed the door open and couldn’t react in any other way.

In the blink of an eye, He Gu didn’t even have time to look inside the room, and immediately reached out to switch on the light.

The dim light in the room flickered a few times and then lit up quickly.

Only then did He Gu dare to look inside the room.

The dormitory was quiet, with no signs of anything unusual, and no trace of the little girl in the red dress.

Seeing this, He Gu let out a long sigh.

No, this was too torturous. Who knows when that little girl in the red dress might appear again.

I wonder if I can apply for a change of dormitory?

As He Gu thought to himself, he walked into the room and closed the door.

In fact, the light was a bit unnecessary at this point.

The sun had already risen, and the golden morning light was shining through the window of the dormitory.

The room was already quite bright, and the dim yellow light on the ceiling only added a little extra brightness to the room.

Even so, He Gu still didn’t dare to turn off the light. He sat on the bed, rubbed his cheeks, and then took out the small box he had brought back from the storage locker in Room 342.

The box, about the size of a cell phone, was opened, and a transparent plastic sheet the size of an egg fell out.

He Gu picked up the plastic sheet and looked at it carefully. It seemed to be a lens from the glasses worn by those men in blue uniforms!

Looking at the lens, He Gu felt a surge of joy. Could this be the kind of lens he was looking for?

He Gu held the lens in front of his eyes and saw that his skin appeared slightly yellow through the lens, with a faint tendency to turn bluish-gray.

It really was that kind of lens!

After that, He Gu looked carefully again and found a piece of paper in the box.

He took out the paper and saw that it was covered with writing, clearly Old Ma’s handwriting.

[I don’t have much time left, and I might even be completely contaminated by the time I meet you.

I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to tell you when we meet, so I’ve left this backup plan to avoid any accidents.

I can’t give you my glasses, as it would cause even more trouble. The lens in the box has the same effect. I hope it will allow you to see some different things.

Remember to keep it hidden on you and don’t let anyone find it!

Also, the white pills in the bottle and the medicine skins in the cafeteria are not completely inedible. You can take some when necessary, either to maintain your own balance or to confuse them…

As for your supervisor, you can judge for yourself when he might try to harm you.

Use the lens in the box to observe yourself. If more than half of your face turns white, then you are a delicious fruit in his eyes, and when he eats you depends on how patient he is in waiting for you to ripen further.

And if more than half of your face turns brown, then he will give up eating you, but at the same time, he will find a way to get rid of you. Be careful at all times!

If you persist in not taking the pills or the medicine skins, then in just three days, your face will turn completely bluish-gray. If it really comes to that, don’t worry about anything else, just run.

Of course, you still have one way out.

Find an opportunity to eat your supervisor and take his place in the blue work uniform.

In that case, you will win yourself half a month of survival space, and at least for half a month, you won’t be in danger of being eaten.

As for how to eat your supervisor, it’s actually not difficult at all.Between midnight and 1 a.m. is the period of weakness for all those in blue attire; this is your only chance.

First, you need to figure out a way to sneak some medicinal bark out of the cafeteria, then find a black cat. Just give the bark to it, and after the black cat consumes the bark, it will faint for 10 seconds. You must obtain some of its fresh blood within those 10 seconds.

But remember, only take a little blood; do not endanger its life or health.

Once you have the black cat’s blood, keep some medicinal bark for a trade with the contents of the box.

You just need to promise it a bit of the bark in exchange for its help in distracting the supervisor.

Find an opportunity during your supervisor’s period of weakness to smash the box, then have the supervisor deal with it.

The thing inside the box can hold the supervisor’s attention for a short while. During this time, you need to slash the supervisor’s brow and smear the black cat’s blood on the wound.

Once you’ve done all this, he will become your fruit.

You needn’t have any psychological barriers, nor do you need to worry about not having the heart to do it.

When the time comes, you’ll find yourself unable to resist the urge to devour him, trust me.

One last reminder: only act when you are fully confident, as you only get one chance.

If you fail, you will be dealt with immediately.

Even if you break the box and do not lay a hand on him, he will not hesitate to dispose of you.

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