Chapter 59 – The rules have loopholes? Clean up

Inside warehouse 45.

He Gu stood by the delivery port, still catching his breath.

In front of him, the supervisor, with a grim expression, grabbed 445 by the collar and frowned, “You can’t even handle a newcomer?”

He Gu replied breathlessly, “I was about to subdue him, but then I slipped and he pinned me down.”

He deliberately didn’t mention the black shadow that leaped out of the wooden box, as the supervisor probably thought He Gu couldn’t see what was inside the box.

The supervisor’s frown deepened at his words. He glanced at 445, then turned to look at the broken wooden box.

After taking a look inside the gap of the wooden box, the supervisor’s expression grew even darker, a hint of anger flashing in his eyes.

Next, He Gu saw the supervisor angrily dragging 445 to the delivery port, and with one hand, he pushed his head into the port.

He Gu’s heart skipped a beat as he nervously watched the scene.

Two seconds later, He Gu smelled a strong smell of blood, just like the one he had smelled before.

After another second, 445’s head suddenly exploded.

Blood splattered all over the delivery port, even a few drops landed on He Gu.

“Damn it!”

He Gu was startled by the bloody scene and looked at the supervisor in horror.

The supervisor glanced coldly at He Gu and said, “He’s contaminated and must be disposed of.”

With that, the supervisor casually threw 445’s body to the ground and then turned to look at He Gu, “Be careful from now on. If I’m a few seconds late again tonight, it might be you who gets disposed of!”

Then, the supervisor wiped the blood off his hands and picked up the walkie-talkie, shouting, “Warehouse 45, clear the inventory.”

The walkie-talkie made a few crackling sounds, then fell silent.

The supervisor turned to look at He Gu and said sternly, “Go back to your post. You’re not allowed to leave the warehouse until the end of your shift.”

Watching the supervisor’s grim face, He Gu nodded and turned to leave.

Back in warehouse 44, He Gu finally let out a long breath.

When facing the supervisor just now, He Gu had a feeling that he might be the next one to be “disposed of.”

Sitting back in his chair, He Gu took a long time to calm himself down and began to think rationally about tonight’s situation.

After a little thought, He Gu keenly realized a problem.

Rule two, first clause: Never stick your head into the delivery port!

The Eye of Truth had marked this as an instant death rule for He Gu.

However, He Gu had just had his head pushed into the delivery port by 445 and miraculously survived.

Why was that?

Was The Eye of Truth malfunctioning?

Was this rule not actually an instant death rule?


The Paranormal Event Command Center of China had also mentioned in the information sent to He Gu that this rule was an instant death rule.

From this, it could be inferred that other challengers had actively or passively violated this rule.

So why was he able to survive?

Was it because his head was pushed into the port by someone else, not actively sticking his head in, so it didn’t count as a violation of the rule?

No, 445 was also pushed into the port by the supervisor, and then he died.

He Gu closed his eyes and carefully recalled the events in warehouse 45 just now.

Because of the tense situation, He Gu was almost in a state of physiological stress, and his perception of many details was actually blurred.

Now, thinking back carefully, He Gu quickly remembered that he had smelled a strong smell of blood when his head was in the delivery port.

And later, when 445 was “disposed of” by the supervisor, He Gu also smelled the same blood.

Wait a minute…

He Gu suddenly remembered a detail. When his head was pushed into the delivery port, he actually only stayed there for a brief moment, no more than two seconds at most.

Then 445 was pulled away by the supervisor, and He Gu immediately got up and left the delivery port.

And 445, when pushed into the port by the supervisor, did not die immediately. He probably stayed in the port for three or four seconds before dying.

In other words, sticking your head into the delivery port was an instant death rule, but it wasn’t instantaneous!?

But if that’s the case… does this rule have a loophole or room for maneuver?

As He Gu was thinking, he suddenly heard a car horn.

Following the sound, he saw a white small truck and a black van driving into the warehouse area one after the other.

Soon, both vehicles stopped at the door of warehouse 45 next door.

He Gu sat at the door of warehouse 44 and saw a group of people in white hazmat suits getting off the black van.

Some of them were carrying stretchers, some were carrying sprayers on their backs, and some were carrying a metal box in their hands.

These people moved very quickly, and after getting off the car, they went straight into the neighboring warehouse 45.

Before long, there were sounds of knocking and banging coming from next door.

He Gu remembered that the supervisor had said on the walkie-talkie that “Warehouse 45, clear the inventory.” Were these people here to clear the inventory?

But this commotion… why did it sound like construction?

As He Gu was about to sneak a peek at what these people were doing in warehouse 45, the supervisor came out from the neighboring warehouse just as he reached the door of warehouse 44.”Stay in your storeroom, and don’t come out until the end of your shift!”

The supervisor said sternly to He Gu, forcing him to retract the step he was about to take.

For the next while, the supervisor stood outside the storeroom door, seemingly having a quiet conversation with the people in white hazmat suits.

With the supervisor right outside, He Gu had no way to sneak a peek at what was happening in storeroom 45.

And so, the clinking and clanking from next door continued for several hours.

Before long, it was 5:30 PM.

The noise from next door finally ceased.

Soon after, He Gu saw two people in white hazmat suits, each dragging a large, heavy black bag with great effort onto a van.

The van quickly drove away.

Moments later, the remaining people in white hazmat suits began to move boxes from storeroom 45 to a small truck parked at the entrance.

At this time, the supervisor returned to the entrance of storeroom 44, standing there expressionlessly watching the people move the boxes.

He Gu cautiously asked, “Supervisor, where are these goods being moved to?”

Without turning his head, the supervisor replied, “This batch of goods is all contaminated and must be disposed of immediately.”

After a pause, the supervisor turned to glance at He Gu, “You’d better take good care of yourself. I really wouldn’t want to see you being disposed of.”

Upon hearing this, He Gu’s heart skipped a beat, guiltily wondering if the supervisor knew that he hadn’t taken his medication.

The supervisor then said indifferently, “Alright, it’s about time. You can clock out.”

“Go have some breakfast in the cafeteria, and it’s best… try to eat some medicine coating.”

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