Chapter 58 – A matter of life and death



445 stood in front of the pile of goods, with a ferocious expression, stiffly swinging a wrench to smash the wooden boxes in front of him.

“I’ll kill you! I’m going to kill you!”

“Ah ah ah! I’ll kill you!”

Watching 445’s frenzied expression, He Gu’s scalp tingled.

The wooden box had been smashed open by him, leaving a basketball-sized hole, and every time the wrench fell, wood chips flew.

445’s hand was also scratched by the uneven wood chips, blood flowing, staining a large area of the broken box red.

The scene was quite eerie.

He Gu hesitated at the door for a moment, tentatively calling out, “445, what’s wrong with you?”

445 seemed completely unaware of He Gu’s presence, immersed in his own world, continuing to shout “kill you” while smashing the wooden box with the wrench.

He Gu felt a headache coming on.

This couldn’t go on with 445.

But letting He Gu handle it… to be honest, He Gu was afraid of being smashed to death by him.

But if he didn’t handle it, the supervisor said that if there was a problem with 445, He Gu would be “dealt with.”

After hesitating for a few seconds, He Gu took a deep breath and walked up with a determined look on his face. “445! Wake up!”

445 remained unmoved.

He Gu remembered what the supervisor had told him last night, to be tough, as everyone was afraid of tough guys.

Thinking of this, He Gu gritted his teeth and sternly reprimanded, “445! Stop it!”

Perhaps startled by He Gu’s shout, 445’s action of smashing the box came to a halt, and he turned his head to look at He Gu with a confused expression.

It seemed to be effective?

However, before He Gu could be happy, he saw 445’s expression turn ferocious again, and with red eyes, he charged towards He Gu.

“I’ll kill you!”

“I’ll kill you, ahhhh!”

Seeing 445 looking like he was about to fight to the death, He Gu’s heart skipped a beat.

Can’t back down!

Everyone is afraid of tough guys!

He Gu reminded himself in his mind, then suddenly kicked 445 in the chest with all his might.


He Gu’s foot landed solidly on 445, and there was a muffled sound from 445’s chest.

The force of this kick exceeded He Gu’s own expectations, and it sent 445 flying backwards, crashing heavily into the box he had smashed open.

“Cough, cough, cough…”

445 clutched his chest in pain, and the wrench slipped from his hand, as he coughed and rolled on the ground.

He Gu was a little confused.

His intention was to knock 445 down and restrain him, but how did he end up using so much force?

Was it because he acted without restraint due to the adrenaline?

Or did his strength… increase?

Before He Gu could think too much, 445 struggled to stand up, his eyes bloodshot, and he charged towards He Gu once again.

This posture was indeed intimidating.

In addition, 445’s figure was quite burly, even stronger than He Gu, which put a lot of pressure on He Gu.

However, there was no time to think about it now. He Gu kept reminding himself to stay calm, not to back down, and at the right moment, he kicked 445 again as he pounced.

But this kick didn’t land solidly, just grazing 445’s arm.

445 took advantage of this and tried to use his size advantage to directly overpower He Gu.

He Gu’s heart tightened, and he was forced to respond, using his hands to block 445’s attack.

The two of them held each other in a wrestling-like position.

It was at this moment that He Gu realized that his strength seemed to be much greater than he had imagined. He was not at all at a disadvantage in terms of strength compared to 445’s size, and he even had some strength to spare!

Feeling his own strength, He Gu was delighted and immediately began to exert force, pushing 445 back repeatedly, about to knock him down.

At that moment, the wooden box that 445 had smashed suddenly shook violently.

He Gu even saw a pair of grayish hands reaching out from the broken hole!

The next moment, the wooden box toppled to the ground with a violent shake.

At the same time, He Gu saw a gray shadow darting out from the hole.

Before He Gu could see what it was, the shadow leaped towards him.

The next moment, He Gu felt like he had been hit in the face by something, and the shadow used He Gu as a springboard, then quickly darted towards the entrance of the warehouse, disappearing into the aisle.

Being hit like this, He Gu’s head was spinning and he lost his balance.

Caught off guard, He Gu was overpowered by 445, and he fell heavily onto the conveyor belt.


The conveyor belt suddenly started moving, carrying He Gu slowly towards the entrance of the warehouse.

At this moment, He Gu felt like his nose was broken, in pain and dizzy, with tears and snot streaming down his face.

With the conveyor belt moving, He Gu had nowhere to borrow force, and for a moment, he couldn’t break free from 445’s hold.

Seeing the conveyor belt moving towards the entrance, He Gu felt anxious, and with determination, he punched 445 in the face with all his might, one punch after another.

With He Gu’s current strength, he felt that after a few punches, 445 would either die or pass out.However, 445 seemed impervious to pain, his nasal bone caved in, his cheekbone fractured and deformed from the blows, yet he clung to He Gu without letting go, his bloodied face twisted into a ghastly grin.

He Gu felt the hairs on his neck stand on end at the sight of that smile, desperately continuing to kick and strike at 445.

But 445 remained immovable, stubbornly refusing to release his grip.

In this manner, He Gu was pinned to the conveyor belt, inching closer to the intake port.

Seconds later, He Gu’s head had been conveyed into the intake port.

Lying on his back on the conveyor belt, He Gu could see what appeared to be scratch marks on the inner walls of the channel above the intake port.

“It’s over.”

He Gu sighed inwardly.

Rule Two, Article 1: Never stick your head into the delivery port at any time!

It was yet another instant-death rule!

And now, He Gu’s head was inside the delivery port!

In that instant, He Gu felt as if his entire head had been pressed into a refrigerator, the surrounding temperature unbearably low.

At the same time, He Gu smelled a pungent stench of blood.

Just then, He Gu suddenly felt the pressure on him lift.

445 had let go!

Seizing this unexpected turn of events, He Gu’s survival instincts kicked in with full force, his strength erupting in an instant, as he propelled himself up from the conveyor belt, pulling his head back from the brink.

The moment before he emerged from the delivery port, He Gu had already smelled the thick scent of blood, as if his nostrils were filled with fresh blood.

And in the moment he rose, that suffocating sensation slowly began to fade.

He Gu vividly felt as if he had just walked through the gates of hell.

Regaining his senses, He Gu gasped for air, his body drenched in sweat.

Looking up, He Gu realized that the supervisor had appeared at some point, casually holding the barely alive 445 like one would hold a small chick.


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