Chapter 60 – Should I eat now or fatten up a bit before eating?

Upon hearing the supervisor’s words, He Gu’s heart tightened again.

“Medicine patch?”

The supervisor said expressionlessly, “I know you may be resistant to that thing, but… sometimes it does work.”

After that, the supervisor waved his hand and urged, “Alright, go home as soon as you finish work.”

He Gu didn’t say anything more and quickly walked out of the warehouse.

Coming out of Warehouse 44, He Gu deliberately glanced at the adjacent Warehouse 45.

To his surprise, a black cloth curtain was pulled up at the entrance of Warehouse 45, and the situation inside could not be seen from the outside.

Helplessly, He Gu could only give up on peeping and walked away with his head down.

It was just in time for He Gu to meet Old Ma this morning.

After leaving the warehouse area, He Gu could reach Building 17 by walking along the fence of the “Core Factory Zone” for more than twenty minutes.

However, noticing that the supervisor seemed to be standing at the entrance of Warehouse 44, staring at him, He Gu didn’t dare to leave directly from the main gate of the warehouse area, but instead walked out through the side gate.

After all, the No. 4 canteen was in the direction of the side gate.

It seemed that He Gu and the supervisor had quite a few secrets between them now, so it was always right to be cautious.

Although it required a detour to go from the side gate to Building 17, it was only 5:52 in the morning, so there was still plenty of time.

After leaving the warehouse area, He Gu took out the employee manual and carefully compared it with the map, and after walking around a small circle, he returned to the road he had scouted yesterday evening and quickly walked in the direction of Building 17.

At this time, it was the peak period for the night shift in the factory, and the factory area quickly became lively.

Mixed in with the coming and going crowd, He Gu walked in the direction of Building 17 all the way.

However, halfway there, He Gu found that the closer he got in that direction, the fewer people he encountered on the road.

When he was close to Building 17, there was no one to be seen in the factory area.

There were various unknown factories nearby, all with lights on, but for some reason, He Gu always felt a little eerie walking on the road.

After more than half an hour, He Gu finally arrived in front of Building 17.

To his surprise, the building, which was originally thought to be a morgue, was now brightly lit.

The six-story red brick building had almost all its windows lit up, and there were even busy figures coming and going.

The building was bustling with noise, and the roar of machines could be heard faintly.

It was only then that He Gu realized that this place might not be a morgue at all, but a factory that was involved in processing and production!

But why did the van bring the bodies here in the afternoon!?

Before He Gu could think more about it, he quickly saw a chilling scene.

As he approached the building, He Gu suddenly saw a row of black vans parked on the open space in front of Building 17.

Some of the vans seemed to have just arrived, and many people in white hazmat suits were getting out of the cars, dragging heavy black bags into the building.

Seeing this scene, He Gu immediately remembered that after Warehouse 45 was “cleared out,” there were also people in white hazmat suits who dragged away two similar black bags from inside.

Judging from the situation, it seemed that far more than just Warehouse 45 had been “cleared out” tonight!

As He Gu stood at the corner watching this chilling scene, a strong beam of light suddenly lit up behind him.

He Gu turned around and saw a white small truck coming from behind him.

The bright light shone on He Gu, and it was obvious that the people in the car could see him as long as they weren’t blind.

Feeling guilty, He Gu nervously quickened his pace, pretending to be a worker passing by after work.

However, the white van stopped in front of He Gu.

The door of the passenger seat was opened, and a person in a blue work uniform jumped out.

In the backlight, He Gu couldn’t see the person’s face clearly, and he was about to walk away with his head down.

But the person suddenly called out to He Gu, “444, what are you doing here?”

Hearing this voice, He Gu’s whole body stiffened, and a huge sense of unease instantly struck him.

It was the voice of the supervisor!

He Gu turned stiffly and saw his supervisor striding towards him.

“You’re off work, why aren’t you going to have breakfast or going back to rest? Why did you come all the way here?” the supervisor asked expressionlessly.

Faced with the supervisor’s questioning, He Gu felt like he was about to die.

To avoid arousing the supervisor’s suspicion, He Gu didn’t dare to leave through the main gate.

Who would have thought that after walking around in a big circle, he would run into the supervisor here!?

This was a damn plot twist!

He Gu cursed in his heart and forced a smile on his face. “Hey, supervisor, what a coincidence.”

“Um, I sat in the warehouse all night, and my back is a bit stiff. I wanted to take a walk to stretch before having breakfast, and I ended up walking here without realizing it,” He Gu said innocently, looking around. “By the way, where is this?”

The supervisor squinted at He Gu but didn’t say anything.

In that moment, He Gu felt like his breath was about to stop.

Did the supervisor not believe the nonsense he made up?

Just as He Gu was feeling uneasy under the supervisor’s gaze, the supervisor suddenly said, “This is the raw material processing area.”

“Or… should I take you in for a look?”

When he said this, He Gu noticed a strange greed in the supervisor’s eyes.

That look… was like a wild cat seeing delicious prey!This look in the eyes made He Gu shudder, and he quickly shook his head, saying, “No need, no need. The employee handbook states that we’re not allowed to enter areas that don’t correspond with our authority.”

Hearing He Gu’s words, the supervisor slightly furrowed his brow, a trace of conflict flashing in his eyes.

He Gu understood that conflicted look.

It was like a hungry farmer eyeing a turkey in the field that wasn’t quite plump enough, torn between slaughtering it now or waiting for the turkey to fatten up a bit more.

Seeing the supervisor’s undisguised expression, He Gu was completely panicked.

The supervisor was unnaturally strong; if it came to a fight, He Gu would most likely be taken down instantly.

Unable to confront him head-on, the only option was to run!

First, get out and save his own skin, and worry about the rest later!

Just as He Gu was about to make up his mind to turn and run, the supervisor suddenly let out a sigh, “Alright then, you should head back and rest early.”

With that, the supervisor gave He Gu a deep look and turned to walk into Building 17.

Watching the supervisor’s retreating figure, He Gu let out a long breath.

It was only then that He Gu realized his back was soaked with sweat and his hands were slightly trembling, a physiological reaction to the tension he had just experienced.

Even now, He Gu hadn’t fully recovered from the unease of being stared down by the supervisor.

In that moment, He Gu had truly felt the supervisor’s desire to “devour” him!

After reaching the side of Building 17 and leaning against the wall to catch his breath for a good while, He Gu finally recovered.

Glancing around, He Gu dove into the fire escape located at the back side of Building 17…

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