Chapter 57 – Storeroom

The hoarse voice in the box became louder and more hysterical as time went on.

At the same time, the force of the pounding from inside the box became more and more intense, causing the box to shake continuously and slowly shift position.

He Gu stood in place with complex emotions, constantly pondering the content he had just heard, feeling increasingly uneasy.

At that moment, the supervisor suddenly appeared at the door of the warehouse.

“444, what are you daydreaming about? The box has moved almost two meters!”

The supervisor looked at the continuously shaking box and coldly shouted at He Gu.

Seeing the supervisor, He Gu couldn’t help but feel a little flustered, and said with a forced smile, “Ah… I was dozing off and didn’t hear.”

The supervisor glanced at He Gu and said, “You can even sleep through this.”

With the arrival of the supervisor, the hoarse voice in the box shouted even more vigorously.

“You bastard! Let me out!”

“Let me out, ahhh!”

“If you let me out, I’ll get you a set of purple clothes!”

The hoarse voice screamed frantically, but the voice became more and more timid, as if it was very afraid of the supervisor.

The supervisor, with a cold expression, kicked the box as soon as he approached, saying, “Quiet down!”

Although the kick landed on the box, it seemed as if it had landed directly on something inside the box.

The hoarse voice let out a cry and immediately fell silent, either passing out or something else.

The warehouse finally quieted down.

However, He Gu’s heart was even more unsettled.

At this moment, the supervisor turned back to He Gu and said, “Don’t just stand there dumbly when you see the box move, kick it hard!”

“If that doesn’t work, use the walkie-talkie to call me!”

He Gu immediately nodded and said, “Understood, supervisor.”

Perhaps because he had just heard the thing in the box say that He Gu would be eaten by the supervisor, He Gu felt a sense of fear when facing the supervisor, as if he was not facing a person, but a fierce beast.

“What’s wrong with you?”

Perhaps sensing that He Gu’s expression was not quite right, the supervisor suddenly asked.

He Gu quickly shook his head and said, “Nothing, maybe I didn’t get enough sleep, feeling a bit dazed.”

After that, He Gu immediately changed the subject and asked, “Supervisor, what exactly is in this box that has such great strength?”

The supervisor replied indifferently, “Probably an anteater? I don’t know.”

After that, the supervisor looked He Gu up and down and said, “Did you take your medicine on time tonight?”

He Gu’s heart tightened, but he remained calm and said, “Yes, if I don’t take that medicine, I’ll have a headache and feel nauseous, very uncomfortable.”

The supervisor nodded indifferently, “There are a lot of high-power equipment in the factory, and the ionizing radiation is too strong, so we require you to wear work clothes and take the medicine on time.”

“Don’t worry, this medicine works well and can eliminate most of the negative effects of ionizing radiation on your body.”

As he spoke, the supervisor turned and walked out of the door.

When he reached the door, the supervisor turned back and emphasized to He Gu, “Stay alert tonight and pay attention to any unusual sounds coming from Warehouse 45 next door.”

“If you hear anything strange, go and take a look.”

At this point, the supervisor suddenly lowered his voice, “Remember, it’s your first night shift as a newcomer. If there’s a problem, either you deal with it, or you’ll be dealt with tomorrow.”

After saying this, the supervisor quickly left.

Watching the supervisor’s back, He Gu felt a chilling sensation.

Just last night, He Gu felt that the supervisor had been helping him all along and could probably be trusted.

But now, since he had uncovered the lie about “taking the medicine on time” and heard what the thing in the box had said, He Gu couldn’t help but feel that the supervisor was not right.

It seemed that Rule 9: [You can trust people wearing blue overalls] was most likely a false rule!

However, the current clues were not enough, and He Gu couldn’t rush to a conclusion. He needed to find a way to further verify.

After the supervisor left, the warehouse quieted down once again.

He Gu sat in his chair, frowning and pondering various clues.

Time passed slowly.

In the blink of an eye, it was midnight.

The voice in the box had not shouted again, and the warehouse was silent inside and out.

At that moment, He Gu suddenly heard a strange sound.

Zi zi… shh… shasha…

It sounded like an electric current coming from the walkie-talkie?

He Gu immediately sat up alertly, took out the walkie-talkie, and looked at it.

A few seconds later.

“Zi zi… 424… 424, please respond… shasha…”

This abrupt sound startled He Gu.

It was not the sound from the walkie-talkie, but from the old radio on the table!

The supervisor had removed the radio’s batteries yesterday, and He Gu hadn’t touched it since. Now, he realized that the batteries had been put back in by someone.

The radio was on, and it was tuned to the fourth channel!

After seeing all this, He Gu’s heart tightened, and he stood up, looking around warily.

Although after last night’s experience, He Gu was certain that [You can listen to the radio when bored, but never tune in to the fourth channel] was not an instant death rule, it was clear that breaking this rule would bring risks.

The supervisor had saved him last night, but he might not be so lucky tonight!

Thinking of this, He Gu quickly picked up the radio, ready to turn it off.However, just like last night, all the buttons on the radio seemed to malfunction; no matter how He Gu fiddled with them, he couldn’t turn it off or change the channel.

Left with no choice, He Gu could only follow his supervisor’s example and directly removed the batteries from the radio.

After the batteries were taken out, the electric hum from the radio finally ceased.

But a few seconds later, He Gu suddenly heard a scream coming from next door.

That sound… it was coming from Warehouse No. 45!

As expected!

Trouble had arisen!

He Gu cautiously approached the warehouse door to take a look.

Outside, it was pitch dark, with only a few warehouses showing a glimmer of light from within, indicating that not many were on the night shift.

From Warehouse No. 45 on his right, the sounds of a man’s shouts and the smashing of objects were intermittent, as if someone was fighting inside.

He Gu hesitated at the door.

The supervisor had told him twice to check out any noise from next door.

Moreover, the first time, the supervisor had said that if he saw 445 approaching the goods passageway, He Gu should push him in.

The second time, the supervisor had said that if something went wrong with 445 and He Gu didn’t go over, then He Gu would be the one dealt with…

After much hesitation, He Gu took a deep breath and stepped towards the neighboring warehouse.

In matters of life and death, one cannot afford to be indecisive!

Soon, He Gu arrived at Warehouse No. 45.

The layout of Warehouse No. 45 was identical to He Gu’s No. 44, almost exactly the same.

As soon as He Gu entered, he saw 445 holding a wrench, shouting and screaming while frantically smashing a wooden crate.

“I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you! Ahhh… I’m going to kill you!”

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