Chapter 48 – Go back! Take your medicine

Listening to the rapidly approaching sound in the supply channel, He Gu felt a sense of unease in his heart.

“Did you hear anything?” He Gu asked 441 tentatively.

441 glanced at He Gu. “Sound? Are you talking about the sound of the conveyor belt running?”

He Gu shook his head. “No, it’s in this channel… there’s another sound!”

The sound was rapidly approaching, and it was much clearer than before!

He Gu’s tone became urgent.

441 remained indifferent. “The conveyor belt has already been turned off. There shouldn’t be any sound. Don’t be so jumpy.”

As they spoke, He Gu suddenly noticed a faint smile on 441’s lips.

No… something was off about this person!

A strong sense of danger rose in He Gu’s mind as he watched 441 warily.

At that moment, He Gu suddenly remembered the hidden message he had seen in Rule One: “When alone with someone, they may guide you towards the light, or they may drag you into hell.”


Wasn’t he alone with 441 right now!?

And in this situation, he didn’t seem like he wanted to guide him towards the light!

This person wanted to harm him!

In that instant, He Gu quickly sorted out his thoughts in his mind and made a judgment.

He couldn’t let 441 manipulate him!

Otherwise, when something rushed out of the supply channel, he could be in serious danger!

With this in mind, He Gu immediately stepped forward to reinsert the plug that 441 had just pulled out.

Seeing this, 441 suddenly moved to block He Gu. “What are you doing?”

“I want to plug in the power cord,” He Gu said urgently.

441’s face darkened as he continued to block He Gu. “I just helped you unplug it. Why do you want to plug it back in?”

Feeling anxious, and increasingly frustrated by 441’s repeated interference, He Gu suddenly remembered the supervisor’s advice to “be tough,” so he said coldly, “I want to plug it in. Do I need to explain myself to you? Move!”

Startled by He Gu’s shout, 441 hesitated for a moment.

Taking advantage of this, He Gu pushed him away and moved to plug the machine back in.

But before He Gu could reach the plug, 441 suddenly pulled him back.

“The machine just lost power. It can’t be turned on immediately. If the motherboard gets fried, I can’t afford to pay for it!”

441 said coldly, then pushed He Gu away after pulling him back.

His strength was surprisingly great, catching He Gu off guard and pushing him back several steps, directly into the supply channel!

“Damn it!”

Pushed like that, He Gu’s anger flared up, and he pushed back against 441.

He Gu was young and strong, but 441’s strength was unreasonable!

He Gu couldn’t push him at all, and was pushed back again, pressed against the conveyor belt!

At that moment, He Gu was pinned against the conveyor belt, just a few centimeters from the supply opening.

In the dark supply channel, the strange sound was now very close, and He Gu could even hear breathing.

Pinned down by 441, He Gu struggled but couldn’t move an inch.

In desperation, He Gu grabbed a wrench and swung it at 441’s head.

The wrench struck 441’s head solidly.

441’s head was bleeding, and the blood quickly flowed down his face.

But 441 acted as if nothing had happened, and his grip on He Gu didn’t loosen at all.

As the blood dripped down his face, 441 licked the blood from his lips and smiled grimly at He Gu.

The scene was so eerie!

He Gu’s scalp tingled, and he was about to swing the wrench again to fight back.

But at that moment, He Gu suddenly felt a lightness on his body.

Next, He Gu saw 441’s entire body lifted into the air.

In the next moment, He Gu saw a figure in a blue work uniform standing behind 441 – it was the supervisor!

The supervisor grabbed 441 by the back of his collar, lifted him up like a little chick, and threw him out.

Just a moment ago, the powerful 441 was now like a helpless child in front of the supervisor, unable to resist.

The supervisor threw 441 several meters away and scolded him with a dark expression. “Do you want to rebel? Get the hell out of here!”

After being scolded by the supervisor, 441 immediately got up and staggered out.

In addition, He Gu noticed that when the supervisor shouted, the sound that had been so close in the supply channel suddenly paused for a moment, then quickly moved away.

This made He Gu shiver involuntarily.

Who was the supervisor talking to when he said “get the hell out of here”?

It seemed that both 441 and the thing in the supply channel were afraid of the supervisor?

As He Gu was thinking, the supervisor suddenly grabbed his collar and pulled him up from the conveyor belt.

“Stay away from the conveyor belt during the night shift,” the supervisor reminded calmly. “The program for this conveyor belt often malfunctions and starts up unexpectedly.”

“Last time, a worker fell asleep on the conveyor belt during the night shift and was rolled into the transmission wheel when it started up on its own. It wasn’t until the next morning that he was found, almost turned into minced meat.”

The supervisor’s tone was calm, as if he were talking about a trivial matter.

But He Gu felt a chill in his heart and instinctively took a few steps to the side.

After coming to his senses, He Gu spoke up. “Supervisor, about 441…”The supervisor waved his hand to interrupt He Gu: “That kid is a troublemaker; this isn’t the first time he’s caused a scene. I’ll handle him.”

After speaking, the supervisor added: “Next time something like this happens, just call me directly with the walkie-talkie. Don’t act like a dumb greenhorn.”

He Gu responded with a wry smile: “I didn’t expect him to be so strong…”

The supervisor said offhandedly: “He’s been here a week longer than you; it’s normal for him to be stronger.”

He Gu was taken aback: “Does being stronger have anything to do with coming earlier or later?”

The supervisor fell silent for a moment, not answering He Gu’s question, and turned to walk out of the storeroom.

At the doorway, he turned his head to remind He Gu: “It’s almost ten o’clock, remember to take your medicine.”

With that, the supervisor strode away.

He Gu stood alone in the storeroom, feeling that something was amiss.

However, after thinking for a long time, He Gu still had no clue and could only shake his head and give up.

Returning to his seat at the entrance, He Gu took out his phone to check the time; it was 21:33.

Just to be safe, He Gu set an alarm for 22:00 on his phone to remind himself to take his medicine on time, then he propped his chin on his hands and started to daydream.

Time ticked by, second by second.

Just as He Gu was about to doze off with his chin propped up, a “beep—” sound suddenly rang in his ears.

This unexpected noise startled He Gu, who looked around and glanced at the radio on the desk corner, only then realizing that the sound was coming from his own ears.

Tinnitus, as the legends say?

The sound wasn’t loud, but it wasn’t quiet either; it just continued persistently, causing He Gu to become somewhat irritable.

Gradually, He Gu began to feel dizzy and a throbbing pain started to assail him.

At the same time, He Gu’s phone rang.

It was the alarm he had set earlier; it was ten o’clock.

Feeling dizzy and even a bit nauseous, similar to the sensation of just waking up from a hangover, He Gu didn’t think much and quickly took out a white pill bottle and swallowed a pill.

However, a few seconds later, the ringing in He Gu’s ears disappeared.

Following that, the headache, dizziness, and nausea all vanished.

He Gu looked at the small pill bottle in his hand in astonishment; the effect of this medicine… wasn’t it a bit too miraculous?

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