Chapter 47 – The box is empty! The movement deep in the inlet

He Gu walked lightly to the pile of goods and fell into deep thought in front of the wooden box that was half the height of a person.

Rule 2 of the warehouse: Never look into the box through the crack!

But the hidden message said: In the place you dare not look, the truth may be staring at you.

This was very thought-provoking.

Under normal circumstances, He Gu would never take the risk of breaking the rules.

But with the blessing of the Eye of Truth, He Gu could at least confirm that this rule was not an instant death rule!

Perhaps, this rule was false, and that was the key to clearing this instance!?

Thinking of this, He Gu took a deep breath and approached the box.

As long as it wasn’t an instant death rule, there was still room for maneuver even if he broke it…

Let’s take a gamble!

After making up his mind, He Gu took out the walkie-talkie and held it in his hand, ready to call for help from the supervisor if the situation was not right.

After a moment of thought, He Gu found a wrench from the corner and held it in his other hand, just in case something unexpected happened and he had a chance to fight back.

After making these preparations, He Gu took a deep breath and held his breath as he approached the box.

The box was made of wooden boards, and there were some gaps between the boards.

The widest gap was not wide enough to fit a chopstick.

He Gu brought his eyes to the gap and looked inside, nervous and expectant.

But it was pitch black inside, and he couldn’t see anything.

He Gu bent down and looked for a few seconds, then immediately straightened up and looked around vigilantly.

The warehouse was silent, and nothing happened.

He Gu breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed that looking into the box through the crack did not trigger any danger for the time being.

It was just too dark inside, and he couldn’t see anything at all.

After a moment of thought, He Gu took out his phone, turned on the flashlight, and placed the phone’s light on the gap to let the light in, then put his eyes up to it again.

However, at that moment, He Gu suddenly saw something flash in the gap.

At the same time, something seemed to hit He Gu’s phone, and it fell to the ground.

He Gu was startled and looked at the gap in suspicion.

There was indeed something alive inside!

But what was it?

And what did it have to do with the “truth” mentioned in the hidden message?

He Gu picked up his phone, placed the flashlight on the gap again, and then brought his eyes to it to look inside by the light.

However, the gap was too small, and the light that could shine in was very limited. He Gu could barely see a dim outline of the box, and nothing was clear.

After hesitating for a while, He Gu simply picked up the wrench and inserted one end into the gap, then levered it hard, trying to widen the gap artificially.


The kind of harsh sound of wood rubbing against wood rang out, and the wooden board was quickly loosened by He Gu’s efforts.

After a few minutes of struggling, He Gu successfully widened the gap to the width of a finger.

Then, He Gu picked up his phone again, turned on the flashlight, and turned on the recording function, simply stuffing the upper half of the phone into the box!

If the naked eye wasn’t good enough, then use the phone to take pictures!

Be good at using the tools at hand!

After stuffing the phone into the box, He Gu turned the phone on and started recording, adjusting the angle little by little to capture every corner of the box as much as possible.

Soon, He Gu finished shooting, took back his phone, and started to review the recording.

After opening the recording, He Gu clearly saw the scene inside the box.

After stuffing the upper half of the phone into the wooden box, the lighting effect was much better. He Gu could clearly see the wooden boards at the bottom of the box and every corner captured by the phone.

He Gu’s method was indeed feasible, and he did capture all the scenes inside the box.

However, after watching the recording, He Gu was frozen in place.

From the content of the recording on his phone, the box was empty…

In that instant, He Gu felt a chill down his spine.

The box was actually empty!

How was that possible!?

He had seen the box shaking violently with his own eyes, and heard the sound of knocking on the wooden boards coming from inside the box!

Even just now, something had flashed and pushed his phone away when he first shone the light inside!

But now, the recording showed that there was nothing inside the box!

He Gu had a chilling feeling and quickly stepped back a few steps, leaning against the conveyor belt at the entrance, keeping his distance from the box.

Thud… Rustle…

And at that moment, a faint sound suddenly came from the entrance behind He Gu.

Although the sound was very faint, it was particularly clear in the silent warehouse at this moment.

He Gu felt a chill down his spine and suddenly turned around, looking at the entrance.

The entrance was on the wall, and there was a conveyor belt outside, the other end of which extended into the wall.The entrance on the wall was a square meter in size, pitch black inside, as if it were a bottomless tunnel.

At this moment, He Gu stood in front of the delivery entrance, clearly hearing noises coming from within.

Thump… rustle… thump…

The sound seemed like… something was crawling on the conveyor belt, its footsteps and the friction of its limbs against the belt creating the noise!

What was most alarming was that the sound seemed to be getting closer!

Something was crawling out from inside!

As this thought arose, He Gu felt his scalp tingle with numbness.

Just as He Gu was about to pick up the walkie-talkie to call his supervisor, the conveyor belt in front of him suddenly started moving.


The machinery at the delivery entrance had started up on its own, and with the sound of the motor turning, the conveyor belt began to move slowly.

As the belt moved inward, a muffled “bang” came from the depths of the entrance, as if something had fallen over.

The conveyor belt ran for less than half a minute before stopping again, as if nothing had happened.

The warehouse once again fell into dead silence.

And a few seconds later.

Thump… rustle… thump…

From the depths of the delivery entrance, that eerie sound started up again.

But this time, it sounded even fainter than before, as if the source of the sound was further away.

However, it wasn’t long before the sound slowly approached again, seemingly not far from the delivery entrance!

He Gu’s scalp tingled, and he reached for the walkie-talkie to call his supervisor.

But at that moment, a voice suddenly sounded from behind He Gu: “What are you spacing out for here?”

This sudden voice nearly made He Gu jump on the spot!

In that instant, He Gu felt his adrenaline surge, grabbing a wrench and turning around, only to see a figure dressed in the same clothes as himself.

Was it the colleague he had eaten with in the canteen, the one whose number seemed to be 441?

441 looked at He Gu with a puzzled face: “What are you spacing out for here?”

Just as He Gu was about to answer, the conveyor belt in front of him suddenly started moving again.


With the motor running, the conveyor belt seemed to be moving faster this time.

He Gu pointed at the conveyor belt in front of him and said, “Look at this machine, it suddenly started moving on its own.”

441 replied calmly, “Ah, it’s just a program glitch, a minor issue.”

“Just unplug the power, and the day shift team will plug it back in tomorrow.”

While speaking, 441 had already reached out and unplugged the socket nearby.

Vaguely, He Gu thought he saw a sly smile flash across 441’s face, as if there was a taste of… a successful scheme!

And at that moment, the sound from the depths of the delivery entrance sounded again.

Thump thump thump thump…

And this time, the sound was incredibly urgent, getting closer and closer, as if it was about to reach the “tunnel entrance”!

Whatever was inside seemed to be running at full speed, and it was about to come out!

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