Chapter 49 – Never take the medicine they give you

Feeling the effect of the medicine, He Gu suddenly felt a little flustered.

But if he didn’t take the medicine, the symptoms he just experienced were really uncomfortable.

And the supervisor had been reminding him to take the medicine on time, so it probably wouldn’t harm him.

Rule 1, Article 9 says that people wearing blue work clothes can be trusted.

The supervisor was wearing blue work clothes and had helped him resolve several crises, so it seemed that this rule was not false.

Thinking of this, He Gu breathed a sigh of relief.

In the following time, the wooden box did not make any more noise, and there were no more strange sounds coming from the delivery channel.

It seemed as if everything had returned to normal.

He Gu sat in front of the warehouse door, bored and dozing off with his chin in his hand.

Time passed second by second.

He didn’t know how long had passed, but just as He Gu was about to fall asleep, he was suddenly awakened by the sound of a car horn.

He Gu stood up abruptly and looked out the door, only to see a white small truck slowly backing up and finally stopping at the entrance.

Was someone delivering goods?

He Gu woke up and took out his phone to check the time, only to realize that it was already 4:07 in the morning.

The truck quickly turned off its engine, and two workers in green work clothes jumped out of the passenger seat and skillfully began to open the truck’s cargo compartment.

Then the driver also got out of the car, holding a stack of documents and walking into the warehouse, coming to He Gu’s side.

The driver was wearing a blue work uniform and a duckbill cap that was pulled down so low that his face was almost invisible.

“Brother, please accept the goods,” the driver said, placing a document on the table.

He Gu glanced at him strangely, but didn’t pay much attention, picking up the document to take a look.

It was a list of goods.

But it was impossible to tell what was in this batch of goods from the list.

[A Class Goods 27 boxes/specifications…]

[B Class Goods 18 boxes/specifications…]

[Number directory…]

Of course, this was the characteristic of Kant Medicine Factory. The warehouse staff and freight workers had no idea what was in the boxes.

It was called a goods receiving inventory, but it was actually just checking the numbers and quantities on the labels.

After reading the list, He Gu nodded to the driver, “Unload the goods.”

The driver turned to the two workers and gestured, and they immediately began to unload the goods from the truck, one box at a time.

He Gu stood at the warehouse door, holding a barcode scanner in one hand and the list of goods in the other, checking each box that was brought in.

The process was a bit tedious, but He Gu didn’t dare to be careless.

It wasn’t that He Gu was particularly conscientious, but the supervisor had told him that if the barcode scanner showed a red item, he should immediately close the warehouse door and leave.

It was for this reason that He Gu was even a little nervous during this boring process.

The goods were unloaded from the truck and into the warehouse, and after He Gu scanned them, he directed the workers to stack the boxes in the designated locations.

The whole process took an hour and a half.

Fortunately, until the last box of goods was brought into the warehouse, the barcode scanner did not show a red item even once.

After receiving the goods, the driver pulled out a stack of documents from the cab and brought them to He Gu, “Brother, please sign here.”

He Gu looked down and saw that it was a goods handover note, in triplicate.

After checking the contents, He Gu picked up a pen and signed his number “444” in the “Warehouse Receiver” column.

After He Gu signed, the driver began to sign on the handover note.

What caught He Gu’s attention was that the driver didn’t sign the document number, but a name called “Zhang Mingguang.”

This made He Gu feel a little uneasy.

After the driver signed, he folded the handover note and placed it on He Gu’s desk, then turned and left in the car.

It wasn’t until this moment that He Gu felt that something was still not quite right.

Wasn’t it said that everyone in the factory referred to each other by number and were not allowed to reveal their names?

Why did this truck driver write down his name?

And at this moment, He Gu realized that the driver had been wearing a hat, with the brim pulled down low, and had been looking down the whole time.

He Gu hadn’t seen his face at all!

What was even more eerie was that He Gu hadn’t seen his face, but he inexplicably felt a sense of familiarity with the driver.

Suddenly, He Gu seemed to realize something and quickly unfolded the handover note on the table and took a look.

Looking at the three words “Zhang Mingguang” on the document, that inexplicable sense of familiarity grew even stronger.

After thinking for a few seconds, He Gu suddenly realized that this was Zhang Chao’s handwriting!


This was Zhang Chao’s handwriting!

No wonder He Gu always felt a sense of familiarity with this person, he turned out to be Zhang Chao!

Thinking of this, He Gu turned to look, only to see that Zhang Chao had already driven the truck away from the warehouse, and He Gu only saw the taillights disappearing around the corner.

Zhang Chao had become a delivery driver for Kant Medicine Factory!?

He Gu felt that things were becoming more and more mysterious.He Gu looked down at the handover sheet on the table and suddenly noticed there seemed to be another layer underneath.

After picking up the handover sheet, He Gu found a piece of white paper pressed beneath it.

On the paper was written a sentence: “Do not take any medicine they give you, remember!”

He Gu recognized the handwriting at a glance; it was indeed Zhang Chao’s.

Seeing this sentence, He Gu’s expression stiffened, and he felt a chill in his heart.

Zhang Chao was warning him not to take the medicine they provided!

The rules said that people in blue uniforms could be trusted, and the supervisor’s behavior did seem very credible, as he kept reminding He Gu to remember to take his medicine.

However, Zhang Chao had suddenly reappeared, also dressed in a blue uniform, but he left He Gu a note telling him not to take the medicine!

This contradictory information made He Gu feel deeply uneasy!

What was most fatal was that He Gu had already taken the medicine.

If there was something wrong with that medicine…

The more He Gu thought about it, the more panicked he became.

Just then, a series of hurried footsteps came from outside the storeroom door.

He Gu tensed up and subconsciously stuffed the note into his pocket.

At the same time, the supervisor appeared at the door.

The supervisor’s face no longer bore the previous cold and calm expression but showed a rare look of urgency as he rushed into the storeroom and asked, “Where are they? The people who just delivered the goods, where are they?”

He Gu’s heart jolted and he replied, “They’ve already left.”

“What’s the matter, supervisor?” He Gu asked tentatively.

The supervisor’s face darkened slightly, and he urgently asked, “Did they say anything to you? Or did they show any… abnormal behavior?”

Hearing this, He Gu’s heart stirred, but he kept a calm face and said, “No… If I have to mention something unusual… Does it count that the driver was always wearing a hat and didn’t show his face?”

The supervisor seemed to breathe a sigh of relief upon hearing this and said indifferently, “Where’s the goods they just delivered?”

He Gu pointed to the two newly stacked piles of goods: “Right there, those two piles.”

The supervisor nodded and then said, “Give me the handover sheet.”

He Gu handed over the sheet.

The supervisor glanced at it and suddenly picked up the walkie-talkie and shouted, “431, 431, bring the forklift over to warehouse 44.”

After speaking, the supervisor glanced at his watch, looked up at He Gu, and said, “It’s almost time to get off work. Since it’s your first day, I’ll allow you to leave a few minutes early.”

“Go on, have breakfast, get a good sleep, and be on time for your shift at 8:30 tonight.”

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