Chapter 46 – The truth is in the place you dare not look

Clang clang clang!

The wooden box was shaking violently, as if someone inside was struggling and banging on the box.

The radio continued to emit that sharp electromagnetic sound, making He Gu feel uncomfortable.

As the electromagnetic sound continued, the movement inside the box became more intense, as if something inside was about to break out of the box at any moment!

He Gu wanted to run outside the warehouse, but his legs felt like they were filled with lead and couldn’t move at all!

It was the electromagnetic sound causing the trouble!

He Gu quickly realized the problem and frantically pressed the switch on the radio.

However, no matter how he pressed it, the sound couldn’t be turned off.

Frustrated, He Gu lifted the radio and prepared to smash it on the ground.

Since he couldn’t turn it off, he would physically destroy it!

But as soon as He Gu lifted the radio, his wrist was held by a hand.

He Gu was stunned, and when he turned his head, he saw that the supervisor had already appeared in front of him.

The supervisor took the radio from He Gu’s hand, opened the back cover decisively, and removed the batteries.

The sharp electromagnetic sound immediately stopped.

When the sound stopped, He Gu instantly felt as if a heavy weight had been lifted from his body, and all the discomfort disappeared in an instant.

Not only that, the violently shaking wooden box also quieted down instantly.

He Gu let out a deep breath, realizing that he was already sweating profusely without realizing it.

The supervisor placed the radio with the removed batteries on the table, looked at He Gu expressionlessly, and said, “This is company property. If it’s damaged, you’ll have to pay for it.”

He Gu smiled helplessly, thinking that it was too late for that kind of concern.

Just then, the wooden box, which had just quieted down for a few seconds, suddenly started shaking violently again.

Clang clang clang!

The movement was even more intense than before!

He Gu even saw some cracks on the wooden boards of the box, and it seemed like whatever was inside was about to break the box and rush out!

Seeing this scene, He Gu’s face changed, and he instinctively looked at the supervisor beside him.

But the supervisor’s face darkened, and he walked up to the wooden box with a displeased expression and kicked it hard.

“Quiet down!”

The supervisor shouted, and the wooden box instantly quieted down.

He Gu looked at the supervisor in confusion. This worked!?

“Supervisor, what’s in the box…” He Gu asked tentatively.

The supervisor said indifferently, “These boxes contain raw materials for traditional Chinese medicine.”

“Traditional Chinese medicine materials may contain living organisms, possibly snakes or farmed pangolins, who knows.”

Hearing the supervisor’s words, He Gu looked at the wooden box with suspicion.

Living raw materials?

Do traditional Chinese medicine factories bring in living organisms directly?

Aren’t they usually processed before being brought in?

And could snakes or pangolins cause such a commotion?

Based on the commotion just now, He Gu would believe it if someone said there was a bear in the box!

The supervisor’s words seemed to be a warning, so He Gu didn’t continue to ask.

The supervisor kicked the box a few more times, pushing it back to its original position, which had been moved due to the previous struggle, and then walked back to He Gu.

“In the future, just be tough in situations like this,” the supervisor said indifferently. “Whether it’s a person or something else, they all bully the weak and fear the strong. If you’re tougher than it, it will fear you.”

The supervisor paused for a moment and added, “Of course, if you encounter danger, don’t hesitate to run.”

Hearing the supervisor’s words, He Gu’s expression became strange. “Supervisor, is there…danger in the warehouse?”

The supervisor glanced at He Gu and said impatiently, “I was just giving an example.”

“There’s no need to run in the warehouse. If you encounter something you can’t handle, use the walkie-talkie to call me.”

He Gu nodded in agreement.

After a moment of thought, He Gu asked, “By the way, Supervisor, I didn’t call for you just now. How did you come over?”

The supervisor said, “You didn’t call, but I almost forgot.”

“I wanted to ask you if you received the small bottle from the HR department.”

He Gu nodded, “I received it.”

The supervisor nodded lightly and said, “You have to take one pill every night at ten o’clock, even during the night shift. I’ll stay here for a while, you can go back to the dormitory to get it.”

He Gu took the bottle out of his pocket. “I brought it with me.”

The supervisor was slightly surprised and nodded in satisfaction. “That’s good. Remember to take it on time later, neither early nor late. Don’t forget.”

A hint of doubt flashed in He Gu’s eyes. “Supervisor, does everyone have to take this medicine?”

The supervisor nodded, “Everyone in the factory has to take it. After you finish, go to the HR department to get more.”

He Gu asked again, “But what is this medicine? What does it do when taken?”

The supervisor looked deeply at He Gu and said in a deep voice, “There are many high-powered machines in the factory, and some uncontrolled emissions from the production of pharmaceuticals can be harmful to the human body. This medicine can effectively alleviate the harm caused by these things.”

He Gu nodded slightly, understanding the meaning.

The supervisor patted He Gu’s shoulder. “Alright, remember to take the medicine on time later, and call me if you need anything.”

With that, the supervisor turned and walked out of the warehouse. When he reached the door, he suddenly turned back and said, “By the way, stop messing with that broken radio. The previous warehouse manager in this warehouse used to talk to himself with that radio all the time, and he went crazy later.”

The supervisor’s words made He Gu’s heart tremble, and he immediately thought of the notebook he had seen.

Originally, He Gu wanted to ask the supervisor if he was talking about the previous warehouse manager with the number 424, but the supervisor had already walked away.

After the supervisor left, He Gu looked at the wooden box that had just been shaking and then glanced at the old radio on the table. He pushed the radio to the corner of the table and sat back down.At this moment, He Gu took out his phone to check the time; it was 21:06.

There was still an hour left before the scheduled medication time.

With no signal on his phone and the radio unusable, He Gu could only flip through the wrinkled notebook out of boredom.

On the last page of the notebook, there were a total of seven rules, three of which were instant death.

It was easy to imagine that this storeroom was definitely fraught with hidden dangers.

However, the hidden information provided in these rules was somewhat baffling to He Gu.

[In the place you dare not look, the truth may be watching you.]

What did that mean?

What is the “place you dare not look”?

The only rules that mentioned “looking” were the first and second: do not stick your head into the loading dock, do not peer through the gaps in the boxes.

And since the first rule was an instant death rule, that left only the second with any room for maneuver.

Could it be… that the truth was hidden inside those wooden boxes?

With this thought, He Gu stood up and once again focused his attention on the wooden box that had made a noise earlier…

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