Chapter 45 – Rules and radio

Upon reading this sentence, He Gu’s heart skipped a beat, and he immediately sat up straight.

This was actually a note left behind by the previous employee of this position!?

And it seemed that he had left some warnings for the successor in the note!

He Gu continued to read the note:

[First of all, I want to remind you that if you have the chance, you must escape! Escaping from this ghostly place as soon as possible is the only way to survive!

Of course, I understand that escaping is not that easy. If you recklessly try to escape, you will definitely be caught by them, for sure!

So I have to remind you, don’t be reckless, wait for the opportunity.

Hahaha… the sunlight tonight is particularly dazzling, the wings of that cat were burned…

Seeing this, He Gu frowned.

Although the first few sentences of the note were somewhat coherent, the later part suddenly turned into a bunch of inexplicable words.

Dazzling sunlight at night?

The wings of a cat were burned?

What does any of this mean?

The following pages were all filled with this illogical nonsense, some of which were even incoherent, completely incomprehensible.

However, looking at these ridiculous sentences, He Gu felt a sense of eerie strangeness.

It wasn’t until he flipped through seven or eight pages that He Gu saw a coherent sentence:

“It’s coming, they’re all coming!

Be careful of those unseen places!

Beware of the black cat, beware of those boxes, beware of every person who stays alone with you!

And the teleportation passage at the receiving port! It’s there! I saw it!

That pigeon actually chopped off its own fingers… Hahaha… how interesting…”

After that, it was the same kind of illogical and delirious speech, and the font became more and more distorted.

Frowning, He Gu continued to flip through.

At this moment, He Gu suddenly realized that the radio, which had just been playing music, had stopped making any sound.

“Rustle… sizzle…”

A jumble of electric noises came from the radio, making He Gu feel annoyed.

Just as He Gu was about to change the channel to try, the radio suddenly started playing a song again.

But just as it started, a burst of electric noise followed.

A few seconds later, a man’s voice came from the radio: “424, please respond, 424, please respond.”

Hearing this voice, He Gu was slightly startled. Was it a crossover?

The voice in the radio continued for a while, and soon it was covered by the unpleasant electric noise.

Then the channel returned to normal and started playing music again.

However, this time, the music seemed to be mixed with a woman’s crying, giving an uncomfortable feeling.

He Gu didn’t pay too much attention, as playing the radio was mainly to create some noise.

Taking his eyes off the radio, He Gu continued to read the notebook in his hand.

The content became more and more chaotic, and on the last few pages, it was no longer words, but many abstract drawings.

He Gu quickly lost patience and casually flipped to the last page.

However, to He Gu’s surprise, there was text on this last page:

“I don’t know how long I can live, or how long I can stay awake… It’s a pity, I never found a chance to escape, and because of my impulsiveness, I was targeted by it…

It’s been staring at me, I have no chance to escape, and I might not even survive tonight…

While I’m still awake now, I want to leave something behind, hoping it can help the people who come after me.

If anyone sees these words, please remember, my number is 424.

Remember these rules!

1. Never stick your head into the delivery port; (instant death)

2. Never look into the box through the cracks;

3. If you hear someone talking to you from inside the box, never respond; (instant death)

4. If someone in white clothes comes in, please ignore him, never make eye contact with him; (instant death)

5. You can listen to the radio when bored, but never listen to the fourth channel;

6. Do not sign your real name on any documents;

7. No one sings at night, no one sings at night, no one sings at night!”

Hidden message: In the places you dare not look, the truth may be staring at you.

After reading this passage, He Gu’s head buzzed.

New rules!

This time, the rules actually appeared in front of him in this form!

And the owner of this notebook said his number was 424?

Wasn’t the person inside the radio just now calling 424?

Thinking of this, He Gu suddenly felt a tingling sensation on his scalp.

The radio!

The fifth rule just now said that you can listen to the radio, but never listen to the fourth channel!

And He Gu had been listening to the fourth channel for more than ten minutes!

Thinking of this, He Gu couldn’t help but feel a chill down his spine, and hurriedly reached out to turn off the radio.

However, perhaps because he was too nervous, He Gu’s hand didn’t press the off button, but accidentally pushed the radio off the table.He Gu wasn’t sure if the radio had broken or if the battery had come loose, but the moment it hit the ground, the music inside abruptly stopped.

Just as He Gu was about to breathe a sigh of relief, he suddenly realized that the music from the radio had ceased, but the faint crying sound that had been mingling with the music hadn’t stopped!

The crying wasn’t coming from the radio!

In that instant, He Gu felt all the hairs on his body stand on end.

He sprang up from his chair, looking around nervously.

The crying was faint, as if it was coming from a corner within this storeroom!

He Gu’s scalp tingled as he held his breath and listened carefully.

Soon, He Gu pinpointed the source.

The faint crying was coming from a pile of wooden crates in the corner!

Was there someone inside?

For a moment, He Gu was bewildered, standing by the desk unsure of what to do.

Just as He Gu was about to use the walkie-talkie to call his supervisor, the radio that had fallen to the ground suddenly came back to life.

“Whoosh… crackle…”

The sudden sound of static startled He Gu.

Then, the voice of a man came through the radio again: “424, it’s in your storeroom! Hold the storeroom door, we’re on our way!”

“424, hold the door! You must not let it escape!”

These two sudden sentences left He Gu dumbfounded.

Was this just a case of channel interference, picking up a signal from another walkie-talkie, or something else?

But from what He Gu had just read in the notebook, it was highly likely that 424 was no longer around, right?

Or could it be that after the owner of that notebook, someone else had been assigned the code 424?

“Crackle… beep—”

He Gu had no time to think further as the radio suddenly emitted a series of extremely piercing static noises.

He Gu hurriedly picked up the radio, trying to turn it off.

However, the radio seemed to have been broken from the fall; no matter how He Gu pressed the power button or changed the channels, the piercing noise continued.

The sound was so irritating that He Gu’s eardrums throbbed with pain, and he even felt nauseous.

At the same time, something in the pile of goods seemed to be agitated by the noise.

Bang bang bang!

The wooden crate closest to He Gu suddenly started shaking violently, as if something inside was struggling to get out!

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