Chapter 44 – Night shift in the warehouse, the ex’s notebook?

Staring at the withered skin on his hands, He Gu was momentarily stunned before his complexion drastically changed.

It was the flesh from his face!

It had actually been… scratched off!?

The image of a piece of flesh being torn from his face flashed through He Gu’s mind, and with a bizarre yell, he abruptly stood up.

“My face!”

At the same time, He Gu frantically reached out to touch his face, indeed feeling a wet and sticky sensation, as if there was also a slight burning pain.

Just as He Gu was panicking, the supervisor sitting across the table glanced at him and said indifferently, “Don’t panic, that’s just the medicinal patch taking effect.”

He Gu, however, was in no state to listen, fumbling to pull out his phone from his pocket, turning on the front camera to use it as a mirror to inspect his face.

The next moment, He Gu was stunned.

On his right cheek was a bit of light yellow, semi-transparent liquid, and the cat scratch that had been there was gone, leaving behind only faint marks that were almost invisible.

He Gu paused for a moment, then hurriedly wiped the liquid off his face, finding it unscathed!

The supervisor said indifferently, “I told you, it’s the effect of the medicinal patch. The wound on your face has healed.”

He Gu looked at the supervisor in astonishment, “Medicinal patch? The blackish thing I just ate?”

The supervisor nodded, “The medicinal patch promotes blood circulation, dispels blood stasis, and regenerates flesh. It’s normal for the effect to be quick since it’s your first time.”

After hearing the supervisor’s words, He Gu was dumbfounded.

He had only been injured yesterday!

The flesh had been turned inside out, and half of his face was swollen!

The “medicinal patch” had been ingested for just about ten minutes, and the wound had already healed!?

What on earth was this “medicinal patch”?

Even elixirs weren’t this miraculous, right?

While He Gu was still in shock, he suddenly noticed 441, sitting diagonally across from him, with a slight smile on his lips and a strange glint in his eyes.

This sent a chill down He Gu’s spine, and he suddenly remembered the hidden message he had seen earlier: What heals you could also be poison.

The supervisor stood up, patted He Gu on the shoulder, and said, “Calm down, there are many more surprising things in our factory. There’s no need for such a fuss.”

After speaking, the supervisor glanced at 441 and then said to He Gu, “You’ve just arrived, and you should have started with the day shift.”

“However, we’re short-staffed in our team, and we can’t manage the shift schedule, so you’ll have to start the night shift tonight.”

He Gu was still not over the shock of the “medicinal patch” and nodded dumbly.

After coming to his senses, He Gu asked, “By the way, I still don’t know what department we are? What is our main responsibility?”

The supervisor replied indifferently, “We are the fourth group of the Storage Department, mainly responsible for the work of the raw material warehouse. I’ll explain the specifics when we get there.”

With that, the supervisor gave 441 a cold look and said, “Let’s go, time to work.”

441 immediately stood up, looking like a child who had made a mistake.

The supervisor glanced at him and turned to walk out of the cafeteria.

He Gu hurried to follow the supervisor’s steps, while 441 trailed behind at a distance, seemingly afraid.

The walk was silent.

After following the supervisor for over twenty minutes and circling around two old factory buildings, He Gu saw a strangely shaped building.

It was a rectangular structure that looked like a matchbox.

It was called strange because the building was huge!

A giant “matchbox” that was four to five hundred meters long, one to two hundred meters wide, and four to five meters high!

On one side of the matchbox were twenty to thirty storage rooms.

The supervisor led He Gu to the door of a storage room marked with the number “44” in green font, took out a key to open the door, and pointed inside, saying, “This is where you’ll be on duty tonight.”

As he spoke, the supervisor turned on the lights inside the warehouse.

The warehouse wasn’t too large, about half the size of a basketball court.

Inside, there were many wooden crates, some covered with tarpaulins.

At the entrance of the warehouse, there was an old wooden table and a chair, with a worn-out sponge pad on the chair.

On the table, there was a handheld barcode scanner, a pen holder, a few sheets of messy draft paper, and a portable radio with peeling paint.

What puzzled He Gu was that at the far end of the warehouse, there were two devices resembling security screening machines at a station.

However, these two “security machines” were embedded in the wall, with one end of the conveyor belt outside and the other end leading directly into the wall.

“What are those?”

He Gu pointed at the two “security machines” and asked.

The supervisor glanced at them, “Those are the receiving ports. The raw materials preliminarily sorted here are sent directly to the workshop for further sorting and initial processing through the conveyor belts of the receiving ports.”

He Gu nodded slightly, “So our job is to sort the raw materials and send them into the receiving ports?”

The supervisor shook his head, “That’s the day shift’s job.”

“The night shift mainly involves guarding and receiving goods.”

With that, the supervisor picked up the handheld barcode scanner from the table and handed it to He Gu, “There will be deliveries at night. When they arrive, you just need to check their storage numbers. As long as the number starts with 44, you can accept it.””Scan the incoming goods with this barcode scanner. If the scanner shows green, stack them in Zone A; if it shows blue, stack them in Zone B. Remember, no matter what happens, you must never open any of the boxes!”

At this point, the supervisor paused, then added: “If… I mean if, if the scanner shows red, you should immediately leave the warehouse, close the door, and call me on the walkie-talkie!”

Hearing this, He Gu felt a slight tightness in his chest and asked in a low voice, “Supervisor, what do the green, blue, and red colors represent?”

The supervisor glanced at He Gu: “Just do your job, don’t worry about the rest.”

With that, the supervisor turned and walked towards the door, adding as he left: “Tonight, you’re in charge here. Your shift ends at six o’clock in the morning. Don’t leave your post without permission before then.”

“You can take a short break in the early part of the night, just don’t sleep too deeply. They usually deliver goods in the latter half of the night.”

“If you need anything, call me on the walkie-talkie.”

With these words, the supervisor had already left Warehouse No. 44.

He Gu, facing the empty warehouse, felt an inexplicable chill at the bottom of his heart.

Taking a deep breath, He Gu took a quick tour around the warehouse, but unfortunately, he didn’t find any new rules.

Then He Gu sat down at the table by the door, took out his phone, and prepared to kill some time by browsing short videos.

However, he soon discovered that the signal here was extremely poor, with only two bars of 2G network. Forget videos, he couldn’t even load images.

Considering that this traditional Chinese medicine factory was located in the mountains of the suburbs, He Gu reluctantly gave up the idea of playing with his phone. No wonder everyone was equipped with a walkie-talkie!

Bored, He Gu started fiddling with the radio on the table.

To his surprise, the radio actually had a signal!

Although there were only four channels, three of them were those late-night emotional talk shows.

He Gu tuned into the fourth channel, which was continuously playing music from an unknown era, surprisingly pleasant to listen to.

So there he was, listening to the music from the radio, staring blankly at the dim asphalt road outside the warehouse door.

After a while, He Gu suddenly felt the sponge cushion under his buttocks was uncomfortably poking him.

He reached down and felt something inside the sponge cushion.

After flipping the cushion over for a while, He Gu quickly found a wrinkled notebook.

Opening the first page, He Gu was immediately stunned.

【I don’t know how many days I have left to live… If someone has taken over my job and sees this notebook, I hope the content I’ve left here can provide you with some help…】

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