Chapter 43 – Rank and rules; lost face

The rules in the cafeteria are relatively simple, and there are no instant death rules.

But for He Gu, what is truly valuable is the hidden information.

【The cure for you may also be poison】


What does this mean?

Once again, it’s a sentence without a clear direction, which gives He Gu a headache.

Does it mean that He Gu needs to eat something that looks poisonous to cure himself?

Or does it mean that something that seems to cure him is actually poison?

Before He Gu could think too much, he suddenly heard someone not far away shouting, “444!”

He Gu looked up and saw a man in a blue work uniform waving to him. “You are 444, right? Come over here!”

Judging by the voice, this should be the supervisor 411 who had contacted He Gu through the intercom before?

He Gu nodded and walked over to the man, taking a glance at his chest badge, which indeed had “411” written on it in blue.

“Hello, Supervisor.”

He Gu politely greeted him.

The supervisor is a man in his thirties, with dark skin, looking very strong, and a serious expression, looking like a no-nonsense person.

Seeing He Gu approaching, the supervisor glanced at his badge and frowned. “What happened to your face?”

He Gu’s right cheek was scratched by a black cat at school yesterday. Although the wound had scabbed over, the scar was still very noticeable.

He touched the scratch on his face and smiled awkwardly. “I was accidentally scratched by a cat yesterday, it’s nothing serious.”

The supervisor nodded. “Let’s go, let’s go eat.”

With that, the supervisor turned and led He Gu into the cafeteria.

He Gu was about to go get food, but he saw the supervisor sitting down at a table. There was also a man in a green work uniform sitting at the table, looking about the same age as He Gu.

There were already three meal trays on the table, filled with food.

“Sit down and eat. This is your first meal at the factory, consider it a treat from me as the supervisor.”

The supervisor gestured for He Gu to sit down.

He Gu nodded and sat down, saying politely, “Thank you, Supervisor.”

Fortunately, there were three people at the table, so it wasn’t a solitary meal.

As soon as He Gu sat down, the supervisor pointed to the man next to him and said, “This is also our colleague in the team, 441, who joined last week.”

While the supervisor was speaking, 441 nodded and smiled at He Gu. “Hello, new guy.”

He Gu also nodded in greeting. “Hello.”

After the introduction, the supervisor asked He Gu, “Can you finish the food?”

He Gu looked at the portion of food on the tray and nodded. “I can finish it.”

The supervisor nodded. “Good, there’s a rule in the cafeteria, no leftovers. If you can’t finish it, say so early on.”

“Let’s eat first, we can talk after we finish.”

With that, the supervisor stopped talking and started eating.

He Gu also picked up his chopsticks and looked at the food on his tray.

There were a total of seven dishes, with both meat and vegetables, and the food looked pretty good.

After looking around, He Gu suddenly noticed a blackish, tofu-like thing in the tray that looked a bit like tree bark.

“What is this?”

He Gu asked suspiciously.

441 looked at it and smiled. “Oh, this is a specialty dish in our factory called Yao Pi, good stuff, very nourishing!”

As he spoke, 441 made a “you know what I mean” expression.

The supervisor, who was busy eating, looked up and his face suddenly darkened. “Why did you serve this to the new guy?”

Seeing the supervisor’s reaction, 441 shrank back and said with an awkward smile, “Oops, he’ll eat it sooner or later anyway, and maybe 444 brother likes it too?”

Listening to their conversation, He Gu looked at 441 warily, then picked up the blackish “Yao Pi” and smelled it. It seemed to have a faint medicinal fragrance.

The supervisor explained, “This is a by-product of some Chinese medicinal herbs, it can be used in cooking, and the factory supplies it to the cafeteria.”

“The taste is average, but it has the effect of promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis, and accelerating wound healing.”

“Don’t waste it in your bowl, eat it, it’s good for your injury.”

With that, the supervisor glanced at 441, his face showing a hint of displeasure, and then lowered his head to continue eating.

Seeing the expressions of the supervisor and 441, and looking at the blackish “Yao Pi” on his chopsticks, He Gu couldn’t help but wonder.

Is it safe to eat this thing?

But the supervisor has already said so much, would it be dangerous not to eat it?

He Gu pondered quickly in his mind, unable to make a decision for a moment.

At this moment, He Gu suddenly remembered Rule 1: “You can trust the people wearing blue work uniforms.”

And the supervisor was wearing a blue work uniform!

This rule is not an instant death rule, and He Gu couldn’t judge its authenticity.

Based on He Gu’s experience of watching live streams for three years, when it comes to rules, it’s better to believe them.

When unable to distinguish between truth and falsehood, treat it as true!

Thinking of this, He Gu gritted his teeth and ate the blackish “Yao Pi.”

The texture was somewhat like pork skin, but tougher, with a salty and fresh taste, and a faint medicinal flavor, which was acceptable.

After eating the “Yao Pi,” He Gu didn’t feel anything wrong.

It seems that this thing is indeed safe, at least it won’t poison him.

Relieved, He Gu began to eat the rest of the food heartily.

No one spoke at the table, and the three of them ate quietly.

After ten minutes, He Gu finished eating and looked up. The supervisor had finished eating and had been waiting for a while.

The supervisor handed He Gu a tissue to wipe his mouth and then spoke, “You are a newcomer, so I need to explain the rules of the factory to you.”

He Gu immediately nodded at the words. “Please go ahead.”

The supervisor continued at a steady pace, “First, let me tell you about the ranks. The employees in the factory are divided into ranks, which is also known as job levels.”

“You don’t need to look at other people’s badges, and you definitely shouldn’t ask for their names. You can tell the job level just by looking at their clothes.”The supervisor pointed at the green uniform He Gu was wearing and said, “The green work clothes you have on are the most basic level. Above that, there are blue, purple, and orange ranks.”

“You might occasionally encounter someone in a suit; those are generally the company executives.”

Pausing for a moment, the supervisor continued, “Of course, everyone in the factory is equal. You don’t need to suck up to anyone, not even those in orange jackets or the executives. You can ignore them if you like.”

“I’m telling you this so you understand that there are places in the factory with rank restrictions. Doors with a green mark mean that anyone of green rank or above can enter. A blue mark indicates that blue ranks and above are permitted, and so on.”

“With your current rank, you are not authorized to enter anywhere that isn’t marked with green or is unmarked. You must remember this.”

“Oh, and there are a few old warehouses in the storage area that are sealed off. Even though they’re unmarked, they are strictly off-limits. Don’t go near them.”

The supervisor’s face was expressionless as he methodically explained the factory rules to He Gu.

He Gu listened attentively, but suddenly felt an itch on his right cheek.

At first, it was bearable, but the itch grew stronger and stronger.

He Gu reflexively scratched his right cheek and felt something stick to his hand.

Looking down, He Gu was shocked to find a piece of shriveled skin clinging to his hand…

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