Chapter 42 – Did Zhang Chao send the keys?

Thinking of this, He Gu held back the words on the tip of his tongue.

The middle-aged woman glanced at He Gu and impatiently said, “Speak, are you He Gu?”

He Gu hesitated for a moment and said, “Auntie, I am 444.”

Upon hearing this, the middle-aged woman suddenly fell silent and looked at He Gu expressionlessly.

After a few seconds of silence, the middle-aged woman put the box in her hand on the ground and walked away without a word.

Watching the middle-aged woman leave, He Gu breathed a sigh of relief.

That was close!

Although this new instance was not as life-threatening as the previous one, it was still full of dangers. If He Gu had been a little careless, he might have been in big trouble!

After breathing a sigh of relief, He Gu picked up the delivery box from the ground and returned to the room, closing the door behind him. He then looked at the delivery note on the box.

The sender was not listed on the delivery note, but the recipient was indeed He Gu.

“I just arrived here today, why is someone sending me things?”

He Gu was suspicious and quickly opened the cardboard box.

Inside the box was a thumb-sized key, and it was a thick, four-sided key.

He Gu took the key and looked at it suspiciously, then quickly found a note at the bottom of the box.

There was only one line on the note:

【Keep this key safe, it may help you open the door to the truth.】

The moment He Gu saw this line, his expression became serious.

He recognized it, this was Zhang Chao’s handwriting!

What’s going on!?

According to reason, the previous instance had already ended, and the people from before should not have any further contact with He Gu.

So why would Zhang Chao send him something?

“A key… the door to the truth…”

Seeing this sentence and looking at the key in his hand, He Gu’s thoughts became a mess.

The key must be able to open a door or a cabinet, but the truth…

Could it be that this key is needed to clear this instance?

With so little information at hand, He Gu shook his head, feeling clueless.

He put the key away and carefully examined the note again.

After turning the note over, He Gu found more words on the back, but this side was not handwritten, it was printed:

【Clearance conditions:

1. Surviving for 15 days is considered clearance, clearance rating: B;

2. Investigate and escape the secret of the Chinese medicine factory, clearance rating: S;

3. Investigate the secret of the Chinese medicine factory, destroy its core, and escape, clearance rating: SSS;】

After reading these lines, He Gu fell into deep thought.

These clearance conditions… seem a bit too harsh!

The simplest way to clear it is to survive for 15 days!

It should be noted that the difficulty of the previous instance was so high, and it only required survival for a week.

In fact, from the third day onwards, the survival space for the challengers was drastically compressed, and almost everywhere was a dead end!

The second way to clear it… investigate the secret of the Chinese medicine factory… the factory was so big, and He Gu hadn’t even seen a fraction of it yet, so the difficulty could be imagined.

As for the third way, to investigate the secret and then destroy the core of the Chinese medicine factory… this difficulty was comparable to dancing in the underworld!

Thinking of this, He Gu took out the key and looked at it again.

Perhaps this key is really the key to clearing the instance?

He Gu felt a little overwhelmed, this instance… the difficulty is really not low…

At the same time.

Blue Star.

After entering the paranormal world, He Gu had entered the second instance.

Correspondingly, challengers from other countries were also selected by the paranormal world, and the paranormal live broadcast rooms in various countries lit up again.

However, at this time, several live broadcast rooms in several countries had gone dark again.

The reason was simple. When the middle-aged woman who delivered the package just called out the name, several people subconsciously responded and then dropped dead on the spot.

Paranormal Event Command Center in China.

Twenty-four elite members were currently in a meeting.

“The challengers who have just entered the paranormal world from other countries all woke up in their dormitory beds, only He Gu has experienced the entire process of completing the formalities at the personnel department and receiving things before going to the dormitory.”

“In other words, so far, in this instance, only He Gu has seen the coordinator, Teacher Fang, and encountered the little girl in the red dress as soon as he went upstairs.”

“This is normal. According to convention, challengers who continuously challenge instances will encounter more things than those who are new to the paranormal world, which means that continuous challengers face more dangers, but also more opportunities.”

“Now we can confirm that Rule 5: Not responding when someone calls your name is a real rule, and it is an instant death rule;”

“And when you see someone in a red dress in the factory area, you must press your back against the wall, there are no children in the factory area, and the dormitory building only has 4 floors. From He Gu’s experience, it can be confirmed that these are not instant death rules, but their authenticity cannot be determined.”

“He Gu knows all of these things you mentioned, we don’t need to remind him!”

“Are there any more valuable discoveries? Are there any findings from challengers in other countries that are worth considering?”

“No… almost the whole world is focusing on He Gu right now, using him as a reference…”

“Right, that key should be a key item, we should pay special attention to this direction.”

“Indeed, it is a four-sided key, and there are relatively few locks that this type of key can be used for.””Activate the scene recognition system, constantly scan and identify all locks or other locking mechanisms that appear in the live stream, and compile a list of all locks that might fit that key!”

The world of strange tales.

He Gu pocketed the note and left the room while flipping through the employee handbook.

According to the map in the handbook, Canteen No. 4 wasn’t too far from Building No. 4 where He Gu resided; it was just a short walk through a residential area.

This so-called residential area was actually a small community composed of several dormitory buildings for the workers of a traditional Chinese medicine factory, complete with shops, small restaurants, and even barbecue stalls.

However, probably because most people were at work at this time, the area was deserted, with only a few pedestrians scattered about.

He Gu walked along, consulting the map and pondering the rules written on the last page of the handbook.

With the upgraded Eye of Truth, He Gu could instantly discern which rules were instantly fatal and which were not.

He could also be certain that the fatal ones were indeed real.

Thus, the false rules could only be among the non-fatal ones, which somewhat helped He Gu eliminate many distractions.

Could it be said that he had encountered a BUG?

However, with the current clues, it was still impossible to distinguish the true from the false among the non-fatal rules.

As usual, He Gu focused on the hidden information that only he could see.

“When alone with someone, they may guide you towards the light or drag you into hell.”

The hidden message was still vague and ambiguous.

But it wasn’t hard to deduce that the core of the message was “being alone with someone.”

Did it mean that when alone with others, one might receive help or clues, or possibly face danger?

He Gu couldn’t be sure, but he kept a wary eye out in his mind.

With these thoughts, He Gu continued on his way and after about seven or eight minutes, he arrived at Canteen No. 4.

Canteen No. 4 was large, resembling an indoor stadium from the outside, with six entrances that suggested it could accommodate a thousand people dining at the same time.

However, there weren’t many people eating at the moment, making the canteen seem rather empty.

He Gu didn’t rush in but started to feel around each door.

Soon enough, He Gu found an A4 paper stuck on the glass door of Entrance No. 4:

【Rule Two】

1. Please ensure a balanced mix of meat and vegetables during meals;

2. Ensure that the number of dishes you get for each meal is odd;

Hidden message: What heals you could also be poison

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