Chapter 41 – Little girl with full BUFF! Express delivery

After seeing the content on this page, He Gu was completely stunned.

At the same time, a mechanical voice sounded in He Gu’s mind: “Copy: [Deep Mountain Medicine Factory] has been loaded!”

However, He Gu had completely no intention to pay attention to this prompt.

At this moment, He Gu stared at the rules in his hand.

Rule 3: If you see someone wearing red clothes in the factory area, immediately press the red button on the intercom, then press your back against the wall until the other person leaves;

Rule 4: Remember, there are no children in the factory area;

Rule 8: The staff dormitory only has 4 floors, please remember this;


Little girl… red dress… lives upstairs!

He Gu never dreamed that he would encounter a little girl with a “BUFF” almost fully stacked as soon as he arrived!

In that instant, He Gu broke out in a cold sweat.

After reacting, He Gu immediately jumped out of bed like he was electrocuted, and quickly pressed his back tightly against the wall.

Only at this moment did He Gu carefully turn his head to look in the direction of the bathroom.

The bathroom door was closed, and there was no movement inside.

The little girl had gone in for a while, and still hadn’t come out, something was definitely wrong!

No, the existence of this little girl itself was wrong!

Thinking about the content of the rules, and then thinking about that little girl, the more He Gu thought about it, the more he felt his scalp tingle.

Perhaps it was too sudden, but after standing against the wall for a while, He Gu finally remembered that the rules mentioned pressing the red button on the intercom when seeing someone in red clothes.

He Gu glanced at the intercom, which he had casually thrown onto the bed, and now it was a bit out of reach while pressed against the wall.

After a moment of hesitation, He Gu glanced in the direction of the bathroom.

Seeing that there was still no movement, he immediately bent down at the fastest speed, picked up the intercom from the bed, and then immediately turned back to press the red button on the intercom against the wall.


The intercom emitted a few crackling sounds, and then fell silent.

With the intercom in hand, and his back pressed against the wall, He Gu nervously looked in the direction of the bathroom.

Time passed second by second.

Apart from the few crackling sounds that came from the intercom after He Gu pressed the red button, there was no other movement.

The dormitory was silent, as if time had stopped flowing, and He Gu could hear his own heartbeat.


He Gu’s legs were almost numb from standing for so long, and the little girl still hadn’t come out.

This couldn’t go on.

After much hesitation, He Gu plucked up the courage and shouted towards the direction of the bathroom, “Little girl, are you done in the bathroom?”

The room fell silent, with no response.

After waiting for a while, He Gu tentatively called out, “Little girl? Little girl?”

Still no response, the surrounding silence was somewhat frightening.

This eerie silence made He Gu feel a bit suffocated.

After waiting for a moment, He Gu couldn’t bear it any longer. Pressing his back against the wall, he slowly moved step by step towards the bathroom.

It took more than a minute for He Gu to move half of the wall with his back, and finally reached the position near the bathroom door.

“Little girl, are you still in there?”

He Gu called out tentatively.

After waiting for a few seconds with no response, He Gu gathered his courage and pushed the bathroom door.


The door made a sour sound as it was pushed open.

The bathroom, which was only a little over a square meter in size, was empty, with no sign of the little girl.

Seeing this scene, He Gu let out a long sigh.


However, at the next thought, He Gu felt a chill down his spine.

He had just seen the little girl enter the bathroom with his own eyes, and now she was gone.

Could it be that the little girl would suddenly come out of the bathroom when he was sleeping at night?

The thought was chilling!

After pushing open the bathroom door, He Gu leaned against the wall and waited for a while to make sure there was no problem, then carefully stepped out from the wall.

By this time, the sky outside the window had darkened, and the sun had already set without He Gu realizing, the sky was gray.

He Gu took out his phone and checked the time, only to realize it was already 19:03.

Wiping the sweat from his forehead, He Gu turned and walked to the door to turn on the light.

The incandescent light on the ceiling flickered a few times before lighting up, the light was not strong, but it barely illuminated the entire room.

At this moment, the intercom in He Gu’s hand suddenly rang.

“Rustling… 444… rustling… 444”

“444, please respond… rustling…”

In this quiet environment, this abrupt sound startled He Gu.

444 was He Gu’s code.

After taking a deep breath and adjusting his emotions, He Gu pressed the black button on the intercom and said, “I am 444.”

Soon, the voice sounded again, “444, rustling… I am your supervisor 411… rustling…”

Personnel A21 had said that He Gu’s supervisor would contact him soon.

He Gu originally thought it would be a phone call, but he didn’t expect it to be contact through the intercom.

“Hello, Supervisor, is there something wrong?”

“Rustling… 444, come to the No. 4 canteen for dinner now, let’s meet and talk.”

When it came to dinner, He Gu suddenly realized that he hadn’t eaten anything all day and was indeed hungry.

“Okay, Supervisor, I’ll be right there.”

After that, He Gu put down the intercom, picked up a set of green work clothes from the storage box and changed into them.

After changing his clothes, He Gu thought for a moment, pinned the intercom to his chest, picked up the white medicine bottle and two sausages from his pocket, then picked up the staff manual and looked at the map to find the location of the No. 4 canteen.After finishing his preparations, He Gu turned off the lights and was ready to leave.

However, as soon as he opened the door, He Gu saw a figure standing right at his doorstep.


Since He Gu had already turned off the lights inside, and the corridor lights outside were not on either, it was pitch dark at that moment, and the figure nearly scared He Gu into jumping out of his skin.

After letting out a startled cry, He Gu immediately reached out to press the light switch inside the room.

But the old incandescent bulb had to flicker a couple of times before it fully lit up, almost making He Gu curse out loud.

Once the light was on, He Gu finally got a clear view of the figure at the door.

It was a middle-aged woman wearing the same green work uniform as He Gu, who also had a frightened look on her face, seemingly scared by He Gu’s earlier scream.

The two of them locked eyes, both faces filled with panic and confusion.

A few seconds later, the woman regained her composure: “Young man, what’s wrong with you? You nearly scared me to death with that shriek!”

He Gu responded with a wry smile, speechless: “I was scared by you too.”

The woman rolled her eyes and handed a box to He Gu: “Are you He Gu? There’s a parcel for you at the guard room!”

Upon hearing this, He Gu was taken aback, about to nod in agreement, when he suddenly froze.

Rule number five: Within the factory area, everyone should address each other by their number, please do not disclose your own name, and if you hear someone calling your name, do not respond;

Moreover, under the effect of The Eye of Truth, He Gu knew that this was a deadly rule!

If He Gu responded, he would drop dead right there!

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