Chapter 38 – Special red towel?


In a daze, He Gu felt something vibrating in his pocket, and he turned over irritably, not wanting to open his eyes.

But soon, He Gu suddenly realized that he was still in the strange world, and he woke up instantly.

Opening his eyes, He Gu saw the bed board of the upper bunk.

Sitting up and looking around, He Gu found that it was already bright outside.

He Gu was still in room 303, sleeping on the bed that Wang Tao had made for him last night.

The door of the dormitory was closed, and Wang Tao was sleeping soundly on the bed opposite, snoring loudly.

“Is this… could it be a dream?” He Gu was puzzled.

He clearly remembered that last night, the door of the dormitory was kicked in by Wang Tao, and Wang Tao was bitten on the neck by Zhang Chao, and even he himself…

Thinking of this, He Gu subconsciously reached out to touch his neck.

Fortunately, his neck was still there.

The last hidden message He Gu saw last night said: Stay calm, let the bullets fly for a while, and the dawn of victory will eventually come!

Now it was already bright outside.

The dawn had appeared, and He Gu knew that he was also close to victory – that is, he had cleared the level.

Sitting on the bed for a few seconds, He Gu was completely awake.

He took out his phone and glanced at the time. It was now 8:56 in the morning.

At this time, He Gu realized that there were two missed calls on his phone, both from the same unfamiliar landline number that had just woken him up.

Ignoring the missed calls, He Gu got out of bed and prepared to stretch his joints.

As soon as he got up, He Gu saw a tan envelope slip off of him.

He Gu picked up the envelope and opened it to find an internship notice with a red seal.

In addition, there was a note.

He Gu picked up the note and immediately recognized Zhang Chao’s handwriting:

[He Gu, our internship notice actually arrived early, and I secretly hid yours… They must die, but I really don’t want to involve you, so I had to resort to this. It’s meaningless to say these things now that things have come to this point. I will bear the consequences I should bear, and I wish you a bright future.]

After reading this, He Gu was completely puzzled.

What does this mean?

The tone of this message seemed to suggest that last week’s car accident that almost wiped out their dormitory was not an accident!?

But why?

He Gu shook his head in confusion.

Then, He Gu picked up the internship notice and glanced at it. The date on it was indeed ten days ago.

There was also a contact number for the internship unit.

He Gu took a look and was about to dial the number on his phone when his phone vibrated again.

It was the same landline number that He Gu had missed before, calling again at this time.

After a moment of hesitation, He Gu answered the phone: “Hello?”

A female voice came from the receiver: “Hello, this is the Human Resources Department of Kangde Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd. Is this He Gu?”

He Gu replied, “Yes, it’s me.”

The person on the other end of the phone continued, “Hello, He Gu, you took leave for personal reasons before and couldn’t report to our company on time. The file says that the report has been postponed to today.”

“One of our colleagues from the logistics department will be returning to the factory from your city today, and will probably pass by the main gate of your school around 9:30. Do you need a ride?”

He Gu immediately replied, “Yes.”

The person on the other end said, “I will inform the colleague from the logistics department. Get ready, bring necessary items, ID, internship notice, etc., and wait at the main gate of the school at 9:30 sharp.”

He Gu nodded. “I understand.”

After hanging up the phone, He Gu looked at the time on his phone and had about half an hour left.

He didn’t wake up the sleeping Wang Tao, and quietly left room 303 by himself.

When he reached the corridor, He Gu saw the door of the neighboring room 302, with a birdcage hanging on it, and the parrot inside lying quietly at the bottom of the cage.

The parrot was dead.

He Gu carefully opened the door and looked inside.

The room was empty, with no one inside.

The bedding on Zhang Chao’s bed had been taken away at some point, leaving only the bed board. Little Yin’s belongings, including the pink suitcase, were all gone.

Only a bright red towel was hanging at He Gu’s bedside…

He Gu was slightly startled. Wasn’t this the red towel from Little Yin’s suitcase?

Didn’t he already throw it away? How did it reappear?

Seeing the towel, He Gu couldn’t help but feel a chill down his spine, afraid that Little Yin would suddenly appear from some corner and ask him to hand her the red towel.

Fortunately, Little Yin did not appear, but there was a note stuck to the back of the towel:

[Rule Seven]

Do not hesitate, this is your only chance to leave alive.

Hidden message: Perhaps the red towel that could have taken your life could also save your life.

He Gu didn’t expect to see another rule when he was close to clearing the level.

The content of this rule was simple and direct, telling He Gu not to stay for long.

What really interested He Gu was the hidden message that only he could see.

[Perhaps the red towel that could have taken your life could also save your life.]

The red towel had indeed almost taken He Gu’s life, but what did it mean to save his life?

After a moment of thought, He Gu took the red towel down, folded it, and stuffed it into his suitcase.The hidden information seen by the Eye of Truth is never false; the red towel must be kept!

Subsequently, He Gu walked to the sink to look in the mirror and found that his complexion had recovered quite a bit, no longer resembling the appearance of a zombie.

The wounds left by the cat’s claws on his cheeks were still there, but the swelling had subsided, and the three scratch marks had already scabbed over.

He Gu carefully wiped his face with the towel, changed into a new set of clothes, packed a few sets of spare clothes, tidied up the dormitory a bit, and left the dormitory dragging his suitcase.

Soon, He Gu arrived at the entrance of the dormitory building.

The dormitory supervisor’s chair was still there, but the supervisor himself was nowhere to be seen.

He Gu looked around the empty campus and, dragging his suitcase, strode towards the school gate.

Just as He Gu was about to reach the school gate, a figure suddenly appeared in front of him.

Seeing this figure, He Gu’s heart skipped a beat, and he was ready to run at a moment’s notice.

The figure approaching him was none other than Teacher Fang, who was supposed to have died in a car accident last week!

Teacher Fang stood not far in front of He Gu with a gloomy face, staring at him fiercely: “Hand it over!”

He Gu was startled: “What?”

Clearly, this Teacher Fang was an incarnation of “it,” and was no longer pretending, speaking fiercely: “You took something you shouldn’t have!”

“You’ve passed the challenge of the rules. As long as you hand over the item, I won’t trouble you further!”

Hearing “Teacher Fang’s” words, He Gu had a rough idea.

The thing “it” wanted must be the red towel.

But what was so special about that red towel that “it” would go so far as to appear again to demand it from He Gu?

After a moment’s thought, He Gu took a deep breath to remain calm and said indifferently: “I haven’t violated any rules, what can you do to me?”

Hearing this, “Teacher Fang’s” face grew even darker, staring at He Gu with eyes that gradually turned completely black, and a wisp of black aura began to seep from his body.

Seeing this, He Gu’s heart jumped, and without a word, he started running with his suitcase.

Under normal circumstances, He Gu wouldn’t care about the luggage, but the red towel was still inside!

Although He Gu didn’t yet know the use of the red towel, the hidden information said it could save lives!

And “it” was willing to appear to find He Gu, which further indicated that the red towel was no ordinary item!

It absolutely could not be handed over!

He Gu made up his mind and dragged his suitcase, running for his life towards the school’s main gate.

“Teacher Fang” behind him seemed to barely move his feet, but his speed was eerily fast, and he was about to catch up with He Gu.

In a moment of desperation, He Gu “performed a miracle with great strength,” swinging his suitcase to smash at “Teacher Fang.”

Caught off guard, “Teacher Fang” was hit by He Gu and stumbled, allowing He Gu to burst through the school gate in one go.

Just as he rushed out, He Gu nearly got hit by a truck.

The truck braked sharply, and the driver stuck his head out and cursed: “Are you in a hurry to reincarnate?”

He Gu looked up and saw the white small truck with “Kangde Traditional Medicine” printed on the side.

Without time to explain, He Gu hurriedly got into the passenger seat of the truck.

The driver glared at He Gu: “What are you doing…”

Before the driver could finish, He Gu took out his ID card and handed it over: “I’m He Gu, the person you’re supposed to pick up. Drive, now!”

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