Chapter 37 – The answer is…

Zhang Chao bit Wang Tao’s neck without warning.

The sound of gnawing on raw flesh rang out, followed by a spray of blood that landed on He Gu’s face.

“Damn it!”

Feeling the warmth on his face, He Gu jumped in shock.

The sudden turn of events was too abrupt, almost causing He Gu to shout out in surprise.

Fortunately, He Gu always remembered the rule of “no loud noise after lights out,” so he forcefully suppressed his voice.

On the other side, Wang Tao’s neck quickly became a mess of flesh and blood.

At this moment, Zhang Chao was like a wild beast, continuously feasting on Wang Tao.

“Crunch, crunch…”

The sound of chewing on flesh and bones mixed with the sound of swallowing, making it particularly jarring in the silent environment.

He Gu looked at Zhang Chao in horror, then glanced at the dormitory door that Wang Tao had kicked open, feeling an impulse to run out.

However, after a fierce mental struggle, He Gu held back, sitting on the bed with a stiff face, watching this horrifying scene in front of him.

At this moment, Zhang Chao was like a wild beast, single-mindedly enjoying his meal.

Five or six minutes later, Wang Tao’s neck had been completely bitten off, leaving only half of his head.

It wasn’t until this moment that Zhang Chao stood up, still covered in blood, and turned to look at He Gu with a sinister smile on his face.

Blue Star.

In the live broadcast room of the Dragon Country’s strange tales, the barrage was exploding.

“Oh my god! What’s going on with Zhang Chao!”

“Damn, this is too terrifying! Why is He Gu still standing there? Run!”

“Yeah! The door is open, while Zhang Chao is still busy with Wang Tao. Run!”

“It’s over, it’s too late… “

“Damn it! I finally survived until now, only to die in the end…”

In the world of strange tales.

He Gu looked at Zhang Chao, and his body was covered in goosebumps.

Zhang Chao, with blood all over his face, licked the bloodstains at the corner of his mouth and suddenly said, “He Gu, pass me a towel.”

As he spoke, Zhang Chao pointed to a towel hanging at the head of He Gu’s bed.

This was not He Gu’s bed, so the towel naturally did not belong to him.

And He Gu clearly remembered that when he had just gone to bed, there was no towel hanging at the head of the bed!

Looking at Zhang Chao’s appearance, He Gu felt a sense of panic, but still forced himself to say, “You can get it yourself.”

Zhang Chao was taken aback by his words, looked deeply at He Gu, and suddenly smiled.

“Why didn’t you run just now?”

He Gu shook his head, “I said, I won’t leave this door before six o’clock.”

Zhang Chao fell silent.

After a few seconds, Zhang Chao took the towel himself and began to wipe the bloodstains from his face in a calm and unhurried manner.

After wiping all the blood from his face, Zhang Chao turned to look at He Gu seriously.

“Do you understand now?”

He Gu said lightly, “At first, I just suspected that you wanted me to follow you at this time, and once I went into the corridor, I would violate the rules, so I absolutely wouldn’t go out.”

“Then you deliberately created several sudden events to scare me and make me shout in fear.”

“At this moment, I understood that you were actually at your wits’ end and had no choice but to force me to break the rules.”

Based on past experience, people had long discovered that the rules in the world of strange tales were not only limitations for the challengers, but also limitations for “it.”

If the challenger did not violate any rules or hidden mechanisms, then “it” would have no way to directly attack the challenger.

“Zhang Chao” fell silent for a moment, then smiled sinisterly, “I can also force you to break the rules.”

He Gu nodded, “There is that possibility.”

“For example, in Room 302, you might eventually make Little Yin directly ask me to have a relationship with her. But now, it seems that Little Yin can’t leave Room 302, otherwise you wouldn’t have gone to such trouble.”

“Zhang Chao” turned cold, staring at He Gu in silence.

At the same time.

Blue Star, in the live broadcast room of the Dragon Country’s strange tales.

The barrage was boiling.

“Oh my god! So that’s how it is!”

“What does that mean? Is this Zhang Chao a mysterious incarnation? My CPU is burning!”

“Awesome, luckily he didn’t run just now!”

“I remember there’s a rule that you can’t be active in the corridor between twelve o’clock at night and six o’clock in the morning, no wonder he kept saying he wouldn’t go out before six o’clock!”

“And there’s the rule about not making loud noises, he was scared twice just now, but he managed to hold back from shouting out loud!”

“There’s also a rule that you can’t use someone else’s belongings without permission, so he didn’t help Zhang Chao get the towel! Details!”

“Great, this is stable!”

“I don’t understand, how did he figure out that Zhang Chao was up to something?”

In the world of strange tales.

“Zhang Chao” fell silent for a long time, seeming somewhat unwilling, “How did you figure it out?”

At this point, He Gu relaxed completely and shrugged, “I didn’t actually figure it out.”

“But I knew that you were anxious.”

“This instance has a hidden mechanism, and a person’s vitality will diminish over time. Staying in the dormitory for a long time will cause hallucinations, and even Little Yin will gradually become strange over time. Am I right?”

“Zhang Chao” said nothing, quietly watching He Gu.

He Gu continued, “But this is not unsolvable. The meat in the cafeteria can effectively alleviate these symptoms.”

“If I’m not mistaken, the effect of mutton is the best, but unfortunately, I missed it.”

“And seeing that I discovered the role of the parrot and obtained more and more clues, you started to get anxious.””Because you know, tonight is your last chance.”

Throughout the process, He Gu’s voice remained low, determined not to break the rule of “No loud noises after lights out.”

He Gu sighed and continued, “So you took away the dorm supervisor and the canteen chef, trying to corner me completely.”

“When I realized you were getting anxious, I knew that you would definitely take action tonight, which also means that I’m not far from clearing the level.”

At this point, He Gu laughed, “So, from the moment I entered dorm room 303 tonight, I decided that no matter what happens, I will not break any rules and just watch your performance.”

Of course, there was one thing He Gu didn’t say.

That was the last hidden message he saw: Stay calm, let the bullets fly for a while, and the dawn of victory will eventually come!

It was this hidden message that completely confirmed He Gu’s conjectures and gave him the confidence to remain unshakable.

After listening to He Gu, “Zhang Chao” fell silent again.

A moment later, “Zhang Chao” suddenly laughed.

“Interesting, really interesting.”

“Zhang Chao” turned his head and grinned, “You won this time, but next time, you won’t be so lucky.”

With that, “Zhang Chao” suddenly lunged at He Gu with a sinister smile and bit towards his neck.

He Gu’s expression changed, and before he could react, he felt a sharp pain in his throat.

Then, everything went dark before He Gu’s eyes, and he lost consciousness…

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