Chapter 39 – Invalid clearance? Code 444

In the midst of the conversation, He Gu nervously glanced out the window and found “Teacher Fang” standing inside the school gate, staring at him with a resentful expression, but not chasing after him.

Could “it” not leave the school gate?

At the thought, He Gu breathed a sigh of relief.

That was close!

The driver of the truck beside him gave He Gu a strange look and muttered, “Nuts…”

Although the driver was displeased with He Gu’s reckless behavior, he still started the truck after checking his identity.

The small truck slowly drove away…

At that moment, a mechanized voice sounded in He Gu’s mind:

“You have successfully cleared the instance: [Roommate’s Online Love Interest].”

“Hidden exploration completion: 90%.”

“Plot unlock completion: 35%.”

“Clearance rating: SS.”

“Rewards obtained: The Eye of Truth has been upgraded!”

“The Eye of Truth (Level 2) effect: When reading the rules, you can see a hidden message and be marked with the instant death rule.”

Hearing this series of prompts, He Gu let out a long breath.

Finally, he cleared it.

Although the plot unlock completion was only 35%, and the hidden exploration completion did not reach 100%, and the clearance rating did not get a perfect score…

None of these mattered!

The most important thing was that He Gu survived!

At that moment, the mechanized voice in He Gu’s mind sounded again:

“You have successfully cleared an instance… Due to your theft of an important item within the instance, it has caused dissatisfaction, and this clearance is invalid. You are unable to leave the world of supernatural tales for the time being. Please continue to challenge…”

Hearing this prompt, He Gu furrowed his brow.

There’s such a thing!?

Just because he took a towel, the clearance was invalidated!?

In fact, even if the clearance was valid, He Gu had no intention of leaving the world of supernatural tales right now.

Those who were chosen to enter, even if they cleared the instance, could not leave safely and needed to exchange a portion of their lifespan.

Usually, if one chose to leave after clearing the first instance, they would have to pay the price of 30 years of lifespan.

Of course, the more instances cleared, the smaller the price to leave the world of supernatural tales.

It is said that if one could find certain special items, they could even leave without a price.

He Gu shook his head, it didn’t matter, he didn’t plan to use 30 years of lifespan to leave right now.

After making his choice, He Gu leaned back in his seat and closed his eyes to rest.

Perhaps he was just too tired these past few days, and He Gu soon fell asleep.

He didn’t know how long had passed when the driver woke him up: “Young man, we’re here.”

He Gu opened his eyes and found himself in a courtyard.

There was a large open space around, with a row of warehouses not far away, and many different types of trucks, forklifts, and some workers were busy.

Feeling a little lost, He Gu got out of the car, and suddenly heard a familiar voice behind him: “He Gu, we’re here?”

Hearing this voice, He Gu turned around abruptly and saw a middle-aged woman with shoulder-length curly hair and wearing a shirt smiling at him.

And this person was the counselor of He Gu’s class, Teacher Fang…

Teacher Fang actually appeared here!

Did “it” follow him here!?

In an instant, He Gu broke out in a cold sweat.

Seeing his reaction, Teacher Fang smiled and said, “What? Don’t you recognize me?”

“I’m the coordinator sent by the cooperative unit this month. Are you surprised to see me here?”

Hearing this, He Gu realized that this seemed to not be “its” incarnation.

But didn’t the real Teacher Fang die in a car accident last week!?

Suppressing his emotions, He Gu forced a smile and said, “No… I just didn’t expect to meet you here.”

After that, He Gu tentatively asked, “By the way, Teacher Fang, when did you arrive?”

Teacher Fang said, “I came with the special car from the pharmaceutical factory last week. I’ve been here for almost half a month.”

Hearing this, He Gu’s heart tightened, and he continued to ask, “Then, did you… come back to the school yesterday?”

Teacher Fang laughed, “Of course not. Why, did you see me at school yesterday?”

He Gu hurriedly shook his head, “No, I just saw someone’s back that looked like yours.”

After thinking for a moment, He Gu continued to ask tentatively, “So the other students in our dormitory also came with you, right?”

Teacher Fang was taken aback by his words, “You don’t know yet?”

“Sigh, the six people in your dormitory were in a car, and they got into an accident on the way and… all died.”

He Gu naturally knew about this news.

But now, hearing Teacher Fang’s words, He Gu was at a loss.

He had heard or seen three different versions of this matter, and each version was different!Originally, He Gu thought that the most reliable version should be the one in the newspaper of the janitor, but in the newspaper, Teacher Fang also clearly died…

For a moment, He Gu felt as if he had missed some important information again.

Seeing He Gu in a daze, Teacher Fang reached out and waved in front of him: “What are you daydreaming about?”

“Let’s go, I’ll take you to get registered first, otherwise the HR department will be off work soon.”

As he spoke, Teacher Fang took the lead and walked forward.

He Gu took a look and followed along with his suitcase.

The area of Kant Medicine Factory was very large, with just the warehouse occupying a larger area than a football field.

Following Teacher Fang, He Gu passed through the warehouse area and walked for more than ten minutes along a paved road, finally arriving in front of a ten-story office building.

There were two security guards standing at the entrance of the building, dressed in black uniforms and holding rubber batons, with black masks on their faces, looking somewhat eerie.

Teacher Fang walked up to the security guards, showed them some kind of work permit, and one of the security guards nodded, then turned to He Gu and said, “People can go in, but leave the suitcase here.”

Listening to the muffled voice coming from behind the mask, He Gu felt suspicious. Was such a high level of security necessary for just a medicine factory?

Of course, He Gu didn’t say anything, just nodded and moved the suitcase to the wall, then followed Teacher Fang into the building.

As soon as they arrived in the lobby on the first floor, He Gu saw many people in work clothes bustling about.

Everyone was wearing the same standard work clothes, but the colors of the clothes were different.

Some wore green, some wore blue, and a few wore purple.

Everyone seemed very busy, hurrying about, and no one was talking.

The spacious lobby was full of people, but almost no sound could be heard other than footsteps.

This scene was somewhat eerie, making He Gu feel a bit oppressed.

Teacher Fang, on the other hand, seemed to be used to it, and led He Gu through the lobby to the front of the elevator.

Soon, the elevator arrived.

Teacher Fang took He Gu into the elevator, pressed the button for the 9th floor, and pulled He Gu to stand in the corner.

To this, Teacher Fang explained lightly, “This company has very strict management, and everyone pursues efficiency. Let’s stand in the corner and not block others.”

He Gu nodded thoughtfully, but he always felt that something was not quite right.

The elevator door closed, and the elevator began to rise slowly.

However, just as they reached the 2nd floor, the elevator stopped, and the door opened slowly.

He Gu glanced outside and found that it was dimly lit outside, with no one in sight.

No one came in, and the elevator door closed again, slowly ascending.

This time, the elevator went smoothly all the way, and soon arrived at the 9th floor.

After getting off the elevator, Teacher Fang led He Gu through a long corridor to a stop in front of an office door.

“Go in, I’ll wait for you at the door.”

He Gu nodded and walked into the office somewhat awkwardly.

The office was large and bright.

There were four desks in the office, but three of them were empty, with only a short-haired woman in a purple uniform sitting in front of the desk in the corner.

“You’re here? Come over.”

The woman in purple called out and motioned for He Gu to come over.

Just as He Gu walked to the desk, she said, “I’m A21, this is my employee number.”

What the heck is A21? Don’t you have a name?

He Gu thought to himself, but didn’t say much.

A21 spoke quickly, with the air of a career woman.

“I’ve already received your file, and all the documents are ready. Register your ID and internship notice with me, and then sign a few words to start your job.”

He Gu nodded, took out his ID and internship notice that had been prepared long ago.

After taking them, A21 put the internship notice into a file box, and swiped He Gu’s ID on a device similar to a card reader.

After doing all this, A21 handed the ID back to He Gu, and took out a few documents for He Gu to sign.

He Gu glanced at them, they were things like internship agreements, safety commitment letters, and so on, but he didn’t bother to read them carefully, just quickly signed his name a few times.

A21 put away these documents, and handed He Gu a work permit: “From now on, your number is 444, this is your work permit, you must carry it with you in the factory.”

He Gu took the work permit and took a look. There was no photo, no name, no department information, nothing.

It just said “work permit” in green font, and “444”.

Before He Gu could even complain in his mind, A21 handed him a key: “The company provides single dormitories, your dormitory is Room 44 in Building 4, here’s your key.”Having said that, A21 pointed to a 40-centimeter square storage box on the table and said, “Inside here are the items issued to you by the company. Take them and go back to the dormitory to rest for a bit. Your supervisor will contact you later to arrange your work.”

He Gu nodded, picked up the box, and walked out of the office.

Teacher Fang was waiting at the door and glanced at He Gu’s work badge: “You’re in Building 4? Let’s go, I’ll take you to the dormitory first.”

With that, Teacher Fang led He Gu to the elevator.

Just like before, Teacher Fang stood with He Gu in the corner.

As the elevator descended to the second floor, it stopped again, and the doors opened.

However, outside was dim, with not a soul in sight.


Just then, a cat’s meow suddenly came from outside the elevator.

He Gu looked in the direction of the sound and saw a black cat crouched in the corner looking at him.

The black cat was entirely black, almost blending into the surroundings, but its pair of orange eyes were strikingly conspicuous.

On its left ear, there was a triangular notch…

Seeing this ear, He Gu’s heart skipped a beat. Wasn’t this the black cat that had scratched him in the small woods at school?

Just as He Gu was about to say something, he turned his head and saw Teacher Fang looking at the black cat with a face full of panic, frantically pressing the elevator’s close button.

It wasn’t until the elevator doors slowly closed that Teacher Fang visibly sighed with relief…

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