Chapter 36 – Bedroom Nightmare Night

Dorm 303.

He Gu lay on the bed, with his eyes closed, breathing evenly, trying to look as if he was asleep.

At this moment, a dark figure was standing by He Gu’s bed.

“Gu-ge, Gu-ge?”

Zhang Chao’s voice sounded, even reaching out to push He Gu.

He Gu kept his eyes closed and didn’t respond, continuing to pretend to be asleep.

At this time, Zhang Chao simply dragged He Gu up from the bed: “Gu-ge, wake up! We’re running out of time!”

Since He Gu was already pulled up, he naturally couldn’t continue to pretend to sleep, and could only open his eyes “sleepily” and ask, “Who?”

Zhang Chao took out his phone and turned on the flashlight: “It’s me, Chao-zi.”

He Gu looked at him “surprised” and whispered, “Damn, you’re finally back?”

Zhang Chao sighed, “I’ve troubled you these past few days. Now is not the time to talk. Come with me quickly!”

As he spoke, Zhang Chao grabbed He Gu’s wrist and tried to pull him out.

He Gu frowned, broke free from Zhang Chao’s hand, and asked in a low voice, “Where are we going so late at night?”

Zhang Chao said anxiously, “It’s not safe in the school!”

“In a while, everyone will die. If we don’t leave now, it will be too late!”

Zhang Chao’s words were so serious that it made He Gu feel a little uneasy.

However, He Gu still shook his head and said, “There are rules in the dormitory. We can’t be in the hallway after midnight.”

Zhang Chao slapped his thigh in frustration, “It’s already this late and you’re still worried about that!”

Seeing that He Gu was still unmoved, Zhang Chao sighed, “Gu-ge, I’ll tell you straight. We received internship letters last week, but I secretly hid yours…”

After saying that, Zhang Chao added, “Don’t rush to blame me, and don’t ask me why I did it.”

“I can only tell you, if I didn’t do this, you would be dead by now!”

After saying this, Zhang Chao looked into He Gu’s eyes and said sincerely, “Gu-ge, trust me one more time!”

“Don’t ask anything, just come with me now. It’s almost too late!”

As he spoke, Zhang Chao kept looking back at the closed door of the dorm, his face filled with anxiety and unease.

At this moment, there were suddenly a few eerie cat cries in the corridor outside.

These cat cries were very piercing, sounding like wild cats fighting, and also like a baby crying, making people’s scalps tingle.

To be honest, Zhang Chao’s expression at this moment was very infectious, and He Gu’s uneasy emotions were quickly escalating, and he even had the impulse to leave with him immediately.

However, He Gu did not act rashly, repeatedly reminding himself in his mind: Stay calm and let the bullets fly for a while!

Seeing that He Gu still didn’t move, Zhang Chao seemed to be getting anxious.

“Gu-ge! Let’s go!”

“Xiao Ying has completely lost control. We’ll all die in a while!”

As he spoke, Zhang Chao took out an envelope from his pocket, “Your internship letter is in here!”

“You follow me out first, and you can report to the internship unit tomorrow!”

“I’ll explain the rest to you later!”

Blue Star.

Dragon Country’s Strange Tales live broadcast room.

At this moment, almost all the viewers around the world were watching He Gu’s reaction, and barrage comments in various languages almost covered the entire screen.

“So this is the correct way to clear the level!”

“There are too many variables in this instance. I didn’t expect that the key to clearing the level would actually be Zhang Chao!”

“I remember, before the parrot turned red, He Gu asked it how to clear the level, and the parrot intermittently mentioned the names Wang Tao and Zhang Chao!”

“So the correct solution is to spend the night in Wang Tao’s dorm, then meet Zhang Chao and leave the school with him to clear the level!?”

“Heh, Dragon Country people, don’t be too happy too soon. This might also be a trap, you know?”

“Damn, where did these sour dogs come from? Go back and watch your own black screen live broadcast!”

“It’s really hard to say, this instance is full of hidden dangers, and it’s impossible to distinguish between truth and falsehood!”

At this time, the vast majority of viewers believed that He Gu had reached the final step, and as long as he left with Zhang Chao, he would clear the level.

There was also a small group of people who thought that things were not that simple, and there might still be hidden dangers.

Strange Tales world.

He Gu sat on the bed, quietly watching Zhang Chao, letting him say whatever he wanted, but He Gu remained resolute.

Zhang Chao became anxious and tried several times to pull He Gu up and take him away, but he couldn’t move He Gu.

“Gu-ge, don’t you trust me?” Zhang Chao stared into He Gu’s eyes and asked.

He Gu shrugged, “You hid my internship letter and didn’t give a reason. How can I trust you?”

Zhang Chao wanted to say something else, but suddenly, a woman’s laughter came from the corridor outside.

It was Little Yin’s voice!

Little Yin seemed to be standing right outside the door, her voice sometimes mournful, sometimes frantic.

Zhang Chao’s expression changed, “It’s over! It’s too late!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

At this moment, the door of the dorm was knocked on again.

To be precise, it wasn’t a knock, it was a bang!The banging on the door was so loud that He Gu even felt the whole house shake.

Along with the sound of the door being smashed, a hoarse parrot voice rang out in the corridor: “Wow—hee hee… dead!”


The parrot had only squawked twice when the sound abruptly stopped.

Then, a “click click” gnawing noise came from outside the door.

Although He Gu had heard these sounds last night, they still made his scalp tingle at this moment.

Zhang Chao looked at the bedroom door with a grave expression, gestured to He Gu to keep silent, and whispered, “Don’t make a sound, no matter what!”

Soon after, a series of cat meows followed outside the door.

Then came the “ding-ling ka-dang” sounds, messy footsteps, and the piercing cries of cats… A cacophony of noises outside the door became a chaotic mess.

It sounded as if someone was fighting with a group of feral cats in the corridor.

At the same time, the banging on the door and Little Yin’s crying laughter continued.

The banging grew more frantic, and He Gu even saw the door panel begin to shake, as if it would be smashed open at any moment.

Listening to these noises, He Gu’s scalp tingled, and a sense of unease brewed to its peak, his back drenched in cold sweat.

To be honest, He Gu was not as calm as he appeared; inside, he was in a complete panic.

The chaos outside the door lasted for three to five minutes.


At that moment, a woman’s scream echoed from outside.

Simultaneously, all the noises outside the door ceased abruptly.

It was as if the tumultuous scene in the corridor had ended instantly with that scream.

In that moment, the whole world fell silent.

Outside, there was a deathly stillness, as if none of the previous sounds had ever occurred.

After waiting for a moment, there was still no sound outside.

That’s when Zhang Chao suddenly grabbed He Gu’s wrist: “Brother Gu, let’s go, this is our last chance!”

Seeing Zhang Chao’s urgent demeanor, He Gu almost stood up and took a couple of steps forward with him.

Then He Gu quickly came to his senses, broke free from Zhang Chao’s grip, and shook his head, whispering, “I absolutely won’t go out before six o’clock.”

Zhang Chao’s face changed at these words, about to say something more.

But just then, the bedroom door suddenly burst open with a “boom”!

The dim light from the corridor streamed in, and He Gu saw a figure rush in from outside, heading straight for him.

It wasn’t until the figure got close that He Gu could see clearly.

It was Wang Tao.

Wang Tao’s eyes were tightly shut, his movements stiff and eerie, clearly sleepwalking.

Moreover, Wang Tao was covered in blood, with red feathers sticking to the corners of his mouth, and he was even holding half of a bloody parrot in his hand!


Caught off guard by the suddenness and the visual shock of Wang Tao’s appearance, He Gu jumped up, cursing under his breath.

As Wang Tao was about to pounce on him, He Gu, in a panic, grabbed a pillow from beside him to shield himself, temporarily blocking Wang Tao’s bloody head.

Just then, Zhang Chao suddenly lunged at Wang Tao, knocking him to the ground, and then fiercely bit down on his neck…

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