Chapter 35 – Let the bullets fly

【The truck that was supposed to pick up people tonight is fake, and after Little Yin finishes her makeup, she will demand to share a room. Find a way to deal with it quickly! Also, you are the only one left in this instance, so be careful…】

Seeing this sudden prompt, He Gu was stunned for a moment, then immediately turned to look at Little Yin with vigilance.

At this moment, Little Yin was carefully drawing her eyebrows in front of the mirror, with a hint of a strange smile at the corner of her mouth.

He Gu’s heart sank, and a sense of urgency arose.

As a pure and single young man for twenty years, He Gu was well aware of how long it takes for a girl to do her makeup, and naturally, he couldn’t tell how long it would take for Little Yin to finish her makeup.

This intensified He Gu’s sense of urgency.

She will demand to share a room after finishing her makeup!

He Gu naturally knew that this meant a dead end!

What should he do?

He Gu’s mind was racing, but he couldn’t come up with any clues.

He couldn’t agree, couldn’t refuse, and couldn’t even find a suitable excuse to evade.

It seemed that the only way out was to escape!

But now it was already past nine o’clock, and according to the rules, He Gu couldn’t leave the dormitory building!

Watching Little Yin put on makeup little by little, He Gu felt extremely anxious.

And at that moment, footsteps suddenly sounded in the corridor.

He Gu was originally sitting at the door, and now he looked out and was overjoyed.

He saw Wang Tao walking towards him from the other side of the corridor.

He Gu took a careful look and saw that Wang Tao’s eyes were open, and he was in a normal state, not sleepwalking!

It really was a lucky break!

He Gu was overjoyed and immediately got up to greet Wang Tao.

Wang Tao was startled when he saw He Gu. “What the heck! Brother Gu?”

“What happened to your face? How did it become like this?”

He Gu also knew that his face was indeed a bit scary at the moment, and smiled bitterly. “Don’t mention it, I was scratched by a cat during the day.”

With that, He Gu immediately took out the “delicious jerky” he had just bought from the store and handed it to Wang Tao. “Here, have some food.”

Wang Tao’s eyes lit up at the sight, and without hesitation, he took the jerky and tore open the packaging to eat.

While eating, he said, “Hmm! The taste is pretty good!”

After that, Wang Tao looked at He Gu warily. “You’re being so nice for no reason, Brother Gu, do you have something to ask me?”

He Gu laughed and saw that Wang Tao hadn’t finished eating the jerky, so he changed the subject. “It’s almost half past nine, how come you’re just coming back now?”

Wang Tao waved his hand. “The two friends from Room 404 upstairs invited me to play cards. It seems like there are only four of us left in the entire male dormitory building.”

As he spoke, Wang Tao finally finished eating the jerky in his hand.

He Gu secretly breathed a sigh of relief. He could now avoid Little Yin.

At the same time, Wang Tao had already taken out the key and opened the door. He Gu followed him into Room 303.

Wang Tao looked a little strange. “You’re coming over now? The lights haven’t even been turned off yet. Why don’t you go and keep your wife company?”

He Gu waved his hand repeatedly. “No, no, I can’t stand it.”

If he went over now, he wouldn’t be able to come back later!

Wang Tao shook his head and smiled. “Tsk, it looks like you’ve really been squeezed these past few days, huh?”

He Gu sighed. “Alright, stop talking about this nonsense. I came over to take refuge secretly. Don’t turn around and sell me out!”

Wang Tao nodded. “Got it.”

“And I’m not going out again, where would I sell you?”

He Gu finally relaxed when he heard this.

For safety’s sake, He Gu deliberately locked the door behind Wang Tao.

After locking the door, He Gu noticed a piece of A4 paper stuck behind the door of Room 303.

【Rule Six】

1. No loud noise after the lights are turned off;

2. Do not use other people’s things without permission;

Hidden message: Stay calm, let the bullets fly for a while, and you will eventually see the dawn of victory!

Seeing this rule, He Gu fell silent for a moment.

He didn’t expect that there would be a rule hidden in Room 303, just a wall away from him!

And for He Gu, discovering a rule was equivalent to seeing an additional piece of hidden information!

After reading this rule and the hidden message, He Gu immediately turned around and shouted to Wang Tao, “Taozi, can I use the things in your room?”

Wang Tao was currently making the bed for He Gu, and without turning his head, he said, “Of course, except for my chrysanthemum, you can use whatever you want.”

He Gu nodded slightly. With Wang Tao’s words, He Gu shouldn’t violate the second rule.

As for the first rule, He Gu wouldn’t violate it either.

Soon, Wang Tao finished making the bed for He Gu, and He Gu thanked him and lay down directly.

Wang Tao looked at him and teased, “Tsk, it’s not even ten o’clock and you’re already going to bed? Brother Gu, you must be really tired these past few days, huh?”

He Gu didn’t say anything and lay on the bed to rest.

Although things weren’t as Wang Tao had imagined, He Gu was indeed exhausted.

In no time, He Gu fell asleep.

In a daze, He Gu didn’t know how long he had been asleep when he was suddenly awakened by a rapid knocking on the door.

He Gu was startled by the sound and sat up from the bed with a start.At this moment, the dormitory was pitch-black, the power had gone out and the lights were off at some unknown time.

He Gu squinted in the faint moonlight at Wang Tao’s bed, only to find that Wang Tao was not there.

This puzzled He Gu. Where could Wang Tao have gone in the middle of the night?

Hadn’t they agreed that if he ate the delicious jerky, he wouldn’t sleepwalk anymore?

Bang bang bang!

He Gu had no time to ponder as the knocking grew more urgent, almost turning into door-smashing.

He Gu frowned slightly but had no intention of opening the door.

No matter who was outside, let them knock; He Gu was resolute in not being swayed.

After a few minutes, the noisy banging finally ceased.

Then, He Gu heard the distinctive hoarse voice of a parrot in the corridor: “Waah—help! Help!”

“Hehe… hehe… dead! Dead!”

The parrot’s voice was very raspy, as if something was stuck in its throat, or as if someone was strangling it.

He Gu’s brow furrowed slightly, yet he remained unmoved.

Having already experienced this last night, He Gu naturally wouldn’t gamble with his life again.

When he saw the hidden message in the rules of dormitory 303, He Gu had made up his mind: no matter the chaos outside tonight, he would not take a second glance!

Stay calm, let the bullets fly!

However, just as He Gu was thinking this, he suddenly heard the sound of a key being inserted into the lock at the door.

Following that, the sound of the lock turning echoed.

The next moment, the door opened.

With the light from the corridor, He Gu saw a dark figure enter and head straight for his bed.

Could it be that Wang Tao was sleepwalking again?

He Gu’s heart tightened, and he quickly closed his eyes to feign sleep.

The next moment, a voice sounded in the darkness: “Brother Gu, I’m back.”

Hearing this voice, He Gu’s heart skipped a beat.

It was Zhang Chao’s voice!

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