Chapter 31 – Uncle Zhou’s body

Seeing the store clerk suddenly change from white to black attire, He Gu’s expression shifted, and without a second thought, he grabbed Wang Tao and bolted outside.

However, after running a few steps, He Gu felt something was off. Wang Tao had no reaction, as if he were a walking corpse.

He Gu glanced back and saw that Wang Tao had closed his eyes, allowing He Gu to drag him along.

Wang Tao had entered a sleepwalking state while standing!

At the same time, the black-clad clerk followed out of the store, a sinister smile on his face as he ran towards He Gu.

Just then, the sleepwalking Wang Tao suddenly grabbed He Gu’s wrist: “Let’s go, I’ll take you for barbecue.”

A shiver ran down He Gu’s spine, a sense of immense danger looming over him.

Without time to think, He Gu kicked Wang Tao in the waist with all his might, sending him tumbling to the ground, and finally breaking free from his grasp.

He Gu then ran towards the dormitory without looking back.

As He Gu started sprinting, a series of rapid footsteps echoed behind him.

Someone was catching up!

The footsteps were right on He Gu’s heels!

He Gu didn’t dare to look back, unsure if it was the black-clad clerk or Wang Tao chasing him, and ran desperately, holding his breath.

The footsteps were relentless, almost sticking to He Gu’s back.

He Gu felt that if he slowed down even slightly, he would be caught!

Soon, He Gu ran back into the small woods.

If he could get through the woods, he would see the dormitory building!

He Gu didn’t dare to relax and ran headlong.

At that moment, He Gu suddenly heard a piercing cat’s cry.


As the meow sounded, He Gu saw a black shadow pounce towards him.

He Gu had no time to react and instinctively dodged.

The shadow flashed by, and He Gu screamed in pain, his face burning and a warm liquid flowing down his cheek.

Only then did He Gu see that it was a black cat that had pounced and scratched his face.

The black cat was pitch-black with eerie orange-red eyes and a notch in its left ear, looking very sinister.

After scratching He Gu, the black cat quickly ran in front of him, hissed with its fur standing on end, and then disappeared into the woods.

He Gu felt a burning pain on his face, wiped it with his hand, and found it covered in fresh blood.

And the footsteps behind him were still in hot pursuit!

He Gu didn’t dare to stop and continued to run, enduring the severe pain.

Soon, He Gu finally burst out of the woods, and the dormitory building was in sight.

Just as He Gu emerged from the woods, the footsteps behind him vanished.

He Gu ran to the dormitory entrance, gasping for breath before stopping to look back, but there was no one behind him.

This was undoubtedly the most strenuous and nerve-wracking run of He Gu’s life. He was panting heavily, feeling as if all his strength had been drained, leaning on his knees and catching his breath.

Moments later, He Gu heard a series of rapid footsteps again.

Could it be chasing him again?

He Gu tensed up, looked up, and saw several figures wrapped tightly in white hazmat suits running towards him.

Seeing this, He Gu was momentarily stunned.

He Gu instinctively wanted to run but soon realized these people weren’t coming for him.

They rushed straight to the dormitory entrance and surrounded the dormitory supervisor, Uncle Zhou.

Only then did He Gu notice that Uncle Zhou seemed to be in the same position as in the morning, sleeping soundly in his chair.

Then, He Gu saw two people in white hazmat suits lift Uncle Zhou from the chair.

Another person began to remove Uncle Zhou’s uniform jacket.

Uncle Zhou was still asleep, allowing these people to manipulate him.

Seeing this, He Gu’s heart sank, a bad premonition forming.

Sure enough, the next moment, Uncle Zhou’s jacket was stripped off.

At the same time, a puff of black smoke rose from Uncle Zhou’s body.

As the smoke dissipated, Uncle Zhou’s entire body became emaciated, and all visible skin on his face, hands, and neck was covered in black veins.

Uncle Zhou’s mouth was wide open, his eyes bulging as if in great pain.

This expression was now frozen; Uncle Zhou’s body was stiff.

Clearly, Uncle Zhou was dead.

The people in white hazmat suits carried Uncle Zhou’s body onto a stretcher and hurriedly loaded him into a black van parked nearby.

Watching this scene, He Gu felt a mix of emotions and a sense of oppression.

Just then, He Gu suddenly saw one of the people in white protective suits shout in surprise, pointing at He Gu, seemingly yelling something.

Immediately after, all the people in protective suits turned to look at He Gu.

The next moment, they turned and charged towards him.

He Gu’s heart tightened, and without a second thought, he dashed into the dormitory building and sprinted up the stairs.

Before long, He Gu had rushed back to his own dorm room, locked the door behind him, and leaned against it, gasping for air.

Soon after, He Gu heard a series of rapid footsteps in the corridor outside; those people had really followed him!

However, they didn’t seem to see which room He Gu had entered, and the noisy footsteps eventually faded away.

Only then did He Gu let out a long breath, realizing his shirt was soaked with sweat.

After running intensely twice, He Gu felt utterly drained and sat down on the floor leaning against the door.

At that moment, He Gu noticed Little Yin sitting on the bed, holding a meal box, quietly watching him.

Little Yin’s skin was frighteningly pale, devoid of any color.

Her hair was a mess, falling haphazardly, half of her face obscured by the loose strands.Little Yin’s half face was visible from outside, and He Gu could only see one of her eyes, feeling that her gaze was… somewhat strange.

“What’s wrong?”

Little Yin’s voice was somewhat cold.

He Gu waved his hand: “Nothing, just out for a run to exercise.”

Little Yin glanced at He Gu, hesitated for a moment, then added, “Your face…”

It was then that He Gu remembered that a black cat had scratched his face earlier, but he had no idea what the wound looked like now.

With that thought, He Gu pulled out his phone and turned on the front camera to take a look.

At that glance, He Gu froze completely.

On the phone screen, He Gu saw his complexion was sallow, his cheeks and eye sockets sunken in, and his lips slightly blue, making him look like a corpse.

And most importantly, there were three scratches nearly 10 centimeters long on the right side of He Gu’s face.

The wounds were deep, with flesh turned inside out.

Although the bleeding had stopped, half of He Gu’s face was swollen, and the wounds seemed to be festering, looking particularly frightening…

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