Chapter 30 – Parrot” redification

When this sentence was shouted out, the parrot’s voice had become very hoarse, and his breath was very weak.

After shouting out this incomplete sentence with difficulty, the parrot slumped down like a deflated ball.

The next moment, the red feathers on the parrot’s body suddenly exploded, and his eyes turned red again.

Immediately after, the parrot suddenly recovered from its slump, flapping its wings and thrashing around in the cage.



The parrot banged against the cage while making strange noises, as if it wanted to say something but couldn’t, only able to make “huh-huh” sounds, as if something was stuck in its throat.

After banging for a while, the parrot finally stopped, and its eyes turned as black as ink, as if two drops of ink had been placed on them.

Blood dripped from the corners of the parrot’s mouth, and its feathers were so red that they seemed to be oozing blood, with a pair of black, gaping eyes, looking at He Gu askew.

This time, the parrot’s eyes no longer had the human-like light they had before, but instead looked like a fierce beast.

Covered in blood-red feathers, with a pair of pitch-black eyes, the parrot looked at He Gu askew.

At this moment, the parrot completely lost its previous spirituality and even seemed to exude a strange charm.

Seeing the parrot like this, He Gu felt a little creeped out.

Without thinking, He Gu knew that the parrot’s current state was definitely a problem.

He Gu also knew that this state could be cured with “Delicious Beef Cubes.”

However, He Gu no longer had any beef cubes in his hand.

But there was still a small piece of braised beef that he had just hidden from the cafeteria.

After a moment’s thought, He Gu tore off a small piece of beef and tentatively handed it to the edge of the cage.

The red feathers all over the parrot’s body instantly exploded, and it suddenly pecked at He Gu’s hand.

But this time, the parrot didn’t peck at the beef, but at He Gu’s hand.

A piercing pain shot through the palm of his hand, and He Gu recoiled as if he had been electrocuted, only to find that his palm was already broken, and bright red blood was slowly seeping out.

The red parrot seemed even more excited when it saw the blood, flapping and banging against the cage, as if it wanted to break through and escape.

Startled, He Gu quickly took a few steps back, covering the wound on his hand.

When the blood was no longer visible, the parrot gradually quieted down and continued to look at He Gu with its eerie eyes.

A chill ran down He Gu’s spine, and he carefully picked up the birdcage, hanging it back on the bedside.

At this moment, He Gu suddenly realized that something was wrong.

The bird food in the trough seemed to be different from before!

After a moment’s thought, He Gu immediately remembered that the bird food in the trough seemed to be the kind that Elder Huang had sent back!

Thinking of this, He Gu’s heart tightened, and he hurriedly opened the public cabinet to search.

After bringing the bird food back, He Gu had not given it to the parrot to eat, but had put it directly into the cabinet.

Soon, He Gu found the bag of bird food.

The transparent plastic bag had been opened, and the bird food inside was clearly a little less.

Seeing this, He Gu’s heart “thumped” immediately, it really was this kind of bird food!

Elder Huang’s note clearly stated that after eating this kind of bird food, the parrot should not be fed meat!

At this moment, He Gu seemed to understand.

No wonder the parrot had turned out like this!

In that instant, a surge of anger rose in He Gu’s heart, and he turned around and shouted, “Little Yin!”

The curtain on the bed was pulled back, revealing Little Yin with disheveled hair, and she impatiently asked, “What?”

He Gu angrily asked, “Did you feed the parrot this bird food!?”

Little Yin glanced over, indifferent, and said, “Yeah.”

He Gu exploded with anger, and combined with the amplification of emotions in the dorm, he even felt an impulse to beat Little Yin.

Little Yin raised an eyebrow, a hint of a sinister smile tugging at the corner of her mouth, “What’s wrong? Did the parrot have a problem eating it?”

“If you’re not happy… or else you come over, and I’ll make it up to you?”

As she spoke, Little Yin licked her lips.

Hearing this, He Gu’s heart shuddered, and he immediately calmed down a lot.

Stay calm… stay calm…

He Gu took a deep breath and repeatedly admonished himself to stay calm.

After taking a few deep breaths, He Gu calmed himself down and glanced at the parrot again, then turned and walked out the door.

Soon, He Gu arrived at the empty campus field in front of the dormitory building.

The entire campus was deserted, and there was a lonely figure playing basketball on the court, it was Wang Tao.

The last thing the parrot said before completely “redifying” was, “Wang Tao… eat jerky… don’t sleepwalk… trustworthy…”

Although this sentence was incomplete, based on these few words, He Gu guessed that it probably meant that Wang Tao was trustworthy when he didn’t sleepwalk, and giving him jerky would prevent him from sleepwalking.

At this point, He Gu could only take a gamble and believe that his guess was not wrong.

On the court, Wang Tao saw He Gu coming over, stopped and smiled, “Hey, Brother Gu, are you tired of playing ball in the dorm and want to play basketball for a while?”

As he spoke, Wang Tao winked, “But you’re so weak… can you still play basketball?”

He Gu didn’t have the heart to banter with him, and said directly, “Do me a favor.”

Wang Tao was slightly stunned at the words, then immediately said, “No problem, what do you need?”

He Gu said in a deep voice, “A new kind of delicious beef cubes has been introduced in the store, limited to one per person.”

“I bought one, it tastes good, and I want to buy another one, but it’s limited, can you help me buy one?”Wang Tao burst into laughter upon hearing this, “What’s the big deal!”

“Since we’re free anyway, let’s go. I’ll go buy it for you right now.”

He Gu felt a slight relief in his heart and walked with Wang Tao towards the direction of the store.

Soon, the two arrived at the entrance of the store.

He Gu first checked to make sure there were no parrot feathers on him, then glanced inside the store. Seeing the clerk in a white uniform standing behind the cash register, he walked in with peace of mind.

Once inside the store, He Gu and Wang Tao pretended to pick up some bread from the shelves, then glanced at the shelf labeled “Delicious Jerky,” which was still empty.

Afterward, they approached the cash register to pay.

This time, however, the clerk in white did not promote the “Delicious Beef Bites” as they had done the previous two times.

He Gu’s heart tightened, and he took the initiative to ask, “Do you still have the Delicious Beef Bites?”

The clerk looked up at He Gu with an expressionless face and said, “Delicious Beef Bites are limited to one portion per person, and you have already purchased once.”

He Gu waved his hand, “It’s not for me, my classmate here also wants to buy a pack to try.”

The clerk glanced at Wang Tao, “You want to buy Delicious Beef Bites?”

Wang Tao nodded cooperatively, “Yeah, I saw him enjoying it, and I want to try it too.”

The corner of the clerk’s mouth suddenly curled into a strange smile, “Alright, but we’re out of stock now. I’ll restock later, you can come back and buy it in the evening.”

As the clerk spoke, they patted Wang Tao on the shoulder.

At that instant, He Gu suddenly realized something was amiss.

The hand that the clerk extended had a black sleeve!

He Gu was taken aback for a moment, and when he looked up again, he saw that the clerk’s appearance had changed, completely different from the person before.

Not only that, but their uniform had somehow turned black…

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