Chapter 32 – Gradually emerging from the water surface

Seeing his own image on the phone, He Gu was startled.

This… why does it look more and more like a zombie from a movie!?

For a moment, He Gu even doubted whether he was really alive.

Little Yin glanced at He Gu, said nothing, and continued to eat the food in the lunch box with her head down.

As He Gu looked at himself on the phone, he gradually became uneasy.

Right, delicious food can cure everything!

He Gu suddenly remembered this phrase and immediately took out a few sausages he had bought before and started eating them hungrily.

After eating a few sausages, He Gu took another look at his face in the phone and found that the swelling on his right face seemed to have subsided a bit, and the wound didn’t look as fierce.

It seemed that food did have an effect, but these sausages were obviously not “delicious” enough, and the healing effect was only average.

At this point, He Gu was almost certain.

Eating meat in the cafeteria is the key to healing!

The parrot had been shouting “eat meat” for a long time, indicating not only that it wanted to eat meat, but also that He Gu must eat meat.

And obviously, “it” in this world would not sit idly by and let He Gu have it too easy, so the cafeteria quickly added a rule: no taking out meat dishes!

Although He Gu ate meat at every meal, Little Yin had not had any meat for several meals.

It was from the point when meat dishes were not allowed to be taken out that Little Yin began to become more and more eerie.

After calming down, He Gu’s thoughts gradually became clearer.

The cafeteria’s meat dishes could heal him, but it was obvious that He Gu’s physical condition was deteriorating, indicating that simply “eating meat” could not completely cure him.

What He Gu needed most was the “non-existent” lamb.

And the janitor was some kind of “guardian” role, always secretly protecting He Gu.

So when He Gu was in danger, he appeared in time and even once handed a lamb bun to He Gu, but unfortunately He Gu didn’t dare to eat it.

As for the “Delicious Beef Bites” from the store, it should be the key item to heal the parrot.

And the “Delicious Meat Floss” that was always out of stock should be the key to preventing Wang Tao from sleepwalking.

From the information revealed in the parrot’s last sentence, it was credible that Wang Tao did not sleepwalk.

And that was the parrot’s answer to He Gu’s question about “how to clear the level,” which meant that Wang Tao was the key to clearing the level!

However, what puzzled He Gu was that the parrot’s answer even mentioned Zhang Chao!

What did that mean?

He Gu frowned slightly, but he was still a little short of the mark!

Just a little bit, and He Gu would be able to uncover all the hidden secrets!

Just as He Gu sat on the ground, lost in thought, Little Yin suddenly made a soft “huh” sound.

He Gu looked up and saw Little Yin picking up a chicken leg from the bottom of the bowl, staring at it expressionlessly.

“Didn’t they say that the cafeteria doesn’t allow taking out meat dishes? How come there’s a chicken leg?”

Little Yin looked at He Gu in confusion.

He Gu was also puzzled.

Right, the cafeteria only allows taking out vegetarian dishes, so where did the chicken leg come from?

At this moment, He Gu heard the meaningful look from the fat chef. Could it be that he secretly put it in for himself!?

Right, the fat chef had recommended the lamb bun to him before, so he must have wanted to help him!

At this moment, He Gu seemed to understand.

In this instance, not everyone would pose a threat to him, and many people even wanted to help him!

On the other hand, Little Yin hesitated for a moment while holding the chicken leg.

After hesitating for a moment, Little Yin still took a bite.

With just one bite, Little Yin’s expression changed.

She no longer looked as stiff, and her eyes didn’t seem as eerie.

Then, as if she hadn’t eaten for days, Little Yin quickly finished the chicken leg.

By the time Little Yin finished her meal, He Gu could clearly feel that she had undergone some changes.

She became… less eerie.

Then, He Gu saw Little Yin tuck her hair, which had covered half of her face, behind her ear and tidy up her messy hair.

After that, Little Yin also tidied up her bathing supplies, grabbed a towel, and walked towards the bathroom.

He Gu breathed a sigh of relief.

Indeed, eating meat could cure many things!

At this point, He Gu thought of the injury on his face.

It seemed that he would have to eat more meat in the cafeteria at dinner, and it would be best to have lamb, maybe then he could get rid of this ghostly appearance.

With that in mind, He Gu got up from the ground, climbed onto his bunk, set the alarm for 6 o’clock in the afternoon, and then lay on the bed to continue pondering.

At the same time.

Blue Star.

Paranormal Event Command Center in China.

Twenty-four elite team members were currently sitting around a table in a meeting, and the live broadcast screen on the front was showing the situation on He Gu’s side.

“Everyone, from what we can see now, He Gu has already sorted out many clues on his own.”

“At present, we can confirm that meat and Delicious Beef Bites both have healing effects, the former for humans and the latter for the parrot, and meat can also activate the parrot’s abilities to directly ask it questions.”

“This young man He Gu is not simple at all. Everyone is puzzled, but he has managed to find so many clues on his own.”

“Currently, apart from He Gu, only the participants from Russia and Australia are still alive, but they have been holed up in their dormitories waiting to be taken away at night and have not received any useful clues.”

“The chances for these two countries to receive hints have already been used up, so we have no way to inform their participants of the situation on He Gu’s side. It seems that their situation is not looking good.”

“Should we relax our guard now? He Gu has not yet learned the specific method to clear the level, and we have not provided him with any help!”

“But at present, all the clues we have obtained are found by He Gu himself. He may even have more information than we do, so we really can’t provide him with any useful information at the moment.”

“Sigh… the difficulty of this instance is too high, but He Gu’s performance is unexpectedly good. Perhaps he can find a way to clear the level on his own…”

In the paranormal world.

He Gu lay on the bed, lost in thought, and the afternoon passed quickly.It wasn’t until the alarm on his phone went off that He Gu realized it was already six in the evening.

Dinner time.

He Gu leaped down from the top bunk, hurried out the door, descended the stairs, and made a beeline for the cafeteria located diagonally across from the dormitory building.

However, as soon as He Gu reached the entrance of the cafeteria, he saw that black van from noon again.

Immediately after, He Gu witnessed several individuals dressed in white protective suits clumsily carrying a stretcher out of the cafeteria.

On the stretcher was a body, which He Gu recognized at a glance—it was the chubby chef.

The chef’s body was covered in black veins, his mouth wide open, his eyes bulging out, exhibiting the exact same deathly appearance as the old dormitory supervisor…

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