Chapter 29 – Parrot Blood Chatter

Looking at himself in the phone, He Gu was startled.

Even if he hadn’t slept well these past two days, he shouldn’t have turned into this appearance, right!?

How did he look so haggard?!

If it weren’t for the live broadcast proving that He Gu really hadn’t done anything to Little Yin, anyone who didn’t know would think he had really indulged in excess!

He Gu felt a little panicked.

Thinking about the set-up in movies where scholars and demons coexist in a room and absorb the yang energy, He Gu became even more panicked.

Looking at this situation, even if he hadn’t done anything and didn’t violate the rules, he would eventually die after a long time!

The more He Gu thought about it, the more anxious he became.

Thinking that emotions and desires would be amplified in the dorm, He Gu quickly took a deep breath to calm himself down.

After taking a few deep breaths, He Gu reluctantly suppressed the panic, and quickly returned to the dorm.

Back in the dorm, He Gu habitually locked the door and glanced at Little Yin’s bed.

The curtain on Little Yin’s bed was tightly drawn, as if she was sulking with He Gu.

He Gu put the takeout box on the table and called out, “I brought food for you.”

From behind the curtain, Little Yin’s voice came, indifferent, “Just leave it, I’ll eat it later.”

He Gu couldn’t be bothered with her, so he quickly climbed onto his own bed after putting down the takeout box, and hugged the birdcage.

At this time, the parrot looked quite spirited, still tilting its head to look at He Gu, with a human-like glint in its eyes.

He Gu took out a few pieces of beef that he had secretly brought back from the cafeteria, and the parrot immediately flapped its wings joyfully, tugging at its throat and shouting, “Wow – meat! Meat!”

He Gu tore a piece of beef into small pieces suitable for the parrot to swallow, and placed it in his palm at the edge of the cage.

The parrot’s eyes were full of anticipation, and it quickly leaned over and pecked at the beef.

After finishing the beef, the parrot tilted its head back and stretched its neck, squinting its eyes as if it was enjoying itself.

A few seconds later, the parrot looked at He Gu with its head tilted again.

Seeing this, He Gu asked, “Is the person coming to pick me up tonight trustworthy?”

The parrot blinked and flapped its wings, shouting, “Don’t know! Don’t know!”

He Gu was stunned, “What do you mean by ‘don’t know’ when I ask if they are trustworthy?”

After a moment of thought, He Gu smiled again, “You mean you haven’t seen those people, so you don’t know if they are trustworthy?”

The parrot looked at He Gu and actually nodded in a human-like manner.

Seeing this, He Gu felt relieved.

Although he didn’t get the answer he wanted, at least it confirmed one thing: the parrot could answer questions after eating meat!

After thinking for a moment, He Gu asked again, “Have you seen the dormitory supervisor, is he trustworthy?”

The parrot tilted its head, as if in thought.

A few seconds later, the parrot suddenly tugged at its throat and blurted out a few words, “Guardian! Trustworthy!”

Hearing this, He Gu breathed a sigh of relief again, but then his heart tightened.

If that’s the case… then things are even more complicated!

He Gu originally wanted to ask if Teacher Fang could be trusted, but then he thought that the parrot hadn’t seen Teacher Fang either.

After thinking for a moment, He Gu asked, “If I leave tonight, will there be danger?”

The parrot flapped its wings, “Wow – meat! Meat!”

He Gu was speechless, so he could only ask one question with one piece of meat!?

Fortunately, this time He Gu had secretly brought back four pieces of braised beef the size of soybeans from the cafeteria.

There were still three pieces left, which meant he could ask three more questions.

It seemed that he would have to figure out a way to bring back more pieces of meat in the afternoon, as long as he had enough meat to give to the parrot and ask it questions, it wouldn’t be difficult to clear the level, right?

While thinking about this, He Gu tore another piece of meat into smaller pieces, and then placed it at the edge of the cage in his palm.

The parrot flapped to the edge of the cage joyfully, and quickly ate all the meat.

After the parrot finished eating, He Gu asked again, “Will there be danger if I leave tonight?”

The parrot tilted its head and looked at He Gu, squinting its eyes as if it was carefully assessing.

A few seconds later, the parrot suddenly flapped its wings and started to flutter around in the cage.

“Will die!”

“Will die!”

Listening to the parrot’s voice, He Gu’s heart tightened, and his brow furrowed.

Many things were gradually becoming clear.

The dormitory supervisor was trustworthy, and it seemed that he had been trying to help He Gu all along.

So he had been trying to get He Gu to see that newspaper this morning, just to tell him that Teacher Fang was already dead!

Obviously, the person who brought the internship letter to He Gu this morning was not the real Teacher Fang.

Naturally, the one coming to pick up He Gu tonight was definitely not the real internship unit.

Thinking of this, He Gu couldn’t help but feel a chill down his spine.

If he hadn’t been paying close attention to the parrot’s hints and finally discovered its role today, He Gu might have been in trouble tonight!

No wonder several hidden messages had mentioned the parrot. The parrot was definitely the most important part of this level!

He Gu quickly organized his thoughts, and many of the previously confusing pieces of information gradually became clear.

A complete thread had gradually taken shape in He Gu’s mind.

He Gu felt that he would soon be able to unravel all the mysteries, just a few more pieces of the puzzle!After pondering for a while, He Gu broke off another piece of beef and fed it to the parrot.

Once the parrot finished eating, He Gu asked again, “Since I can’t leave tonight, how can I clear the level?”

The parrot cocked its head at He Gu again, as if contemplating something.

This time, the parrot took a bit longer to think.

A full half-minute passed before the parrot exclaimed, “Internship letter! Wang Tao! Zhang Chao!”

This time, the parrot only mentioned a few names.

After shouting these names, the parrot seemed to have expended a great deal of energy, its spirit immediately wilted, and the whole bird drooped its head listlessly.

He Gu was completely baffled and hurriedly asked, “What do you mean? Explain yourself!”

The parrot weakly lifted its head to glance at He Gu, its voice suddenly hoarse, it weakly cried out, “Find the internship letter… Wang Tao… Zhang Chao…”

The parrot’s voice became even raspier, like a broken record, its words intermittent, as if uttering these few words had drained all its strength.

After shouting these words, the parrot’s beak suddenly oozed a few drops of fresh blood.

Immediately after, He Gu saw the parrot’s white feathers turn red at a speed visible to the naked eye.

In the blink of an eye, the once snow-white parrot was now a blood-like crimson all over!

Even its eyes were gradually turning red, as if blood would flow from the corners at any moment.

He Gu panicked at the sight.

What’s going on!?

Answering the question turned the parrot into this!?

He Gu quickly took out the remaining three “Haoweiduo Beef Granules” and broke one into pieces by the cage.

This thing could heal the parrot!

At this moment, the parrot was entirely crimson, and after its eyes turned red, there was a strange and sinister look in its gaze.

Seeing the pieces of beef granule in He Gu’s hand, the parrot hesitated for a moment, then slowly approached to peck at it.

After eating one beef granule, the crimson in the parrot’s eyes faded a bit.

He Gu hurriedly broke up the last two beef granules and fed them to the parrot.

After finishing all the beef granules, the red in the parrot’s eyes finally receded, returning to its original color.

However, the parrot’s human-like eyes were full of exhaustion, and there was no sign that the crimson feathers would return to white.

The parrot leaned against the cage, seemingly without the strength to stand, and looked at He Gu with weary eyes, as if saying goodbye.

Moments later, the parrot suddenly raised its head and with a hoarse voice, intermittently cried out, “Wang Tao… eating jerky… no sleepwalking… trustworthy…”

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