Chapter 28 – Newspaper

The dormitory was very quiet.

Little Yin was curled up in bed, tightly pulling the curtains, not knowing what she was doing inside.

He Gu was lying on his bed, organizing the information in his mind while waiting for noon to arrive.

The morning passed quietly.

At exactly twelve noon, the alarm set by He Gu on his phone went off.

He Gu’s spirits lifted, and he immediately jumped down from the top bunk and walked out without a word.

A few minutes later, He Gu had already arrived at the cafeteria.

As before, the cafeteria was empty, with no one coming to eat.

Behind six windows, a cafeteria worker stood at each.

What surprised He Gu was that this time, five of the workers behind the windows were dressed in red.

Only behind window number four, there was the fat chef in a white chef’s uniform.

At this moment, the fat chef’s left hand was in a cast, hanging in front of his chest. His face was somewhat sickly pale, and his eyes were bloodshot, as if he hadn’t slept for days.

He Gu looked around warily, but there was no other choice but to go to window number four.

The fat chef saw He Gu and grinned, showing a somewhat sinister smile. “It’s you again, classmate.”

He Gu looked at his eyes with some trepidation and forced a smile. “It’s me.”

The fat chef said again, “Unfortunately, there’s no lamb to slaughter today, so you won’t be able to eat lamb.”

With that, the fat chef suddenly changed the subject. “Just eat whatever you want, because we won’t be open tomorrow.”

“If you don’t leave the school, it’s best to stock up on food at the store.”

Then, the fat chef waved his hand. “Alright, what do you want to eat today? Place your order.”

He Gu listened to the fat chef’s words and felt that something was not quite right.

At this point, he didn’t have time to think too much and casually ordered a few dishes, including meat and vegetables.

The fat chef filled a whole plate and handed it to He Gu.

Then, He Gu tentatively said, “Give me another serving of the same dishes, I’ll take it back for my classmate.”

He Gu noticed that when he said this, the other five cafeteria workers behind the other windows all turned their heads to look in this direction.

The five workers in red showed no expression on their faces, just staring straight at them. However, this time, they were not looking at He Gu, but at the fat chef.

The fat chef fell silent for a moment, then sighed deeply. “It’s cafeteria policy that meat dishes are not allowed to be taken out.”

“You can only take some vegetarian dishes for your classmate.”

He Gu sighed helplessly. “Alright, then just give me a serving of whatever you want.”

The fat chef nodded, took a lunch box and put it on the counter, then proceeded to serve rice and four vegetarian dishes.

After paying, He Gu walked to a corner and sat down to eat, holding the tray in one hand and the lunch box in a plastic bag in the other.

As before, while He Gu was eating, the other workers besides the fat chef kept staring at him.

Perhaps because the fat chef had served too much food this time, He Gu ate slowly this time.

After almost half an hour, He Gu finally finished the food on the plate.

Putting down his chopsticks, He Gu walked out of the cafeteria.

After walking out of the cafeteria door, He Gu let out a long breath.

That was close!

It was almost as difficult as cheating in an exam with so many eyes watching.

After walking a distance, He Gu looked back to make sure no one had come out of the cafeteria before carefully taking out a few small pieces of braised beef the size of broad beans from his sleeve.

The reason why it took He Gu half an hour to eat this meal was mainly because he was trying to avoid the eyes of the cafeteria workers and hide these small pieces of meat in his sleeve.

He carefully wrapped the beef in a tissue and put it in his pocket, then walked quickly to the dormitory building.

At the entrance of the dormitory building, the dormitory manager was sitting in a chair, dozing off, wearing a uniform jacket and holding a newspaper in his hand.

He Gu tiptoed past him, but at this moment, the dormitory manager seemed to have fallen asleep, and the newspaper slipped from his hand and fell at He Gu’s feet.

Seeing this, He Gu was somewhat wary. It seemed that this was the second time today that the dormitory manager had dropped the newspaper at his feet.

After a moment of hesitation, He Gu still squatted down to pick up the newspaper and handed it to the dormitory manager.

“Sir, you dropped your newspaper.”

However, the dormitory manager did not react at all, leaning back in his chair, seemingly fast asleep.

He Gu frowned and was about to put the newspaper on his leg and leave.

At this moment, a headline on the newspaper caught He Gu’s attention.

“Kant Medicine Factory’s Special Car Plunges off Cliff! 1 Teacher and 6 Students from a Certain University in Our City Perish!”

He Gu looked at the main text again and found that last week, a special car from Kant Medicine Factory, which was transporting interns from a cooperating university, plunged off a cliff. The six students and one teacher on board died on the spot.

Although the news did not directly mention which school the students came from, there was only one cooperating university in the city with Kant Medicine Factory!

From the lines, He Gu could easily determine that the six students mentioned in the news were his six roommates!

But Teacher Fang said that seven students had died. Why did the newspaper only mention six?

And one of them was a teacher?

He Gu continued to read the article and finally found a sentence in the news: “The deceased surnamed Fang, a teacher and counselor of the six intern students…”

Seeing this, He Gu’s head buzzed.

It was Teacher Fang!

Teacher Fang had died in a car accident last week!?

But… He Gu had seen her this morning!Teacher Fang also gave He Gu an internship notification letter, telling him to leave tonight…

If Teacher Fang met with disaster last week, then who was that this morning!?

At this moment, He Gu only felt chills running down his spine.

Things are indeed not that simple!

“So that’s how it is…”

Thoughts raced through He Gu’s mind, and suddenly it seemed like he understood a lot more.

Afterward, He Gu gently placed the newspaper back on the legs of the dormitory supervisor and quickly headed upstairs.

Just as he reached the third floor, He Gu ran into Wang Tao, who was coming out with a basketball.

Seeing He Gu, Wang Tao said with a strange expression, “Damn, He Gu, you… how come you look like this after just one night?”

“Even though that girl in your dorm is top-notch, you can’t indulge yourself like this, take it easy, or you’ll be drained dry!”

He Gu glared at him and said irritably, “What nonsense are you talking about?”

Wang Tao smacked his lips, “You look like you’ve indulged too much… Seriously, take a brother’s advice, go easy.”

After saying this, Wang Tao hesitated, then patted He Gu on the shoulder and walked away with his basketball.

He Gu was completely baffled and took out his phone to look at himself with the front camera.

He only glanced once, and He Gu was stunned on the spot.

In the camera, he saw himself with dark circles under his eyes as prominent as a giant panda’s, his eye sockets somewhat sunken, his eyes lifeless and his face pale, looking every bit like someone who had been drained dry…

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