Chapter 27 – Unusual janitor, the role of beef cubes!

He Gu quickly returned to the dormitory building with the things he had just bought from the store.

At this time, the dormitory manager was still sitting at the door reading the newspaper. He stopped He Gu as he was about to go in.

“Young man, wait a minute,” the dormitory manager said.

He Gu paused and turned to ask, “What’s the matter, sir?”

The dormitory manager patted He Gu’s shoulder with the newspaper in his hand. “What’s going on with you? I’ve been seeing you in and out these past few days.”

He Gu helplessly replied, “I’m just going out to eat and buy things. It doesn’t violate the school rules.”

The dormitory manager’s face turned serious. “It doesn’t violate the rules, but now there are only a few people left in the entire dormitory building, and no one else is running around as much as you!”

Was this old man looking for trouble?

He Gu was speechless and didn’t want to cause any trouble, so he nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll try to go out less in the future.”

The dormitory manager’s expression softened slightly at this, and he added, “Don’t think I’m being too strict. This is for your safety.”

“The school is almost empty now, and there’s only one security guard left to watch the gate. It’s easy to get into trouble if you keep running around.”

“Look, it was just reported in the newspaper that a student at a school had an accident on campus!”

As he spoke, the dormitory manager handed the newspaper to He Gu to show him.

He Gu pushed the newspaper away helplessly. “Okay, okay, I got it, sir.”

The dormitory manager glanced at him and said, “Forget it, I’ve said too much and you won’t listen. Just be careful, and if you’re going out at night, make sure to be back by nine o’clock.”

“If you come back late and get locked out, you’ll have no one to blame but yourself!”

After saying this, the dormitory manager sat back in his chair with an unhappy expression and impatiently waved his hand at He Gu.

He Gu was about to leave when he suddenly saw black lines spreading rapidly up the dormitory manager’s arm, reaching all the way to his neck!

This was a sign of eerie contamination!

He Gu’s heart tightened, and then he saw the dormitory manager jump up from his seat as if he had been electrocuted, frantically grabbing his uniform jacket from the chair and putting it on.

Seeing this, He Gu didn’t dare to stay any longer and quickly ran up the stairs.

He ran back to his dormitory and locked the door, then leaned against his knees to catch his breath.

At this moment, when he thought back, He Gu suddenly felt that the dormitory manager’s behavior today was a bit unusual.

Why did he suddenly pick on him?

And why did he say those things to him?

Before, He Gu had been wondering if the dormitory manager was completely trustworthy, but just now, he had seen the sign of eerie contamination on him…

For a moment, He Gu’s mind was in a mess.

After catching his breath behind the door for a while, He Gu finally recovered.

When he looked up, he saw that the curtain on Little Yin’s bed was tightly closed, and he didn’t know what she was doing inside.

Without bothering with Little Yin, He Gu looked up at the birdcage hanging above his bed.

But as soon as he looked, He Gu’s body shook, and his expression froze.

The door of the birdcage was open!

He Gu hurriedly approached to check, and thankfully, the parrot was still inside.

But at this moment, the parrot still looked listless, standing in the cage with its head down and its eyes unfocused.

Looking closer, it seemed that there were more red feathers on its body than before.

He Gu angrily turned to shout at Little Yin on the bed, “Did you open the birdcage?”

Little Yin’s indifferent voice came from behind the curtain, “It was screaming and banging against the cage, so I was afraid it would hurt itself. I opened the cage to let it out, but then it stopped moving.”

Hearing Little Yin’s words, He Gu’s anger eased slightly.

Although he didn’t know if what she said was true or not, at least the parrot was still alive.

Not wanting to argue with Little Yin, He Gu turned back and took the birdcage down, placing it on the bed board below his bunk, and then took out the bag of “Delicious Beef Cubes” he had just bought from the store.

When the parrot saw the bag of beef cubes, it suddenly perked up and fluttered over, as if a hungry house cat had seen its favorite snack.

Seeing this, He Gu immediately tore open the packaging, took out a beef cube, crushed it, and placed it in his palm in front of the cage.

The parrot immediately started pecking at it excitedly, and in just a few moments, it had finished the beef cube in He Gu’s hand.

Then, He Gu saw the parrot vigorously shake its feathers, and then some of the red feathers on its body turned white!

At this point, the parrot was clearly more spirited, flapping its wings happily and looking at He Gu with an expectant expression in its eyes.

He Gu immediately took out another beef cube, crushed it, and fed it to the parrot.

After finishing the cube, the red feathers on the parrot’s body decreased again, and its spirits had clearly recovered by a large margin.

In this way, after feeding the parrot five beef cubes, all the red feathers on its body had disappeared, and it had returned to its original all-white appearance.

The parrot’s spirits had also clearly recovered, its eyes shining with a human-like light, looking at He Gu with its head tilted.

“Food is always a good thing, especially delicious food, it can heal everything… So that’s what it means!” He Gu said as he looked at the fully recovered parrot.

At this point, He Gu had three beef cubes left in his hand.

The store clerk said that each person was limited to one purchase, so it seemed that these three cubes were the last of the stock.After a moment of thought, He Gu carefully broke off a piece of beef granule and handed a fragment the size of a rice grain to the front of the cage.

The parrot cocked its head and glanced at He Gu, seeming a bit hesitant, but quickly started to eat.

Then, with a face full of expectation, He Gu asked the parrot, “Is the person coming to pick me up tonight trustworthy?”

This was the question He Gu cared about most.

Who knew the parrot would cock its head, look at He Gu, and squawk in a drake’s voice, “Wow—eat meat! Eat meat!”

He Gu frowned, “Didn’t you just eat?”

However, the parrot seemed not to understand He Gu’s words and continued to shout, “Wow—eat meat! Eat meat!”

Looking at the parrot’s behavior, He Gu felt somewhat drained.

Was it that the beef granules didn’t count, and only the meat brought back from the cafeteria could get the parrot to answer his question?

Or could the parrot only answer one question in total?

It seemed he would only know after trying to sneak some meat back from the cafeteria at lunchtime.

With that thought, He Gu carefully wrapped up the remaining beef granules and stored them in his cabinet, then locked the door.

These beef granules could heal the parrot and were clearly a key item; now that there was one less, he had to conserve them carefully.

Afterward, He Gu glanced in the direction of Little Yin’s bed, climbed onto his own with the birdcage in arms, and simply placed the cage on the bed.

What he needed to do next was to wait quietly for lunchtime.

Then, it was off to the cafeteria to match wits with the staff once more and sneak some meat back.

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