Chapter 26 – Delicious Beef Bites

While He Gu was pondering, he suddenly noticed that the parrot’s spirit had wilted again.

Not only that, the white feathers on the parrot’s back turned red at a visible speed, as if stained with blood!

He Gu was shocked and quickly opened the birdcage to take the parrot out for a closer look.

It was only then that He Gu discovered that the parrot was not bleeding, but its feathers had indeed turned red!

Including the red streaks He Gu had seen on the parrot’s body before leaving, it was not blood, but red mixed in with the white feathers.

After the feathers on its back turned red, the parrot’s spirit became even worse, drooping its head, and its eyes seemed to be barely open.

Could it be that the parrot would suffer some kind of backlash after revealing information to itself!?

He Gu felt a little anxious and carefully put the parrot back in the cage.

After a little thought, He Gu turned and left the dormitory, heading straight to the cafeteria diagonally across from the dormitory building.

The parrot’s mental state had improved significantly after eating meat just now, maybe feeding it more meat would help.

Even if it couldn’t recover, at least He Gu could try to ask a few more questions!

However, when He Gu rushed to the entrance of the cafeteria, he was dumbfounded.

The cafeteria door was closed at this time!

He Gu took out his phone and checked the time. It was 9:18 in the morning. The cafeteria should still be serving breakfast!

How could it be closed so early?

He Gu felt a little heavy-hearted, but there was nothing he could do.

After a little thought, He Gu ran in the direction of the store.

Ten minutes later, He Gu arrived at the entrance of the store.

Just like last time, there were three stores in total, and only one was open.

He Gu arrived at the door, checked himself to make sure he wasn’t covered in parrot feathers, and looked inside. He saw a clerk in a white uniform standing behind the cash register.

After making sure he wasn’t breaking any rules, He Gu walked into the store with confidence.


The clerk behind the cash register still didn’t look up, and said in an extremely perfunctory manner.

He Gu ignored him and went straight to the shelves to start picking.

However, after looking around, He Gu discovered something that surprised him.

The store had a wide variety of products, including cooked goose legs, steaks, and other meat snacks, but there were no meat snacks on the shelves except for sausages!

He Gu wanted to get some meat for the parrot to eat, but Rule 3 of the store was: If you want to buy cooked food, please eat it in the store and do not bring it back to the dormitory.

Therefore, He Gu couldn’t bring cooked food back to the parrot, so he had to figure out a way to get meat snacks.

Who knew there were none in the store?!

As for sausages… it was well known that sausages hardly contained any meat.

Instead, He Gu found a label for “Delicious Meat Shop” on the shelf, but unfortunately, the spot was empty, with a sign saying it was out of stock.

Helpless, He Gu could only take a few sausages and then went to the cash register to pay.

The clerk still didn’t look up, scanned the sausages, bagged them, and asked in a stiff tone, “Our store’s newly launched ‘Delicious Beef Bites’ are on sale. Would you like to try some?”

He Gu was delighted to hear this and immediately nodded, “Yes, give me more!”

Rule 4 of the store: Do not accept the clerk’s recommendation of “Delicious Beef Bites.”

But He Gu had just seen hidden information on the fifth rule: You and the parrot can safely purchase and consume any food from the campus.

Therefore, He Gu could conclude that the fourth rule of the store was wrong!

Not only could He Gu accept the clerk’s recommendation of “Delicious Beef Bites,” but this beef bite might have an unexpected effect!

After all, behind the wrong rules, there were often useful information or mechanisms for clearing the level.

He Gu began to look forward to it, and at this moment, the clerk took out a small transparent plastic bag the size of a palm from under the cash register, containing the beef bites, “That will be 108 yuan.”

The sausages were 8 yuan, and the beef bites were 100 yuan.

He Gu took a look, and there were only seven or eight beef bites the size of mung beans in the palm-sized plastic bag. He immediately said, “Give me more of these beef bites, I want 10 bags!”

After all, He Gu wasn’t short of money left by Zhang Chao.

Who knew the clerk shook his head stiffly, “Each customer is limited to one portion of the promotional item.”

He Gu was speechless at this and didn’t bother to argue with him. He paid for the items and left.

At the same time.

Blue Star.

China’s Strange Tales live broadcast room.

Seeing that He Gu had actually bought the beef bites recommended by the clerk, the barrage exploded.

“What the hell! How did he accept the clerk’s recommendation for the beef bites? Doesn’t the rule say you can’t buy that!?”

“Did he forget about this rule?””It’s over, it’s over. Just when I was about to clear the level by nightfall, I made such a rookie mistake!”

“Sigh… I used to think this young man was reliable, but now it seems… he’s still too young…”

“But that’s not right… He clearly violated the rules, yet after buying all those items, how come nothing has happened to him?”

“Maybe that rule isn’t an instant-death one?”

“Even if it’s not instant-death, there should be some kind of reaction, right? But… there’s really nothing happening?”

“Holy crap! No way, could that rule be wrong? But how did he know?!”

At the Paranormal Event Command Center in China.

A group of elite members stared at the screen, their faces filled with tension and unease.

However, after waiting for a few minutes and seeing that everything seemed normal on the screen, many showed expressions of astonishment.

“Is… that rule wrong?”

“It seems likely, otherwise even the slightest rule wouldn’t have no reaction at all.”

“I don’t understand, how did he determine that rule was wrong? And he was so certain!”

“I don’t get it either. I’ve been here the whole time, not missing any detail inside the instance, but now, apart from confirming that parrots can eat food other than birdseed, I can’t discern the truth of any rule!”

“Even with the parrots being able to eat food other than birdseed, we only knew it after we saw him feed the parrot meat…”

“What’s going on here? Did we miss some important detail? Why did he suddenly become so sure and identify two false rules?”

“It’s indeed a bit hard to understand… Maybe his talent played a role?”

Meanwhile, the people from the other two surviving countries were panicking.

They had copied quite a few answers from He Gu, using hint messages to inform their own contestants, which had successfully kept them alive until now.

But now, their chances to send hint messages to their contestants had long been used up!

As a result, as He Gu suddenly identified two false rules in a row, they could only watch helplessly, unable to inform their own contestants!

Although it seemed like all they needed to do was survive until evening to clear the level, after watching He Gu’s performance in the live broadcast room of China, everyone realized that things might not be that simple…

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