Chapter 25 – So this is the correct way to interact with a parrot!?

The cafeteria staff stared at He Gu, so he quickly gave up the idea of taking the steamed buns and leaving.

If he was caught, who knows what the result would be.

He could leave at night, so He Gu couldn’t take this risk.

Helplessly, He Gu had to find a corner to sit down and eat the steamed buns on the plate at a steady pace.

One basket of steamed buns was quickly finished, and then He Gu got up and walked outside with a bag of tofu vermicelli buns and soy milk.

It wasn’t until he walked out of the cafeteria and all the way to the center of the field that He Gu turned around to take a look.

At the cafeteria entrance, the two staff members were no longer there.

He Gu breathed a sigh of relief, and at the same time, a triumphant smile appeared on his lips as he took out a piece of meat filling from his sleeve.

This was what he had just hidden.

Putting the meat filling into a greaseproof paper bag, He Gu quickly walked towards the direction of the dormitory building.

At the entrance of the dormitory building, the dormitory manager was still sitting there reading the newspaper.

When He Gu passed by him, the dormitory manager happened to be turning the page, and a piece of the newspaper accidentally slipped and fell in front of He Gu.

Feeling guilty for hiding the meat filling, He Gu didn’t want to delay any longer, so he quickly picked up the newspaper and handed it to the dormitory manager, then ran upstairs without looking back.

Soon, He Gu returned to the dorm.

Fortunately, Little Yin had already gotten off He Gu’s bed and put on a black nightgown. She was sitting on the edge of the bed combing her hair.

He Gu took out the hidden meat filling and handed two vegetarian buns and a cup of soy milk to Little Yin.

“The cafeteria doesn’t allow taking out meat dishes, so I could only bring you two tofu vermicelli buns.”

He Gu explained.

He thought Little Yin would be unhappy, but to his surprise, Little Yin nodded indifferently and took a bite of the bun.

“It’s okay, I don’t like to eat meat either, I’m afraid of getting fat.”

Little Yin said lightly, but her eyes revealed an indescribable expression, as if she was… somewhat happy?

He Gu looked at Little Yin in surprise, didn’t say much, and turned to look at the parrot.

The food and water trough in the birdcage were still full, and the parrot seemed to have not eaten anything since yesterday.

At this moment, the parrot didn’t look too good, it seemed sickly, listless, and its eyes were dim.

He Gu walked up to the birdcage, picked up the piece of meat filling he had hidden and shook it.

The parrot’s eyes lit up when it saw the meat filling.

“Wow – meat! Meat!”

“Wow – meat! Meat!”

The parrot flapped its wings joyfully, and the voice of a male duck was urgent.

He Gu hesitated for a moment, and carefully handed the meat filling to the parrot.

The parrot immediately flew to the edge of the cage and quickly pecked the meat filling into its mouth, so fast that He Gu didn’t react.

After eating the meat filling, the parrot looked satisfied, closed its eyes, stretched its neck, and swallowed the meat filling.

After eating the meat filling, the parrot seemed to be in much better spirits, and its eyes were much brighter. It looked at He Gu with its head tilted.

He Gu was a little nervous and a little expectant as he looked at the parrot.

Since the “Eye of Truth” saw the hidden information that the parrot could safely eat any food from the school, there shouldn’t be any problem with feeding it meat.

But the parrot kept clamoring for “meat”, and now that He Gu had fed it meat, there should be some other reaction, right?

He Gu looked expectantly at the parrot, and the parrot looked back at He Gu.

The two of them faced each other, and after waiting for half a minute, nothing happened…

He Gu felt a little disappointed and laughed at himself bitterly.

In theory, with so much hidden information about the parrot, there should be something special about it.

He Gu even hoped that it would change after eating the meat, or give him some clear hints.

But now it seemed that he was thinking too much?

He Gu waited for a while, and unwillingly asked the parrot, “Do you have anything to tell me?”

The parrot still looked at He Gu with a hint of expectation in its eyes.

After waiting for a few seconds without any response, He Gu sighed helplessly.

Did he really guess wrong?

“Forget it…”

He Gu turned around and stopped looking at the parrot, but when he turned his head, he noticed that Little Yin was staring at him with a half-eaten bun in her hand.

“What’s wrong?”

He Gu asked in confusion.

Little Yin immediately withdrew her gaze, lowered her head, and continued to eat the bun, shaking her head, “Nothing.”

He Gu looked at Little Yin strangely, feeling that her gaze just now… seemed to be full of vigilance?

Just as he was thinking, He Gu suddenly noticed some scratches on Little Yin’s fair arms and some marks on her neck.

This was…

He Gu thought of the scene he saw when Zhang Chao came back late last night.

Thinking of this, He Gu tentatively asked, “Did Zhang Chao really not come back last night?”

Little Yin frowned at the question, looking impatient.

At this moment, the parrot suddenly shouted in a male duck’s voice, “He came back! He came back!”

He Gu was startled and eagerly asked, “Did Zhang Chao come back last night?”

The parrot nodded very humanly and shouted in a male duck’s voice again, “He came back! He came back!”

The dorm room fell into a brief silence.

He Gu was stunned, looking at the parrot with a mixture of shock and joy.So this is the correct way to interact with a parrot!?

After feeding it meat, it can answer questions!?

Meanwhile, Little Yin was glaring at the parrot with a face full of resentment, snorting coldly, “What nonsense is this stupid bird spouting!? Sooner or later, I’ll roast you!”

He Gu felt a chill in his heart upon hearing this and quickly said, “Don’t mess around, parrot meat is not edible!”

“If you eat it, I… I won’t take you in anymore!”

Facing Little Yin, He Gu didn’t really have a good solution and could only bluff with a show of fierce bravado.

The rules clearly stated that he couldn’t refuse any of Little Yin’s requests, so He Gu couldn’t really kick her out, otherwise, there wouldn’t be so much trouble.

What He Gu was most worried about was the fear that Little Yin would suddenly demand to kill the parrot, which would truly be an unsolvable problem.

Fortunately, Little Yin glared at He Gu with a look of grievance in her eyes, “If you want to believe that stupid bird, then believe it, what does it have to do with me!?”

With that, Little Yin threw the half-eaten bun in her hand, huffed, and went back to bed, pulling the curtains closed.

He Gu didn’t pay her any mind and turned back to the parrot, excitedly asking, “Can I really leave safely tonight?”

Right now, nothing else was important, this was the question He Gu cared about the most!

The parrot flapped its wings, “Wow—meat! Meat!”

Hearing this, He Gu gave a wry smile.

So feeding it meat only gets one question answered?

But at least now he knew the use of the parrot, and it seemed the rest would be much simpler!

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