Chapter 24 – The most effective way to hide information

After hanging up the phone, He Gu felt a little excited.

Finally, the internship letter has arrived!

He Gu quickly walked downstairs, leaving the dormitory building and heading straight to the cafeteria across the field.

The cafeteria was as empty as ever, with not a single person in sight.

He Gu walked into the cafeteria and looked around. Apart from the cafeteria staff standing behind six windows, there was no sign of anyone else.

Where is Teacher Fang?

He Gu’s heart tightened, and he quickly took out his phone and dialed Teacher Fang’s number.

Soon, the phone connected, and Teacher Fang’s voice came from the receiver: “He Gu? Haven’t you arrived yet?”

He Gu hurriedly said, “Teacher Fang, I’m at the cafeteria, but I don’t see you.”

Teacher Fang paused for a moment, then smiled and said, “Ah, I forgot to tell you, I’m on the second floor.”

Hearing this, He Gu breathed a sigh of relief and turned to walk towards the staircase in the corner.

There was a restaurant on the second floor of the cafeteria, but it was for the faculty to dine, and students usually didn’t go there.

He Gu walked up the stairs and quickly arrived at the door of the restaurant on the second floor.

The glass door of the restaurant was open, and it was still empty inside, with only a middle-aged woman with curly hair and wearing a shirt sitting in the corner. It was Teacher Fang, the counselor of He Gu’s class.

Just as He Gu was about to go in, he suddenly noticed a piece of A4 paper posted on the glass door.

Seeing this paper, He Gu’s steps that had already been taken were retracted, and he carefully read the content on it:

【Rule Five】

The second floor is for faculty use only, and students are prohibited from entering;


The fifth rule of this instance was actually here.

And on this rule, only this sentence was written.

After He Gu finished reading, a blank area slowly revealed a sentence that only He Gu himself could see:

Hidden Information: You and the parrot can safely purchase and consume any food from the school.


Seeing this sentence, He Gu’s heart skipped a beat.

Whether it was a person or a parrot, they could safely purchase and consume any food from the school!

This sentence could be said to be the most direct and effective piece of information He Gu had seen so far!

The hidden information came from He Gu’s SSS-level talent, The Eye of Truth, so there was no need to worry about its authenticity.

With this piece of information, He Gu could instantly eliminate several incorrect rules!

Such as Rule One, Section 7: Do not feed the parrot anything other than bird food and clean water;

And Rule Three, Section 1: “Delicious Jerky” is not sold in the store. If you see it on the shelf, please immediately hand it over to the clerk in the orange work uniform;

Rule Three, Section 4: Do not accept the clerk’s promotion of “Tasty Beef Bites”;

Rule Four, Section 2: There is no food related to lamb in the cafeteria. Please remember this point;


Almost all the rules related to food were imposing various restrictions.

And based on this hidden information, He Gu could determine that all these rules were wrong!

For challengers in the world of supernatural tales, incorrect rules were the most deadly link, but at the same time, they were often the key to clearing the instance.

In that instant, it seemed like He Gu suddenly understood a lot of things.

Of course, now was not the time to be lost in thought.

While He Gu was standing at the door reading the rules, Teacher Fang in the restaurant had already seen He Gu and got up, waving and saying, “He Gu, over here!”

He Gu stood at the door and politely pointed to the A4 paper posted on the door, shaking his head and saying, “Teacher Fang, I can’t go in.”

“Although there are not many people left in the school now, the rules still need to be followed.”

Teacher Fang frowned slightly at the words, but soon smiled and said, “That’s true.”

With that, Teacher Fang got up and walked towards He Gu.

“It’s just a few words. I’ll tell you here.”

As Teacher Fang spoke, he took out an envelope from his bag and handed it to He Gu. “This is your internship notification letter.”

“The internship unit is at the Kant Medicine Factory in Kang City, located in the suburbs of Songlin County in Kang City.”

“We have a teacher at our school who is responsible for coordinating over there, and his contact information is inside.”

Teacher Fang said a long string of words, paused for a moment, and then continued, “I have already contacted them. It just so happens that they have a car coming here to deliver goods today, so they can pick you up on the way, but it will be in the evening.”

“Go back and get ready. They will be at the school gate to pick you up at nine o’clock in the evening, and they will contact you at that time.”

He Gu carefully noted Teacher Fang’s words and nodded, saying, “Okay, thank you.”

Teacher Fang smiled and shook his head. “No trouble at all.”After a moment’s thought, Teacher Fang added, “The one picking you up is their company’s delivery vehicle. There’s a strict schedule to adhere to. You must be at the school gate by nine o’clock sharp tonight. If you miss this chance, you’ll have to wait until next month for the factory to arrange another pickup.”

At this point, Teacher Fang patted He Gu’s shoulder with a meaningful look, “You’re the last student in our class. It’s a pity I have something on tonight and can’t see you off personally.”

Hearing this, He Gu felt a sudden jolt in his heart.

What did he mean by ‘the last student’?

And what about ‘seeing you off personally’?

That sounded… somewhat off, didn’t it?

He Gu pondered for a moment before asking, “Teacher Fang, about my dorm mates… are they really all gone?”

Teacher Fang’s face turned stern upon hearing this, his tone slightly displeased as he said, “What do you mean by that? Do you think I would joke about something like this?”

“Alright, I have things to do and can’t chat any longer. You better go back and get ready.”

With that, Teacher Fang turned and walked back to the cafeteria.

He Gu hesitated for a moment but didn’t say anything more, turning to go downstairs.

Back on the first floor, as soon as He Gu stepped into the cafeteria, he immediately noticed the canteen staff behind the six service windows staring at him again.

Their expressionless faces followed He Gu wherever he went, their gazes unwavering.

Feeling unnerved and somewhat irritated by their stares, He Gu walked straight to the nearest window and called out, “Two baskets of xiaolongbao and two beef buns, to go.”

The staff member behind the window shook his head woodenly, “Cafeteria rules, no meat dishes are allowed to be taken out.”

Annoyed by the response yet powerless to change it, He Gu changed his order, “Then one basket of xiaolongbao to eat here, two tofu vermicelli buns, and a cup of soy milk to go!”

Soon, He Gu received his food.

A basket of xiaolongbao on a plate, two tofu vermicelli buns wrapped in wax paper, and a cup of soy milk.

What would happen if he now took the xiaolongbao and ran out?

A bold idea flashed through He Gu’s mind.

However, the thought had barely arisen when it was immediately extinguished.

As if they had read He Gu’s mind, two of the canteen staff left their windows and positioned themselves at the cafeteria entrance after serving He Gu.

Throughout the process, their eyes remained fixed on He Gu, making no attempt to hide it.

The situation was almost as if they were openly daring He Gu to “try and run”…

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